The New Moon: A Time of Rebirth of the Earth

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July 4th and the World Wide Expansion of Awareness

Blessings to All throughout the Human World of Earth. July 4th here in the USA is a day of National Observance and National Pride and Allegiance to the Ideal of Universal Human Emancipation and Human Liberty.

Today in my area near the Hidden Coast of NH, USA it is a cool rainy morning. The Birds are singing. The Gardens have grown overnight due to the influx of much needed moisture after a very Hot spell of 90-105 F weather. The air smells fresh and new, cleared after so much Energetic Discord. It is usually a Sunny Hot Summer Day on the 4th of July. Today it is cold and rainy. The weather is supposed to warm and be partly cloudy by the Afternoon. The rain is much needed!

Happy 4th of July! A day celebrated by many in the USA culturally with picnics, cookouts, desserts of peach cobbler and strawberry shortcake and social gatherings., parades, speeches, and fireworks. and fires and sparklers and toasting marshmallows. The ways to celebrate is individual and diverse and yet part of a whole– every sub-culture in the USA that is part of the Culture of the USA will relate to the many ways the 4th of July is celebrated.

Today, at the FairyFarm we are going to have a cook out and peach cobbler and strawberry Rhubarb pie as well as a fire in our fireplace outside so we can gather socially and watch the fireflies this evening and roast marshmallows. I like mine to be burnt. How do you toast marshmallows? Leave a comment below.

I was enjoying my first cup of coffee, trying to find the inspiration and connect with the Collectives I communicate with when a Flock of Crows landed in my yard and began to speak loudly to me. Crows are synomous with Magic is Afoot, Change is in the Air, Not all things seem as they look like.

There is so much Discord in the Human World right now. Everywhere. And the fall out from Covid-19 Government Policies Social, Financial, Psychological, Spiritual and Emotional damage are evident as is the Biggest Social-Political-Financial Movements toward a More Equitable Human Society. Social Justice Issues are rising to the top to be seen by all. We, the People of the World, are experiencing Rapid Expansions of Awareness that for many of us, have required of each of us to be in a place of Standstill and Wait while we garner our Energy and feel/think/see our way to a New Earth Paradigm. We are the Ones We have Been Waiting For. It not you and I than who? We are the Change we wish to See.

As I write this, the Crows continue their conversations at the top of their beaks. It is loud and a bit like a cacophony. So many voices trying to each be heard above the other– its a lot like what we are seeing in the Media and on Social Media and in the Governments of the World as well as the Peoples response to the grasp for power by the Old Earth Patriarchy Paradigm. The New Earth Paradigm has emerged and it is not going away. The Rise of the Feminine has emerged and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. They are trying to by enacting Human Laws that are attempts to grab power– here is the thing– True Power can not be grabbed. It can only be held and shared like one hold and shares water– it is an Energy. — This Energy is present within each and every Heart on Earth. We are this Power– single and plural, alone and part of the group. We are the Flower of Life and all of its componets. The Single Drop contains the whole. Let us each Emancipate each other by Loving Each other Free. And at the same time, let us Mutually Cooperate to co-create the New Earth Paradigm.

I have to admit I am feeling depleted these days by the Energies that are swirling and Twirling around. It is not an easy Constellation to be going through– anywhere on Earth. Some of us are in better financial situations to deal with the Experience of this en-mass Expansion of Awareness. For this Pioneer, me Elizabeth-Fairyfarmgirl I am weary and tired. I am taking the time necessary for my own process and healing. “Healer, heal thyself” is an apt description of some of what is going on in my life– as well as “Healer, show a way to those who are in your life towards the Light.” I can only Lead by Example and beckon at the Doorway follow this way… And then there is the LAW of Karma and The LAW of RIght Action that are in play right now on our Earth. Lady Justice is playing a prominent role since the Summer Solstice and continuing on through the 4th of July.

Cosmic J U S T I C E is Karma. The Law of Cause and Effect is in play now as the areas of each life balances out. The saying “what goes around, comes around” is in play. The conditions of the World is showing this Law is active and working to assist us all in being in a New Earth Paradigm.

Sorry no Good Photos of the Crows that were in my yard! LOL

Crows are deeply individual and accept their own quirks. And yet, Crows work as Group providing mutual aid to each other and mutually cooperating while retaining their individuality. Crows are an example of Emancipation and Mutual Cooperation as well as the principles of the New Earth Paradigm of Universal Suffrage for all and Freedom and Cooperation among individuals and groups– Crows are audacious with their creative solutions to the problems they face as individuals and as a group. They also have wonderful intelligence and senses of humor and practice kindness and equitable relationships with each other and their allies. Crows have an innate sense of fairness and fairplay as well as loyalty to each other and the flock. Fairyfarmgirl and I consider these Corvids and all Corvids for that matter to be Sentient. I consider the Crows to be Allies to Humankind and to me.

In the Forest, Crows alert all to danger or changes they have intuited, observed or seen. They are Messengers for the Forest– and the Flora and Fauna of the Forrest. In towns and cities they also serve in this capacity.

Crows are tolerant and adaptable to changing circumstances. They also know when to cut their losses and leave to better digs. They do not make a last stand for something that has moved beyond its usefulness– habits, belief systems, organizing, areas to live. They know when to let go to move forward.

