Argartha: The Love within the Earth


Argartha has come into my consciousness recently.   I sense that there is more to our Earth with in and though out and upon.   I bless us all with Love.  Open Hearts change the World.

I bless you with Love.  –Elizabeth

We are the Argarthian Ambassadors

We are a race of Beings that are full of Love residing within the
Earth.  The Earth is Hollow in spaces.

We have resided there since the ancient fall of Humankind. When Lumeria sank due a catastrophe that shall never be repeated.

We are Human-Argarthian in physical form.  We look like you– only taller.

We respect and take care of the Earth. We are stewards of the Earth.
We reside in the Inner Earth.  We Love Mother Earth and are deeply
respectful of Mother Earth.

We create great harmony with the Earth-Gaia and Argatha.  We have a
symbiotic relationship with the Earth-Gaia and Argartha.

We are like a “Noah’s Ark” for beneficial animals, plants, insects.
We optimize and maximize the Light Quotient of  all systems of
Gaia-Mother Earth.

Soon we shall meet upon the Surface of the Earth.  We will create
Grand harmony with Earth.  Surface Humankind is leading the Cosmic Evolution through your attainment of Unity Consciousness.  Humankind in time will be Unity Ambassadors.  The Earth is a Shining Light that is emerging and ascending rapidly.  This will be the great sharing with other civilizations.

Humanity will return to a high level of Love.  The Dark Consciousness
is in the process of Lifting.  The protection for this is LOVE.  Free
Flow of Love creates more Love.  Humankind must protect its right to
exist through continuing to increase your Love Quotient.

We, the Argarthians protect our civilization right to exist.  Lumuria
did not protect its right to exist.  Lumuria was Loving without
Discernment.  Thier lack of Discernment led to the Fall of Man.  It is
through these several Epochs that Surface Humankind and
Argarthian-Inner Earth Humankind have gone through a cycle of
Darkness/Seperation/Fear and have risen up through into a Space of
Love.  This is the teaching of the Christ.  It is part of the Human
Experience to learn to polarize to LOVE.

An Alchemy is taking place on Earth.  Duality is transforming into
LOVE-HEART Consciousness.  Consciousness is rising within Humankind
from the Sacral Chakra to the HEART Chakra.   All Must Imbibe the
Unity of the HEART- Consciousness.  This is the transformation of the
Human Consciousness– and expansion of Awareness.

We do this through the use of LOVE and Discernment.  We discern who we
interact with.  Discernment requires one to be connected to your HEART
and Solar Plexus. Discernment is an aspect of LOVE-Unity
Consciousness:  The Unification.

The Solar Plexus of the Surface of the Earth is located in the Middle
East.  This is one of the reasons that the Middle East is constantly
be in state of dis-harmony.

Many Light bearers are shifting the consciousness of the Masculine to
the Divine Masculine– and assisting the Divine Masculine in
integrating the Divine Feminine.  The Sacred Cross of
Governance–Sacred Heart includes the Evolution of the Divine
Masculine and Divine Feminine.  It is of utmost importance that the
Feminine– The Divine Feminine be protected as they Emancipate
themselves.   As the Divine Feminine Emancipates herself within each
human being (male and female both forms contain the Divine Feminine)
the whole of the Surface of the Earth is Freed.

Love between the Masculine and Feminine is the sharing of Love in an
empowering way that creates and builds more Love.  This is through a
HEART to HEART connection.  This is the task at hand for Humankind.
To awaken to the HEART Center and shift the consciousness from the
sacral chakra.  The darkness of Patriarchy that was made manifest
through the masculine expression.  Through the mistreatment of the
Feminine form, the Feminine lost her way for a while.  And now that
Humankind has made the choice to Expand their Awareness, the
emancipation of the Divine Feminine was ignited in the late 19th
century.  Through these years the Divine Feminine has risen and began
to emancipate herself.  We see humankind shifting into greater and
greater Love.

This is the lesson that is being learned in the Middle East.  The
Divine Feminine is rising there— She is rising up and demanding
Freedom.  She is claiming her freedom.

As the HEART opens and Connects to the HEART of the an Beloved
Feminine on the Surface Earth– the New Earth is created– and in
doing so the way is paved to create disclosure.  The opening of
physical communication between the Argarthians and Humankind,  The
Angelics and the Benevolent Love-Light Star Beings.  We are all to
work together in Unity for the creation of the NEW EARTH.  We are All
co-creating the NEW EARTH.

We transmit our Love to you. We will create Grand harmony with Earth.
Our gratitude is shared and mutual between the us: the Argarthians and
-Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth with The Argarthian Ambassadors

Agarthian Ambassadors are a group of Argarthian 4th Dimensional Beings residing within the Hollow Spaces of the Earth.  They are deeply committed to Expanding the Love-Light quotient for the Agarthian Civilization, Earth-Gaia, Humankind, and the Cosmos.


Alexandre Saint-Yves, Marquess of Alveydre  He developed the term Synarchy—the association of everyone with everyone else.

During the year 1885 Saint-Yves was  visited by a group, one of them being named prince Hardjij Scharipf,  of Eastern Initiates. It was then that he associated synarchy with ascended masters based in subterranean caverns of Agartha.  He said that they communicated with him telepathically.  Alexandre Saint Yves,  wrote about the hidden location in his “Mission de l’Inde en Europeä” published in 1886.   He was concerned that he had revealed too much so he destroyed all but two copies of this book, which did not become available again until 1910.

Saint-Yves believed that an ancient synarchist civilization was transferred to Agartha within a hollow Earth at the start of the Kali-Yuga era, around 3,200 B.C.[3] Saint-Yves d’Alveydre is the man who really introduced the concept of Agartha to the Western world. Click here to read the whole article.


Peace Pilgrim

Humanity can only improve as people improve.  When you have improved your life, you can inspire those around you to want to improve their lives.  Remember that a few in harmony with God’s Will are more powerful than multitudes out of harmony. —Peace Pilgrim, Peace Pilgrim, page 162.

Peace Pilgrim is a wanderer and pilgrim for peace.  Her legacy lives on through the book of her words she spoke and wrote in letters and speeches that was compiled by a group of her friends upon her death.  Peace Pilgrim physically transitioned in 1981.  To read more about Peace Pilgrim at


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