Practice Makes Progress: Interconnectedness in Real Life

Border of West Virginia

Yesterday and Today, Fairy Farm Girl and I are participating in a Meditation that was world wide.  It is a challenge to remain consciously aware here and be there as well.   Today, I will be focusing on being in a state of interconnectedness with all people– the good and the ugly.  This does not mean I have boundary issues, rather, it means I recognize that I am interconnected to all life on Earth and throughout the Cosmos through the threads of space and time– in short the Flower of Life.  All things co-exist together.

Flower of Life

 For today, my focus will be on being interconnected to and with t   those who I may shy away from in fear.   Where, I currently reside in a less than desirable neighborhood.  Earlier this week, one of my children was mugged for his dilapidated bike by a gang of bigger boys.  There are hookers and meth dealers working the intersection one block from where I live, recently a house blew up on the street that borders my alleyway— it was a meth lab.. Regularly, I witness a child being beaten by a parent in the street.  When I expressed this to the police, they sighed and said, “That’s the way we do things around here.”  That’s the way they do things around here.  Beating children is considered normal here in this place I have found myself living?  It is TIME to GO…. but where to go?  With what Money?  What can I do to change this?

And, yesterday, morning, a wisp of a man came to our door asking if he could mow our lawn for a few dollars.  I expressed to him through a crack in the door, holding onto the doorknob tightly while shooing my children back away from the door, that I wish I could pay him to mow our lawn, but alas, we are in the same boat… we are currently cash poor.  Rich in spirit and Love but cash poor.

He looked at me, a white woman and he a black man, as if I were lying to him.  I blessed him with Love– and yet I did not feel comfortable letting him into my life… he was a stranger who lived in this neighborhood with many problems due to extreme separation consciousness, some would call it Poverty of Spirit.  I see it as an Enslavement Paradigm.

And, yet, I realize I am interconnected to that wisp of man, just as clearly as I am interconnected to those who I know.  Was this man friend or foe?  I do not know.  Here in this space that surrounds us in a state of extreme duality– it is challenging to determine who is friend and who is foe… so early on I decided to err on the side of caution and keep all people around me at arms length.  I have children and I am a woman– and I wish to live to see another day.  In short, I have been a bit afraid of them all.  I have thrown out the baby with the bathwater.  Unwilling to trust any of my neighbors that live around me.

Today, I have been asked by the Beautiful Many and Fairy Farm Girl to sit with this feeling of separateness… to see how I am interconnected and still exercise loving caution.  Caution is an attribute of Love.

I regularly bless my neighborhood and the area I live in with Love.  I bless envision a golden light flowing to all that is, encouraging and radiating LOVE.

When and if the wisp of a man, returns to my doorstep.  I shall be ready to shake his hand.  And if I am able hire him to do some lawn care… I will ask what can I do to change this to myself and work at that…

What can I do to change this feeling of separation I live with… I feel I am beyond this and yet there it is hanging on to me for dear life.

In time, soon we will pack all we are able to carry into our vehicles and leave this place where we currently live.

I bless you with Love.  Open Hearts change the world.



Peace Pilgrim

You must learn to forgive yourself as easily as you forgive others.  And then take a further step and use all that energy that you used in condemning yourself for improving yourself.  After that I really started to get somewhere—because there’s only one person you can change and that’s yourself.  After you have changed yourself, you might be able to inspire others for change. 

It took the living quite awhile to catch up with the believing, but it finally did.  And when it did, a progress began which never ended.  As I lived up to the highest light I had, higher and higher light came to me.  –Peace Pilgrim, Peace Pilgrim, pg 16

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