Crows practice Gift Economy. They are masters of this type of Economy is the basis of the New Earth Paradigm Economy as is Social Democracy and Earth Dweller Rights (Human and Sentient Animals, Flora and the Planetary Body) Clean Water, Good Organic Food, Safe, Comfortable, Dry, Harmonious Housing, Climate Appropriate Clothing, Health Care and Empowered Safety and Raising of Young including Emotional, Mental, Psychological, Physical, Spiritual Empowering Individual and Social Development. All of this as well as the Care of the Planetary Body of Earth-Gaia and all her Sentient Systems is part of the New Earth. It is not more household RRRC– it is more than that– this is the Co-Creation of Harmonious Systems with our Human Homeworld Earth and diverse Biospheres throughout the many Climates and Micro-Climates of the World. To do this we, the body of Humankind, as individuals will have to step up– from the Inspired Service to Others Elite (yes they do indeed exist and unlike in the past much harder to burn at the stake by the Service to Self- Negative Elite) to everyone else. Industry must be changed and retooled to be more harmonious with our Planetary Body, Mother Earth -Gaia. This is to the benefit of each Human and Wild Forest. The Crows call our Cities and Towns and Villages as “Human Forests.”

We are each being Called to Purpose to Let Go of that which no longer serves and to Move Forward into the New Earth Paradigm. What have you been dreaming of — what have you caught a glimpse of — almost like seeing the coattails of God(dess) that is Calling you to Purpose. Each individual of Humankind has a role to play in the Co-Creation of the New Earth. Each has a Gift. Give of your Gift as you are Called to Purpose.

To my Fellow Americans here in the USA and Abroad, I wish you a very Happy 4th of July. I bless you with Love. God Bless America and God Bless the World.

July 4, 2020
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Summer Solstice

Happy Solstice Dawn

I bless you with Love! Happy Summer Solstice! Life has taken many turns since the Solstice of 2020. I gave arrived at a new nexus point where Magic, Miracles, Manifestation Meet.

Fairyfarmgirl and I are integrating this new Energy Constellation. Expanding Awareness requires Loving self care and Faith in the Process.

Take time be with Mother Earth, Stand upon Sacred Ground wherever you are standing. The Sacred is found in the moment. Love More, Expect Miracles!

On this day, 20 years ago, I became a Mother. I am deeply blessed and humbled by this experience. Today I celebrate the Birth of mySelf and My son. We have traveled so far and Expanded Awareness in ways that are unknown to most. Life is a garden. Beauty abounds as you step forward planting seeds and growing into Expansion of Awareness. Our beginnings began in Manitou Springs, CO. This was the beginning of my Life Long Journey as a Mother in 2000. This Epic Journey begins with Trauma. Trauma is Initiation of the Modern disconnected Age that Sparks Expanding Awareness. I am the Hero of my Own Story. You, dear readers, are the Hero of your Own Story. The Trauma of homelessness and pregnancy, Domestic Violence, Material poverty and disenfranchisement occurred concurrently to an already existing Expansion of Awareness. Motherhood is a process of becoming more.

Peace Pilgrim and the Arcturians and Great Goddess Mother Earth-Gaia and all her Aspects from Realms of Flora and Fauna and The Elohim and God all walk this Journey with me as I grew into Motherhood and Birth my first child and My own Personhood. This is a tale of Himan Emancipation and The Giftedness of Connection. As I stepped forward I create my Life as a woman, Mother, Person, Human, Friend, Sister, Daughter, Aunt and as a Soul that which Animates this incredible body that I call myself. Love is not for theFainthearted. It is Gentle, Strong, Bad-Ass and Creative. Love sometimes means Standing Unmoveable in the way. No is often a Loving Response. It. Is. Not. Easy.

Fairyfarmgirl and I often write and speak about Love. Love as we define it is a Force that flows through All things. It is the Alpha and The Omega. Love is a We. We are Love.

Tears has fallen from my eyes many times. I cried and I have keened. This too is part of Love. I have fallen down and through Love I. Stood. Back. UP.

My herbal Allies are St. JOHN’S Wort, The Roses, and Mint. These powerful healers, Wise and Generous and Powerful grow just about Anywhere and are Wild at Heart. They protect themselves and offer up their Beauty for the Healing Presence to use for the Good.

On this Birthday, June 21 2021, A 3 Day in Numerology, I arose at Dawn to reflect on these Milestone Awarenesses. I captured in my mind’s eye this moment of Beauty. I have traveled far and looking back I see the coat-tails of God. The Portal to the Divine is through the Heart and Sacral Chakras. For Ignition both Chakras have to be open and aligned with Love. The other Chakras are Essential to this Merkaba-Torsion Field that our Human Body is designed to travel within.

Numerology 3 Represents Communication, Innovation, Creativity, Optimism and Curiosity. 3creates through Connection and cultivates diverse friendships across vast social groups. 3 Fosters Mutual Cooperation. Happy Summet Solstice!

God(dess) will use whatever is available to Spark Expansion of Awareness. We are the New Earth.

Today, is a Beautiful Summer Solstice Day. It marks the beginning of a 20 Year Cycle. So much Beauty flows from this River of Time.

I am no longer homeless. I am in a Loving and Safe relationship. I am a lifelong student of the Universal Laws of Attraction and Manifestation.

New Love has entered my Life. Nearly a year ago I met A Love. 2 Days before Solstice, he proposed marriage to me. I accepted. I am blessed with this Life.

My Giftedness is my Calling, my Call to Purpose.

Yesterday was Father’s Day. I spent the say with my Dad and Natal Family. I feel deeply blessed to be here at the Ol’Homestead after the Year of Change we all experienced with the Disconnection of Covid 19 Quarantines.

