All is Interconnected: Creating Vortexes of LOVE through the Winds of Change

Storm brings the Winds of Change


There is a great clearing taking place within the Earth-Gaia and throughout her surface.  Humankind dwelling upon the surface of the Earth is feeling the affects of their collective mis-creations over many many epochs.

The Storms and Earth Movements are creating Compassionate Vortexes through the Winds of Change.  All is interconnected.

There will be storms and earthquakes.  This is how Mother-Earth Gaia releases negativity that has been stored in her body for many many epochs.

She is transforming negativity that exists throughout the world from Humankind’s recent mis-creations.

Through Wind, and Water, Earth Quakes and Fire she transmutes..

She is doing so in a way that minimizes loss of life to humankind.

Those that choose to transition at the time of an Earth Movement Event do so through agreement.

Death is simply a transition.  Where a soul drops their Human-Garment.

Death is a birth to the another place– some call it Nirvana, others call it Heaven, and still others call it the 4th Dimension.

We call it Birth to Another place… there are many destinations that a soul may choose.  The Universe is infinite and yet interconnected and unified.

Each drop of consciousness is unique, distinct and yet unified as part of the whole.  Every Birth is a Death and every Death is a Birth.  Perspective is the key.  For one is the other.  Life is a spiral and a continuum.  What is a beginning is also an end– and yet there is really no beginning and really no end– only transition.

Humankind has made Death to the enemy to be feared and resisted.  Death is seen as evil and bad.  This simply is not so.  Death, as a vehicle for transformation, is simply a process of transition to another place.

As souls transition now, they are all filling all areas of the Cosmos with their Love.  They are Loving More and Creating Miracles.  The space between worlds affects all of Creation– All the Universe fore all is interconnected.  Love radiates outward transforming all that it connects to.

When we speak of Death as a transition, we speak of timely death that is by Life-Path and Soul Contract agreement. All exist times are predetermined by the Soul before birth.  And upon birth within the Human garment– the soul promptly “forgets” their life path plan and soul contract.  This is to allow Free Will to be experienced– and yet, the time of death is already determined by the soul.

As with all agreements– the agreement can be amended, the soul contract changed.  This is determined by the Soul and their Guides due to changes in the game of life– Free Will creates new ranges of infinite possibilities.   The time of death and way in which the exit is plays out– that is fixed.  Death defines human biological life.  The Soul is eternal and lives on transitioning to another place.  So, thus, there is no “true death” only transitions from one place to another place– and all is Love.

More of Humankind is opening their collective HEARTS and resonating closer to the Tone of Love than ever before in Human History on the Planet Earth.  LOVE is Building Upon LOVE.  Multiple vortex of Compassion are being created throughout the world– it is overcoming the vortex of fears that still exist– these vortexes of fear are being overcome by vortexes of Compassion.  This is the work that Humankind and Gaia-Earth are co-creating through the releases and transmutation of negativity:  Fear is being neutralized and rendered harmless through LOVE.

Heart Ignition by Leonard Hoover

Love is Expansive– it shields those in the way of Danger.  LOVE is the game changer that Humankind is embracing.  Embrace each other– steady the HEART with LOVE.

Let Light Flow to your Light.  Let Your Light be expanded.  Let all that is Light be filled with Love.

The material world is in the process of collapsing.  This collapse must occur for the new to be built.  The New Earth is being built from a New Foundation that is not upon the old.

As the storms surge toward you, wherever you are, stay calm and centered.  Breathe in Light and Exhale Love.  Picture within your Mind and Create in your HEART, a beautiful clearing that is gentle and productive and life-empowering and life enhancing.  Picture people coming together in unity and harmony called to purpose to assist in creating the NEW Earth.   Practice kindness toward yourSelf and Others.  Share.

Love More and Expect Miracles.  Open Hearts Change the World.

We Bless All with Love. —Fairy Farm Girl and The Beautiful Many through Elizabeth


Daily Wisdom from Peace Pilgrim

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think  a defeatist or negative thought.  Since we create through thought, we need to concentrate very strongly on positive thoughts…It is important that our thoughts be constantly for the best hat could happen in a situation—for the good things we would like to see happen…When you hear predictions of disaster there’s a reason for it.  The reason is that you are to throw the entire weight of your positive thought in the opposite direction.  Peace Pilgrim, Peace Pilgrim, pg 80.

Peace Pilgrim is a wanderer and pilgrim for peace.   Her legacy lives on through the book of her words she spoke and wrote in letters and speeches that was compiled by a group of her friends upon her death.   Peace Pilgrim physically transitioned in 1981.  To read more about Peace Pilgrim at

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