The Journey to Interconnectedness: Heart Ignition

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Heart Ignition:  The Torsion Field Spooling Up

Heart Ignition is essential for Inter-Connectedness.  It is all in the HEART.  The space in the center of your Chest radiating outward by  the width of the Thumb to Forefinger in a complete circle.  The HEART includes the High Heart, the center is the thymus and once again Thumb to Forefinger in a complete overlapping circle of the HEART.  This is the ignition area of the Torus– and as the Torus radiates outward it is called the Torsion Field.  The Torsion field is present within all living things.  It is the field that interconnects us as a multidimensional Flower of Life.

The Breath activates the HEART.  The In-breath of Love.  But, first you must set your luggage down to step into the Doorway to the HEART-Land.  So, Dearest Ones, set your luggage down– exhale and know you are complete within the HEART that is opening.

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Focus on breathing into the HEART.  Ask yourself, what can I do to open my HEART.  The answers will come to you in your quiet spaces.  It is important to Breath and Exhale naturally and fully.  This is the process.  To Breathe into the HEART.  As you breathe, you will discover the blocks to opening your heart– these are things that must be absorbed, integrated into Love.   Love is a Natural State of Empowered Energy.  It is not some fou fou transitory state… it is a space of creation.  Creation contains All– it contains the Light and the Dark and all the grey and colorful places in between.

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Acceptance is a path toward opening the HEART.  Acceptance is an attribute of Love-Inter-Connectedness.

There is ugliness and beauty contained within reality– both are part of the same reality– the same whole.  By integrating the Ugliness, and being a place of acceptance– Ugliness then becomes absorbed and integrated into Love.  It becomes a strength for Love as it is no longer ugly but instead part of the many faces of beauty.

This is a challenging concept for many to understand, including, Elizabeth.  She phases in and out of this understanding.  Judgement binds you to that which you wish to transform.  It limits the choices one can make.

Discernment, on the other hand, allows one to shift into a space of acceptance and through this amazing attribute of LOVE, all that is ugly becomes beauty– it is transformed through integration into LOVE.  —Fairy Farm Girl



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