Let us each Love Deeply. Life is interconnection like the Flower of Life. Each Circle, Sphere represents Expanding Awareness.

Love More, Expect Miracles,


I am baking a true Summer Solstice dish: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie!

Let us Love Ourselves Free.

— Elizabeth-Fairyfarmgirl

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Happy Super Moon, Flower Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Super Full Flower Moon

Lunar Eclipse

May 26, 2021 7:11 AM ET

I Bless you with Love! Love More Expect Miracles.

The Full Moon is evocative of Howling Wolves and Crazy Actions. For me, Elizabeth and Fairyfarmgirl It is a time of High Creativity. We absorb the Lunar Energy and use it to move forward into deeper understanding.

I usually call the Full Moon in May, the Flower Moon! Flowers are blooming everywhere in my area of the World in the Northern Hemisphere! It is late spring now and beauty abounds.

This Lunar Eclipse for my area happened at 7 ish in the morning as I was drinking my first cup of coffee sitting in the sun. So, uhmmm, no I did not “see” the Lunar Eclipse. Instead, I listened the birds all singing and calling, the soft percussion of the trees and the wind and the plants. I listened to the world around me awakening to the new day. And I felt a shift. The Energetic Shift was subtle– and very perceived. I feel as if I am at the Nexus Point of Magic, Miracles, Manifestation. I can really use all of those M’s in my Life now!

I feel energized! And ready to greet the New!

It has been awhile since I last wrote a blog post. A lot is going on in my life. Great Stuff!

Synchronicity abounds! The other day, I was driving along a stretch of road that has a lot of traffic lights. Usually I wind up having to stop every 1000 feet or so for less than 20 seconds….but on this day the other day I made 4 trips up and down this road and every single Traffic Light was green for the whole way. Green means go. It is time to move forward to go for it!

CHANGE means to embrace a New Beginning. Change is upon us all. This is a time to turn toward new directions, to go for it. There are important decisions to be made– consider your choices carefully. Embrace the new choices even if the outcome is unclear– Now is a time to say “Yes” to a new direction– a new way. Since this is also a time of being at a crossroads in many of our lives, re-evaluate what is a true desire and true need and be Courageous and Bold and Go For It!

Those of us who Self-Identify as Lightworkers, are being called to Purpose to assist others through the Guidance that flows through us as Intuitive, Empaths and Healers, Channels and Psychics, as the Creatrix and Wisdom Keepers. It is not our responsibility to help. Help is a word that is full of entanglement. It is our invitation, our Call to Purpose to Assist with our Capacity as Change Makers and Culture Shift Bearers. We are here now, we are the ones we have been waiting for! The New Earth Paradigm continues to Emerge! Fairyfarmgirl and I have written about this for years! It is my honor to be here now and part of the the first Pioneers who have laid the groundwork– the Energy and Thought Constellations to create the pathways the 2nd Wave and now the Gen Z are taking up and creating from these Energy and Thought Constellations that the Earth, the Cosmos and We have all created! I bless you with Love. It is though Human Emancipation that we will simultaneously Mutually Cooperate and create Unity.

Unity is a word that many find scary. There is this thinking error that Unity mean giving up Individuality. The Truth is through Unity there is greater Individuality and Sovereignty.

Fairyfarmgirl and The Beautiful Many and I have written about this here on this blog and on social media. It is so exciting to read about it here and here , these are throw back posts from way back in the day, 2012. Timeless is what Universal Truth looks like. Timeless.

Offer assistance after discerning through Intuition to know who or what requires and is willing to accept your Assistance. Assist in the Best Way you are able to do so and as you respond to the Invitation to the Call to Purpose the Guidance for you will be there so you are best able to Assist others. For many who are responding to the Invitation to Accept Call to Purpose, this means to offer Assistance the the Gift of Unconditional Mindfulness and Presence and Acceptance to others. What is meant by this is sometimes we just need to show up and be there now in the Now.

Changes abound this Spring. I must say it is not easy! I am in great need of an influx of Monetary Energy– I am so thankful for this Money that will Flow soon– even though I can not see it happening I am practicing Deep Gratitude for this Money that is very much necessary for me to continue to provide for myself and my children. If you feel so inclined please contribute to my GoFundMe page or purchase a Service or Product from my Emporium.

I now am working out of a little town nearby. It is an amazing opportunity to grow and to practice and to work with Fairyfarmgirl and others. I feel incredibly blessed. Look for me at the Gilman Farm at the Farm Art Collective. So Exciting!

Local Friends and Allies living or visiting New England, USA, I invite you to book a live session at the Gilman Farm Art Collective through me, please reach out! I assure you I will reach back. I invite all Readers to book a session. Email is the best way to book a session.

In March of this year, I injured my hand, wrist and elbow. My J.O.B. at the time required repetitive dynamic lifting of constantly changing circumstances and after 25 yrs of J.O.B.S. that are caregiving jobs that pay poorly with difficult at best working environments my body could no longer take the physical demands of the J.O.B. I was doing. This J.O.B. was not in any way or shape of form in alignment with my Giftedness. I lost the use of my hand, wrist and elbow on my right side. I had to resign my position. I have been denied Unemployment because my injury is not Covid-19 related.

I have healed myself using my own salve, Energy Work, Rest and Physical Therapy. I am at a place in my healing where I have regained movement. However, my days of repetitive, dynamic lifting in constantly changing circumstances are over. It is time for a Change.

