Interconnectedness: Coming Together in Mutual Cooperation


Today I am in the midst of an early snow storm in October here in the upper Southeast of the USA where I currently reside.

I am in awe at the gentle softness of the falling snow.  The clean, cleansed, and clear air that this storm has brought forth from the Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’Easter from the Great Lakes– converged to create a very large Hurricane– that briefly galed with its wind and rain.

And then… LOVE happened.  Thousands of Light-workers, Concerned Earth Citizens, and Cosmic Citizens came together to co-create a weather reduction of the Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy was designed by Gaia to be a cleansing storm– to clear the air and create an energetic environment for humankind to come together with Gaia and co-create.  A small contingent of Dark humans, attempted to create something much bigger than Gaia intended.  Through their mis-use of Haarp technology the storm was made greater than Gaia and the Fairy Realm intended. The Media manufactured FEAR and through the unwitting following of Humans– the emotional energy of the is storm was made even larger.  The intensity raged with wind and storm surges from the oceans and rivers.

Then, something continued to happen– LOVE.  The LOVE within the Human Heart burst forth from many that awakened during this storm– they awakened and claimed their empowered power by coming together– they joined in meditations for storm trajectory out to sea, they came together to call upon the Team Angelics and the Fairy Realm to dissipate the storm.  They intended with those of Humankind standing up in the Light– and in doing so chose to stand on the side of Love.

There is much work to be done.  Much clean up for many days ahead.  There is much that has to be reviewed– reworked.  It is an opportunity for introspection and change.

Mother Earth -Gaia has taken all the major polluting systems are offline. ConEdison power plant, airplanes, chemtrail planes, cars, trucks, 18 wheelers, diesel buses, subways all of it is offline or greatly reduced. The air is clearing. People are coming together working and sharing resources and giftedness.

To me it feels like a much needed all stop. The pollution that has been pumped into the waters of Mother Earth Gaia are being returned to those who have been complicit in their actions against Earth.

The arrogance of humankind is exposed and this is an opportunity to shift from the fear attributes of apathy and arrogance toward unity and respect and humility.

I bless all with Love.

This is an opportunity to NOW Intend for Free Energy.  To Intend for the New Earth.

This is the time that many are coming together in Unity and Inter-connectedness.   I bless you all with Love.

Love More and Expect Miracles.  Open HEARTS change the World. –Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth


Angel Messages

Isis’ Message of the Day –

Picture if you will in your minds the most  perfect and unimaginably beautiful place to live that you possibly can, and  picture yourselves living in this new breathtaking wonderland and picture your  friends and your family and animals and birds and trees and lakes and rivers and  a sparkling clean ocean that you can swim in, that you can sail on, and picture  all these things coming to you now. This is what we wish for you to do today  dear ones, for we wish for more of you to begin to consciously create your new  surroundings, for soon you will see these walls being built around you, so to  speak.

Soon, construction of your new world  will be made known to you. You will see what it is you have been building  through your thoughts and your dreams and your hopes and your inspiration.  Whatever it is that drives you, whatever it is that motivates you will be yours.  This is how it is all unfolding for you, and we wish to see more of you taking  part in your new Earth’s construction. We see many of you posting beautiful  photographs and we say to you this is a very good way to start, but we wish for  more of you to do even more. We wish for more of you to take the reins, as you  say, and begin to airbrush your world around you. To do this, you simply imagine  in your mind just what it is you wish for yourselves and this includes what it  is you wish to do for a career, what it is you will do for hobbies and fun, and  what it is you will do for pleasures and excitement and also what it is that you  do for others.

Yes. This is a very important and  necessary component to your new world, what it is you do in service to others,  for this is the foundation. These are the roots of the tree of your new home.  You are going to all learn how to be of service to others on a full-time basis.  You are going to learn the importance of selfless service to individuals who are  not you and who are not your family and who are, in many cases, not your friends  or even your next-door neighbors. You are going to learn to grace other people’s  lives, people you may know as strangers, people you may see walking on the  street or shopping at the market. People who you do not know, but you do know  somehow, someway, for they are your planet mates, they are your brothers and  sisters even if you do not know them by name.

The Galactic  Federation

We are divine beings with a divine plan,  doing divine  things.

We send you many blessings on your spiritual path and journey home!

We wish you Joy, Love &  Peace,

Isis & Archangel Michael


Lady Isis

Lady Isis is a Walk In as a  representative of the Galactic Federation from Sirius “Lady of the Light” In the Service of the One  Creator, she created the Light Circle Ezine which is now closed.  Lady Isis has retired  to enjoy life before she is called Home.


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