October 18, 2012 Integration– Loving ourselves Free

Fairy Farm GirlIntegration is a choice to shift to seeing that life is all interconnected.  This shift comes in flows and ebbs.  It happens with each Expansion of Awareness  —Fairy

What does Integration–Loving ourselves Free Mean?

Integration results in understanding interconnection. This is achieved through Loving more and Expecting Miracles.

Loving ourselves free requires the posture of forgiveness and fortitude of Love.  This means forgive, forget NOT, and empower yourself to Love More.  Loving More of your Self expands outward to Loving others more.

When Love radiates outward it is like a wave of energy that encompasses everything in its path.  This encompassing is sometimes called overcoming or entrainment.

When a wave encompasses something it has the ability to absorb that energy construct into itself.  During this process of absorption transmutation occurs and all that was harmful is rendered harmless and transformed into neutral energy.

This neutral energy is then integrated into the whole.  This is what is meant by transforming the shadow– the shadow is not defeated, on the contrary, the shadow is absorbed, integrated creating a space of wholeness.

We all have shadows.  It is that part of you that wishes to do stuff that might not be in your best interest.  Some would judge the shadow and call it “bad.”  Bad to those of us in the Fairy Realm is simply a turning away from Interconnectivity-Oneness.

flower of life

Flower of Life

Since Interconnection is a natural state of all things throughout all space-time… turning away from it is what Fairy likes to call ” a transitional phase of learning.”

Transitional phases of learning– we all go through them.    And then, one day we rise above it and decide to Love.  It happens a little at a time… or in a deluge or some combination of all the permutations of infinite possibilities there are.

As we each Love More, and you would be leaning toward Love since you are reading this here– We learn to integrate more.

Integration is not capitulation.  It is a stance of strength where we recognize that the Shadow or the Dark are part of the same whole… as all is interconnected.

As Integration-Interconnectedness occurs through Loving More– Miracles Happen.  The miracle is wrongs naturally right themselves.  The New Earth is created by each act of Love… by each focused thought with Love– envisioning and seeing the New Earth anchor itself upon this sea of possibility– This is the co-creating of the New Earth.  We are the Ones We have Been Waiting for… if not you, than who?

Recently, Elizabeth (with Fairy taking a step back) revisited the work that the Occupy Movement world wide is doing. These Movements are  examples of Integration-Loving Ourselves Free.  The Change that We, the People of Earth, are creating.

So, here are my thoughts on this topic.  In the Metaphysical community there are some judgements.  Some seers will proclaim that those who do this or that will not ascend.  I see no evidence of this.  What I do see is that as each individual Expands their Awareness, the miracle of discovering that all is interconnected occurs.  When this occurs Change on a very visceral level happens.  The HEART is ignited.  And when the HEART is ignited, people make different choices.

So, even “those people” who eat meat, smoke cigarettes or other stuff, drink colas/caffeinated beverages/alcohol, who have addictions… Even those people, can create a lasting change in our world.  And as they create this change, those people have an expansion of awareness.

Maybe they switch from soda pop cola to micro-soda pop made with organic evaporated cane juice– and because this goodness costs more— they only drink it for special occasions instead the beverage of choice become filtered water.

Maybe they stop smoking conventional cigarettes and start growing their own tobacco, curing it and rolling their own free trade papered cigarettes.

Maybe they stop eating so much meat and instead adopt a more animal friendly cuisine– and then discover that vegetarianism comes with just as much pollution due to mono-agriculture.  And so, they try their best to eat local/regional foods with a feeling of gratitude and sacredness.

Maybe this is what change looks like… Maybe change is not giving up stuff– but creating new systems to replace that which is unjust.

I know several occupiers that gave up soda pop cola… it was a gradual awakening of expanding awareness that soda pop cola was part of a much larger beast that was tapped into everything that we touch even in countries without electricity and running water and TV are touched by this beast– Predatory Corporatism Capitalism. 

In this process of giving up soda-pop cola they discovered they no longer wanted to eat lots of sugar. Their mental processes cleared up.

This led to the rediscovery of the joys of eating vegetables and fruits. 

Then, the discovery of the illness and mental debility that Fluoride in water causes. 

Then, this led to some discoveries about VOC’s that are out-gassed from most petroleum polymers… and so on.

These new friends of mine then discovered that gluten was not good for their bodies.

This all came from asking the question to themselves.

Maybe they got involved in the Occupy movement.

What can I do to change this?

The Occupy Movement and their allies (such  as Anonymous) are as individual occupations are not my cup of tea. 

I am beyond standing in a park holding a slogan sign and camping out in a public space to make a point. 

I have kids.  I have a life and other dependent lives that I must attend to. 

For those that could, making the point to stand in a park made a very BIG splash in the Universe.  Something began to shift and it is still shifting.

Yes, it leads to a Universe Push Back. 

The Universal Push Back is challenging.  The propensity to resist is great– and then the Universal Law of What We Resist Persists kicks in.  It is not through Opposition that change occurs but rather integration-interconnectivity is how change occurs.

  The lesson that is being learned by many on Earth right now is to Flow with Right Action

How does that look–” to flow with right action?”

 It looks like a protester refusing to move completely pacifist in their approach.  It looks like a meditating monk in the middle of the road.   It looks like sharing resources and coming together to create new ways of interacting. 

It looks like Free Energy, Intelligent Design, Ethical Capitalism, Non-Compliance, and RRRC.  It looks like Permaculture.  It looks like Window Gardens and Community Gardens.

It looks likes Namaste.

It looks a lot like the Civil Rights Era only now it is not just about African Americans but Earth Humans, the Being Planet Earth-Gaia and The Realms of Flora and Fauna Everywhere.

To flow with right action we must be in a state of LOVE and GRACE.  This is a really tall order to remain in when all the data around us is telling us we are the chattel of the Corporations be afraid. 

It is challenging to stay centered in our faith that there is a better world that we are creating right now. Be flowing in LOVE. 

This is what it means to flow with right action to be in a process of Integration–Loving Ourselves Free.

The Whole Occupy the Park/Public Space is part of the Movement  and is/was integral to its success.

Fore it is only with meaningful real time-live contact with other people– we can  create the critical mass  to truly anchor change upon the Earth. 

This is what is happening… Change is occurring on this Earth and everyone who is awakening is making it happen.  We are co-creating change with the Universe.  We are co-creating the New Earth.

It is in the small victories that the BIG changes are seen.  It is this change that I invest my energy into.

We still have to work with the system we currently have– it is in transition and we are not there yet.

I bless us all with Love.  Let us all Occupy More of our own Self by Loving More and Expecting Miracles.


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