I am here on Earth to use my Giftedness for the Changemaking and to cultivate Cultural Shifts assisting in the Pathways to the New Earth Paradigm. I am a Pioneer, one of the first Indigos to arrive on Earth– and at the time there were very very few of us. In 1972, it was not safe to be an Empath or Gifted for most people– especially for girls. Much has changed in the last 49 yrs that I have been on Earth– I have to the best of my ability (and abilities change as practice makes progress) to do the small part I am here to do.

Now I am in the position, to practice the Superpowers of Vulnerability and Humility, and at the same time I am building an Entrepreneurial Business that is very much my Calling! I humbly ask for your help. Purchase from the Emporium. Donate to the Gofundme page. Like me on Facebook. Subscribe to this page. Pray for me. Intend with me. Assist me as I assist others. From my Heart of Loving Gratitude to yours.

–Elizabeth Loabe and Fairyfarmgirl

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I bless you with Love. Motherhood, and relationships with the child are often complicated. Love of the Universal Mother, Our Earth is ever Unconditional and Loving. Hug Your Mother Earth.

As a Mother, this role I have in this lifetime is the most joyous and arduous role. As I have Mothered my children, I have parented my inner child. As I am a daughter, I have Love for my Mother.

The Gifts of our ancestry is within our bones. We draw upon the Wisdom, and leave that which is not of use. We heal our Timelines by Loving ourselves free. It is through the Joy and Loving Gratitude we Emancipate ourselves and simultaneously Mutually Cooperate.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Let you be blessed with Loving Gratitude and Joy. —Elizabeth, Fairyfarmgirl

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Happy Oestara. Happy Easter

I awoke at before dawn on Oestara/Easter Sunday. In my personal traditions I celebrate the Equinox during the days of March 19-23 and Oestara/Easter from the New Moon until Easter Sunday. I am unconventional.

This year nearly 1 year in from the beginning of the Pandemic 3/2020 here in the USA where I live, it is now one year later. In August 2020 I went back to my J.O.B. which required me to do a lot of fast paced, repetitive motion while lifting and dynamically teaching, assisting, leading, serving others. It was a J.O.B. that I go along to get along… if you can understand what that means. J.O.B. is not fulfilling work. It is at best wage slavery which in the middle of the pandemic also meant doing 3 peoples J.O.B.’s because of short staffing all while wearing a mask 8-10 hours a day. I have to write now limitedly if using a pen. And on this computer, I am typing with my left hand. I am unfortunately a Right Handed person. It is quite the adjustment. This has slowed me down. The gift of this slowing down is I notice the Life around me even more. I tune into my breath. I hear my own thoughts. I hear the whispers of me my soul. It is a challenge that I must rise to and rise above– to flow with this life and heal myself. My business is on hold right now– it has been since August 2020 when I went back to my J.O.B. now it is on hold for the reason of this injury. It gives me time to co-create something new… The Intuition is rising and those around me are catching up to be closer to the State of Being I have been in since 2000. It has taken 21 years. This path has mostly been solitary. It is a great Joy to meet others who are beginning to speak the language of LoveLight and understand the Science of LoveLight and the Numerology and Sacred Geometry of LoveLight.

I have injured my right hand and my right wrist and my right elbow. Clearly, the Universe and the Earth and my Soul, My Spirit, My Body are all conspiring to change my trajectory. I am forced to focus on my own healing. I am also forced to resign from the J.O.B. because of the limitations of my injury. It is a unique opportunity that has been presented to me by this physical limitation. As I walk the path, the path will reveal itself. This is some very scary stuff that requires the fortitude and courage and Intention and LoveLight to navigate.

I am the one I have been waiting for.

I See MySelf

As I fall Away

to the New

444 has been playing a prominent Numerical Role in my life since 2017. Everywhere I go I am blessed with 444. It is everywhere– on receipts, licence plates. house numbers, the clock, random items. The Numerology of 444 continues to guide me in my life.

Changes are happening rapidly in my life and the outer world. Some happy changes have occurred.

We have hen chicks we are raising here at the Fairy Farm with a hotwater hen to keep the chicks warm in thier chicken bin. The miracle of life as it unfolds. The chicks arrived with downy feathers. They now have wing feathers and tail feathers. Every day they look as if they have doubled in size. We are currently feeding them with meal worms and chick organic crumbles. As they grow larger, we will begin to introduce real food. Chickens are natures composters! They are amazing.

We also have new guinea pigs that we adopted from a guinea pig rescue. The Guinea Pigs are nurtured with real food and hay. We do not believe in using pellets.

The most recent addition to our Fairy Farm Family is a dog.

Last summer I set the intention with my partner, Tom Bear to attract a Free Dog that was perfect for our household. Yesterday that Intention, much to everyone’s surprise came to fruition with the arrival of Stella, the Black Lab mix who was rehomed to our loving home for free. She is the the right size, compact with a personality of easygoing and willing to please and very smart and energetic. We are so very happy with our new friend, Stella Dog.

As soon as I was made aware Stella would be arriving, I set to making her my famous Doggie-Oh Dinner Patties. I do not believe in feeding dogs, well processed dog food. My partner, not familiar with this unconventionality was skeptical but willing to see. As I stirred my cauldron crock pot and made the Doggie-Oh Dinner Patties everyone in our large household kept wandering into the kitchen following the scent of yummy food. “what are you making? It smells do delicious” was the comment. Along with “can I try some of that” and “OMG this is delicious. Are you sure this is dog food.”

Stella, the Dog, agreed as she spoke dog to me, concurred. “This good. So good. More?”

It has been a long time since I last had a dog. I am so very much enjoying this new journey with Stella. She has brought comfort to those here at the Fairy Farm. She is so very much perfect for our busy dynamic Expanding Awareness Household here at the Fairy Farm.

As predawn gave way to Dawn, the Hawk cried out– like in the movies– that Hawk sound. And the Chickadees, sang their song. Followed by the Doves and the Robins and the Crows. The Grackles that live in the shed thrummed with their wings taking off for the break-fast meal to feed their offspring. The sun is shining. The trees are budding out. The grass is turning green. The animals are creating new generations of life. Life is renewed. This is also part of Easter. It is also part of Oestara.

Happy Spring!

First Spring Flowers

Life is re-emerging– being Resurrected from the time of winter to be reborn. Easter.

Easter is a much older story that the bible. It is one of my favorite holidays– the story itself is about Life-Death-Rebirth-and then Expanding Awareness into the New. Today, I will celebrate with Easter baskets and special foods and family. I will go out into the gardens and look for the newly emerging life from a time of rest.

Love More, Expect Miracles. I am currently reading “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. 1988. It is a truly prophetic story that speaks to me.

“..’.How do I guess at the future? Based on the omens of the present. The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better. Forget about the future, and live each day according to the teachings, confident that God loves his children. Each day, in itself, brings with it an eternity…And God only rarely reveals the future. When he does so, it is for only one reason: it’s a futere that was written so as to be altered…’” –from “The Alchemist,” by Paulo Coelho. 1988. pg 106-107

The changes in the world are rapidly unfolding. There is much to be learned from observing the emerging New Earth Paradigm. I send Loving Gratitude to you. I send Loving Gratitude to me. I send Loving Gratitude to the World. I send Loving Gratitude to Humankind. I send Loving Gratitude to the Earth. I send Loving Gratitude to Mother-Earth Gaia. I send Loving Gratitude to the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. I send Loving Gratitude to the Realms of Flora and the Realms of Fauna. I send Loving Gratitude…

Happy Oestara, Happy Easter to you. I bless you with Love!


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Happy Valentine’s Day and The Year of the Metal Ox

I send Loving Gratitude to you! Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Allies, there is so very much going on in our outer and inner worlds. The Shift of the Ages has begun. The New Earth Paradigm is anchored. We are the Ones We have been waiting for. If not you and I, than who?

The Energies of Change has really lifted rocks to see what slithers out. It is all for our review. The question is this…As you Emancipate yourSelf and Mutually Cooperate what kind of Life do you wish to Experience?

Unity requires shadow work, restorative justice, forgiveness, acceptance and LOVE.

Love More, Expect Miracles. This is an Act of Courage and leadership. It is a place and ssd’s place of Sovereignty. Love More, Expect Miracles.

Welcome Year of the Metal Ox! Blessings from Elizabeth! I was born under the Chinese Zodiac of The Year of the Gold Pig. 😀😁 This always makes Elizabeth laugh as it is a rare piggie. And Elizabeth is a rare type of Human.

Let you be blessed with LoveLight.

Happy Valentine’s Day! A time to enjoy quiet pleasures that bring you Joy. Love yourSelf and Love others as you Love Yourself!

We leave you with Wisdom written by Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth and StormJim way back in 2013. The Wisdom is as current as it was then. Universal Truth is Timeless. ♾

The Power of Love

Posted on June 13, 2013 by Fairy Farm Girl

The Spark of the Divine dwells in Thee: Let it grow. — Ella Wilcox

Elizabeth 2013

Good Greetings Beloved Readers and Friends:

It has been a long time since I have last posted a Fairy Farm Girl Digest Ezine.  Life is like a twisted Cabby Ride.  One sometimes ends up taking quite a ride to reach a destination.  I have been busy working on some deep personal work.  Unearthing Belief Systems that no longer serve me, Elizabeth.

This takes great Love, Focus, Forgiveness and Patience with the Self/self to trace a Belief System to origins. It is similar to parenting yourSelf and all its aspects including the inner child.

This is an essential step in cleaning, clearing, cleansing, transmuting the programming and Releasing it to the Angels.  Forgiveness is the Key.  However, to arrive at the place and space of Grace to create Forgiveness, one must first get to that space through Cleaning and Clearing and Cleansing.  This is the first leg of the Journey to heal a personal timeline issue.

Cleaning involves cleaning up the outer environment.  Ridding oneself of excess junk that one accumulates.  This step is essential to create the space for clearing and cleansing.  The excess junk can be stuff that one is holding onto that represents the Belief System.  It is also equally important to clean your outer dwelling, house or abode.  This minimizes visual distraction.

Clearing is the next step in this endeavor.  It requires one to clear out the clutter in the outer dwelling as well as the inner dwelling.  This means to remove excess stuff and clutter in the outer as well as the inner dwelling that one no longer needs. For example one may be paring down the schedule, letting go of people, things, places, habits.

Cleansing comes directly after each clearing.  This can take on the form of giving the dwelling a good scrub, spring cleaning to the max, routing out all dust and dirt in the outer dwelling.  In the Inner Dwelling (within) this can be the process of cleansing away the debris surrounding the Belief System.  This can take on the form of writing intentions, letters that one then burns, journaling, crying a great deal, and/or fasting.  (these are just examples).

Transmuting, finally, one is at the place and space to begin to transmute the Belief System through Transmutation.  All the C’s has cleared the mind to trace the path with the HEART’s Love to the Source of the Belief System.

This is usually done within the space of a passive or active meditation.  The corridor to the door of the Belief System is through introspection and tracing the Belief System in a state of Grace.  Meditation allows us to access a State of Grace.  Meditation can take on many forms from Allowing with intention to Walking in Meditation to Zen.

christmas_lights tangled

It is a lot like unraveling Christmas Lights that are tangled.  Sometimes Patience is required to work at it until, suddenly the string of lights are all lined up leading to the lead light.

The Lead Light is the Door to the Belief System’s root.  This is the Place to Apply the Key of Forgiveness to open the Door and transmute the contents of the Belief System.

The attributes of the Belief System will have to pass through you as you maintain a place and space of Grace of Forgiveness.  Allow it to flow through you all the while Blessing the People who had a hand in helping you create the Belief System with Love and Forgiving yourself and them for doing so.  Forgiveness Transmutes the Belief System.

What is left after the decording and forgiveness is that which must be released to the Archangels or Benevolent Beings who will escort the energy to a place of healing beyond our scope of perception and dimension.

During this whole experience from Cleaning to Transmuting one must create a Dimensional Boundary that only allows that which is aligned with Love to remain in and around your energy field.

A simple blessing works.  As does Invoking the Divine Mother.  And invoking the Guardians Helpers, Guides and Angels.  Though for  more difficult energies that may be energetic parasites, from the Christian Bible, Psalm 91 is of great assistance.  Consider Psalm 91 a SOS call to the all that is LoveLight and Benevolent.  Click  Psalm 91

For more in depth “How to” do this go to

I bless you with Love.  Love more and expect miracles.  —Elizabeth

Fairy Farm Girl

Love Thyself first then Radiate out all the LoveLight within the HEART to all that is around you.  This is the way of transformation– the Expansion of Awareness.    I bless all with Love.  –Fairy Farm Girl

Storm Mountain Jim

Perspectives– Spirit Letters, Storm Mountain Jim

To think is to create.Think LOVE!

Beloved Friends,
I Am blessing your heart’s Heart and Gaia’s too, with abundance of Unconditional Love manifesting through Incorruptible Light Eternal as the Child of Lovelight you and Gaia all are.

If one dwells on darkness, one brings more darkness into being.  Focus on Love and all that is not of Love will cease to exist in your world.

It is one’s CHOICE to dwell in duality or unity.

No one can make that choice for anyone else. There is only Love in the Reality of One. Open your heart the most to those you Judge to be not of the Light and are “attacking” you for they too are divine beings that love you so much, they are allowing themselves to play the role of the antagonist just so you can experience this realm of illusion and separation to remember the joy of fullness you are.

And, can manifest light, love and abundance, just as easily as you now manifest  darkness, attacks and lack. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Love and that is what you will manifest and find. Then the never ending supply of the One Source of All will fill your life with all your heart desires as you Real-I-Is, only you dwell in your head’s mind and create your own world of illusion in this holographic world of make believe.

A world where you have come to safely play for the eternity you have in the Reality of Unconditional Love and Compassion as the perfect Living Light of the Trinity that you are.
Step into your Heart instead where you create consciously With LOVE.

Your choice, your head or heart. Only YOU decide where you dwell.

For others, you can only empower whatever reality They Desire To Create For Themselves.

You can feed them the illusion of separation/darkness or Unity/Illumination with That LOVE, that cold blue light of power to create alone, or united with the hot rose pink of Love and Compassion of divine Meta-Tron/Shekinah energy united as the Living Sun/Daughter to manifest as the Perfect afterthought in a body for 3D , as the Being of Lovelight in a glorified androgynous Humanoid form you have.

As the Flower of LOVE and Flower of Light united as ONE as the Child of LOVELIGHT you truly are.

I choose a glorified Gaia in the Unity of Love and Light AS the Spirit of Living Light Eternal That Gives Life To this conglomeration of electrons I call together.

Just as you do too!

I AM That,(which I focus on), I Am.

I Am a Child of Lovelight and in me there is no darkness;

I Am Love manifesting in flesh as I re-anchor this Love on this planet of peace, serenity and divine perfection she was created to be.

So are you if, you so choose.

(That you truly are.)
This may be Freely copied and posted in it’s entirety as is, provided this permission statement is included.  © 6/11/13 All Rights Reserved.

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Happy Celestial New Year

January 13, 2021 is the Celestial New Year. The Wheel of the Ages has Shifted to the Age of Aquarius. The Energies of Capricorn and Aquarius and the New moon in Pluto is grounding and uplifting energy of Creation and Regeneration. We are called to Phoenix Fire of the Nexus Point of Miracles, Magic, Manifestation.

The Age of Aquarius invites us all to be Sovereign. This requires Human Emancipation and Simultaneously Mutually Cooperate. Many Tyrants of the Past Epoch are here on Earth in positions of Power. They are mostly unaware that this is their Time to be held accountable for their actions. Karma is in play in a big way.

As the Age of Aquarius grows and intersects with the Grid of Life, The Conditions that allowed Tyranny will be pushed up into Conscious Awareness for Review. This is Planetary Shadow Work. The Past is the Compost of the Now and the Future.

Love More, Create Miracles.
We send you Loving Gratitude. —fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth

Some articles as background edification

Tyrants and Mushrooms

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Welcome, 2021 to the House!

Here is a Look at the Year through Photos!

I Send you Loving Gratitude! Love More and Expect Miracles. Happy New Year!


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Happy Full Moon

The Last Full Moon of 2020! December 29 ,2020

What a year it has been. I must confess 2020 in many ways has been a good year for me. A lot of Firsts have occurred in my personal life as well as closure of that which no longer applies to my personal life has occurred.

The Global Pandemic has created new ways of connecting and relating. The Pandemic has given Humankind a Gift– the Gift of Discerning what is important in our lives– for our Family, for our Society, for our Culture— and it has also highlighted the areas to be improved upon. And has beckoned Humankind toward the New Earth Paradigm–

We must learn to be in harmony with ourSelf, others and the Earth and her systems. Being in Harmony does not require you to be a Raw Vegan or take on any Dogma. What it requires is to co-create Human Systems that Share More, Love More and see the Abundance of the Earth as a Generous Gift to be restored, upheld, protected, and shared. It means preserving Old Growth Forests. Restoring lands and waters that we have made a mess of– to Learn and Understand the Diversity of Nature and its Systems and to work with those Systems. How can you change your lifestyle to be more in harmony with Nature, the Biosphere, Mother Earth-Gaia and yourSelf and others? Hint: Change starts within you, begin with a small change and build from there.

RRRC is a small change. Gardening is a Small Change. Kindness is a Small Change. Or Go Big with your CHANGE.

Reuse Repurpose Reduce Recycle Compost

1999-2020 The Diversity of Change is apparent– just look at the list of groups and individuals that are on the Leading Edge of the New…


A Short list of Changemakers and New Ways of Living

Permaculture, Kin Design, Regenerative Agriculture, Natural Sequence Farming, Greening the World, Allan Savory, Living Soil Film,

Findhorn, How to Build a Forest, Great Green Wall of Africa, Coral Restoration Project, the Ocean Clean Up, Boyan Slat, Eleanor Elkus, Emily De Sousa, Paul Stamets, Mysellium Network,

Regenerating a Native Forest, Earthing,

Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Armand Amar, Anastasia Mikova, Nixiwaka Yawanawa,

Unity Village, Conestoga huts, Al Baydha Project,

Russ Finch, Sabarmatee, Bill Mollison, Manisha Lath Gupta, Eva úr Dímun, Kat Lavers,

Drummondville’s front yard vegetable garden,

Jack Herer – Emperor Of Hemp, Mainely Acres, Ian Lindsay, Food Is Free, Jim Kovaleski, Crop-Swap LA, Jamiah Hargins , Singapore’s Alan Lim: Community Bonding Through Farming,

There are many many others that are not named here.

This list was to show the scope of Changemakers to show how many of us there are : Sisters and Brothers Standing Up into the Love Light.

Begin Locally where you live. In your Neighborhood, town, village, city. Act Locally, influence Globally.

All is Interconnected. –Elizabeth

Community Bonding is very similar to Diversity of the Forest. There are many of us on Planet Earth who are on the Leading Edge of Something New. This Video I am guided to post here to show how Community Bonding begins. I make no claim to this video.

2020 has been a hard year to witness. The very best that I can do is to Send Loving Gratitude out to those who are calling for assistance. I send this Loving Gratitude to assist others in Transforming the Energy that is discordant. Loving Gratitude is the Most Transformative way in which to change the Energy within, through, around and to link that energy up to to other Energies. Loving Gratitude literally will change your Reality. Since March 13, 2020 I have been sending Loving Gratitude out and within. This practice continues to transform all that is around me in ways that I am just beginning to detect through Milestone Awareness. I wrote about Milestone Awareness way back when around the Spring Equinox on March 14, 2014– you can read about Milestone Awareness.

Earlier last week I celebrated the Winter Solstice and then Christmas with my family and Tom Bear. We co-created a beautiful time of celebration that was very magical for all involved–and especially for me, Elizabeth and Tom Bear. I relish remembering our fun time together as the Magic of Loving More created such Miracles and Manifestations in our individual and shared lives.

On the Full Moon, 12/29/20 Lots of Dream Time Travel and more….

I could barely stay awake last night! I fell asleep very early in the evening. I felt so drained ready to sleep.

Elizabeth Rockin’ her new Hat on the Full Moon Evening

I wore my new Rockin’ in the New Year Hat that I received as a gift from my Tom Bear.

Last Night and this was news to me, lol, I had a full dreaming schedule! I discovered this upon waking briefly between dreaming engagements.

It was a busy night!

The Moon was beautiful as I watched the Moonrise earlier…

What an Auspicious time Window this has been.

Lately, the Pleiadian Time Jumpers has been Jumping in and Out of our Timeline. They wished to convey that we have an opportunity to begin the Spooling Up to the Nexus Point of Miracles, Magic, Manifestation as a Body of Humankind to begin Creating the Foundation that the New Earth Culture will rest upon.

As we Build our New Earth Culture, it begins with each of us co-creating by way and through the HEART and through the Mind. Our Hearts and Mind must work together.

As we Unify our HEART individually we will Be Emancipating ourSelf and others. Simultaneously we will also begin to link up to each other like a Giant Flower of Life. Mutual Cooperation is the first Big Step for Humankind.

The Mother Earth-Gaia, Great Goddess then jumped into my Dreaming time. They-She communicated to me that the Second Big Step is Unity.

As we Love More, We will naturally choose to Repair our Surface Earth and her systems and we will begin to really see the Earth as a Living, Breathing Sentient Planet, our Beloved Earth. They-She knows that our Bodies which she created and our Souls which were created from Source Energy will begin to choose to Love More. It is not a return to an earlier state– more of a Continuation of an Old State that was shelved while we explored a more Dense and Intense version of Earth. She was very clear that the New Earth Paradigm is our only Life Choice at this time. We are also free to choose to end our Earth Sojourn.

The Life Choice and the New Earth Culture-Paradigm is a New Thought Constellation. Mother Earth-Gaia and Fairyfarmgirl spoke with me about this as I did a Reading a few weeks ago. The Intel is still valid and will continue to be so for many years.

Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth, We have also written previous Posts at Fairyfarmgirl Digest about the New Earth Epoch which you can also read about it here and here and here.

The Majority of Humankind wishes for the Life Choice. The New Earth Paradigm is ours to continue to Co-Create and to Build together as a Collective Body of Humankind. The Age of Aquarius is ushering in the New Earth Epoch. It is an Exciting Time to be living through.

The Earth is built with Biospheres that everything is Symbiotic. Everything eventually eats everything else. This is not bad. It is intelligent in its design. Each Biosphere relies upon its animals: Prey and Predator, Pollinator and Decomposers and all in between. This is simply the Web of the Flower of Life. There is no Judgement in Nature. There is only Relationship and Connection.

As We Love each other Free we will begin to see we are like the Living Forest. Each of us important, essential, unique, and yet part of the Whole. Diversity and Unity are the Rules of the Forest.

It is Time.

The other part of my Dreaming Time lately has been to explain to me that the Tarot Cards are Re-calibrating. This is something that I recently became aware of. The Symbolism has changed. We have Changed. The New Earth Paradigm has emerged– it is in its infancy and it is here. I found this to my astonishment to be true when I attempted to conduct a Tarot Reading for the Collective on 12/14/20 for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse. I was able to do an Intuitive Reading, the cards however would not cooperate. LOL

As I shuffled the Cards, No Cards Fell. When I attempted to do an Intuitive Draw, the cards refused to move– all sticking together. Then I heard laughter like little bells.

The Message was clear. It is time to Rest and Recalibrate as we pass through this Collective Window of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse, the Grand Conjunction, the Full Moon and into the New Year of 2021.

In my dreaming recently I was asked to return to my original format which was Intuitive Readings, Energy Sensing, Energy Transference and Re-patterning and As a Guide and Coach. The Cards will be added in as the Re-calibration comes to a close sometime after January 21, 2021.

Sacred Heart

The New Earth Epoch requires us to Connect with our Higher Self Energy in the Higher Dimensions. In my Dreaming TIme I am traveling upwards into these Places and Spaces. Travel is Instaneous and requires several Guides that Act as a Celestial Transport Spiral Ladder. The First leg of the journey the Elementals invited me to ride with them and we rose to the Moon. The Next part of the Journey after disembarking was to ride with the Pleiadian Time Jumpers. I joined them on their Living Ship, sort of like the ship Moya from the show “Farscape” We rode around the local Solar System doing a fly by Saturn and Jupiter where we stopped to chat with the Celestials that are the Souls of those Planets. It was thrilling to meet them. So beautiful and so very wise and Loving. From there the Time Jumpers and I continued on to the Milky Way where I fell asleep and awoke in the arms of the Ancestors. The Ancestors– Ascended Masters took me to the Realm of the Angels and Beyond the The Beyond… it is hard to explain at this time time with Human Language. It was here that I truly connected to the Greater All that I AM— I am That I Am…

I awoke briefly last night after this experience which was full of Awe and Wonder and also very much like coming home to myself. The Expansion of Awareness required me to reach up and reach out farther than I was aware I was capable of doing so.

Today I feel like I spent the day diving into the Surf at the Beach and riding the Wild to shore. I am still sorting this experience— coming into understanding the Experience. There was so much that I connected with and to– so much that I will be processing and learning from for years to come.

This Dreaming Time Experience has imbued me with a renewed sense of Call To Purpose. Lately I have been soul searching mySelf to understand as to whether I have made a difference in my time here on Earth. And I must admit I have called out to the Universe on more than one occasion. Does what I have done matter? Do I continue? What am I doing here? These and more questions have arose asking/seeking to be answered.

I have received the answer. YES. I matter and You Matter– We Matter. I send you Loving Gratitude.

I Bless you with Love. Love More, Expect Miracles



Pandemic Response: Ways to Help those in need: A Short List by Elizabeth

How Can I Help?

1. Start with your Community! Look around in your Neighborhood. Look Closely. Wear a Mask and Physically Distance.

2. Connect with your Neighbors. Introduce yourself. Be Friendly and Warm. Really listen. Ask Questions? “How are you doing?”

3. Walk your Neighborhood or Town. Find the Local NGO Charity BE the Change You Wish To See. Love More, Expect Miracles! that Feeds People, Clothes People, Offer Solace to People. These are YOUR NEIGHBORS.

4. Volunteer your Time, Share your Abundance. If you are also in Need, Sign Up and Educate your Neighbors that are also in need to Sign Up for Assistance from the Local NGO (Food Pantry, Clothing Thrift Store)

5. If you find there is no NGO in your Neighborhood. Start One! There are Countless Ways you can Directly Share and Indirectly Help your NEIGHBORS!

Cool Side Walk messages– to all on Beltane Day

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