Integrating Red and Blue Create Purple-Violet: Interconnectedness

Red and Blue integrated create the color ray of Purple-Violet.  This is the interconnectedness of opposites.  The Purple-Violet Ray is a healing tool called the Violet Flame.  This Flame is a ray of Color and Sound and Light that transmutes Darkness through the integration of that Darkness into the Light of Love.

Paint the world with the rays of Love integrated and fully opened within the HEART and throughout– The Purple Violet Ray shines forth.

We bless all with Love.  United through interconnectedness Humanity is moving towards.  Yes.  We Bless you with Love.

Love More and Expect Miracles.  Open Hearts change the World. –Fairy Farm Girl-Elizabeth

Peace Pilgrim

I have never  met anyone who built a bomb shelter and felt protected by it.  I have never met a modern miltary man who did not realize that military victory is a concept which became obsolete with the coming of the Nuclear Age, and most civilians realize this also.  Wisdom demands that we stop preparing to wage a war which would eliminate mankind–and start preparing to eliminate the seeds of war.    Peace Pilgrim, Peace Pilgrim, pg 115

Peace Pilgrim is a wanderer and pilgrim for peace.   Her legacy lives on through the book of her words she spoke and wrote in letters and speeches that was compiled by a group of her friends upon her death.  Peace Pilgrim physically transitioned in 1981.  To read more about Peace Pilgrim at


From The Ringing Cedars of Russia, Vladmir Megre

Note:  Anastasia and Vladmir are discussing the state of the world.  The use of the word Man means Humankind.

(Anastasia Speaking sic)…”And still God is sending forth his sons.  But as always, it is only some of the people who pause and listen to them, while others who are called do not get the message at all.  And they violate the laws of happy existence.”

(Vladmir speaking sic) “I see.  that ‘s why God will punish mankind by a global catastroph–some kind of fearful judgement?”

(Anastasia speaking sic) “God never punishes anyone, and He does not need catastrophes.  God is LOVE.  But that is the way it was planned from the very beginning.  Created that way from above.  When mankind reaches a specific point, one might say, in its unwillingness to accept the essence of truth.  Once the elements of darkness manifest in Man reach that critical point, in order to avert total self-annihilation, a global catastrophe rushes in which takes away a great many people’s lives and crushes the destructive life-support system of artificial creation.  The catastrophe serves as a lesson to those who are left alive..”

I wanted to find out how and by what means people could be made wiser without subjecting them to a catastrophe.  You see, I have figured out that a catastrophe can be blamed not only on those who do not accept truth, but also on the absence of a sufficiently effective means of making the truth be seen, of making people alert to the truth.  I was asking Him to find such means.  To reveal it, either to me or someones else.  To whom,. I feel, is not really important.  What is important is that it is there to be seen, and that works..”

(Vladmir speaking sic) “And what did he tell you?  What kind of voice does he have?”

(Anastasia speaking sic) ” Nobody can tell what kind of voice he has.  His answer takes form, as it were, in Man’s discovery of a thought spontaneously, occurring to himself.  After all, he can speak only through His particle that is present in every Man, and this particle is already relaying information to every other part of the individual with the help of the rhythm of vibration.  Hence the impressions arises that Man is doing it all by himself. Though Man himself can actually do a great deal.  After all, Man is God’s likeness.  in each Man there is a tiny particle breathed into him by God right at birth.  He has given half of himself to mankind upon the Earth.  And the forces of darkness try by whatever means they can to prevent this God-reflected particle from acting out its high purpose, to distract Man from communication with it, and through it, with God.  It is much easier to fight with a small particle when it all alone, especially if it is not connected to the Basic Force of the Universe.”

“But if these particles unite amongst themselves in bright aspirations, it is much more difficult for the forces of darkness to hinder them.  Even if one single particle, living in just one single Man, is in full contact with God, then it is impossible for the forces of darkness to overpower him, to defeat his spirit and mind…”

(Vladmir speaking sic) “That means,” I surmised, “you appealed to Him so that the answer would be given birth in you as to what to say to people, and how to say it, in order to avert global disaster?”

(Anastasia speak, sic) “More or less.”

“Words…just words alone, pronounced in the usual way, are not sufficient.  So many words have been spoken already.  Yet humanity on the whole continues to move toward its own peridition.

You have no doubt heard the words to the effect that smoking is bad, that alcoholic drinks are bad.  And this is repeated by a number of sources… in the language you best understand, yet you still go on doing it…God says to you:  ‘you should not do that.’  And the message reaches through pain.  And it is not just your pain, but His too, and yet you take painkillers galore and go on doing your own thing as before.  Again, you are not interested in thinking about what produces the pain…”

(Vladmir speaking sic)  “You know what I think Anastasia– maybe you don’t need to take it so to heart and get stired up so with your demands, as you were doing at the cedar tree.  Even the blue glow or vapour from the cedar came crushing down upon you.  Your grandfather and  great-grandfather were right to be concerned.  It’s probable very dangerous.  If God has not given the answer to any of His Sons as to how to explain everything to people most effectively, that means there is no answer.  It means that a global catastrophe is the most effective way of getting his message across.  Maybe He’s even annoyed with you for poking your nose in too far and will punish you so you won’t do it again.”

(Anastasia speaking sic) “God is Kind,  He will not punish.  He is listening and He is answering…He has hinted to where to find the answer, where to search for it.. In the Union of Opposites…It happens for example, when two extremes of human thinking in the Avatamasaka commentary merge into a new dynamic whole…I certainly can not do it alone. It can only be known through the joint effort of the divine particles to be found in various peoples living on the Earth—people with opposite modes of thinking and comprehension.  Only through a joint effort will it be seen, and then in a dimension invisible to the eye–the domain of thoughts.  One can also call it the dimension of the forces of Light.  It exists between the material world, in which Man lives, and God.  I shall see it, and many others will, too.  Then it will be easier to attain a universal conscious awareness.  It will be easier to bring mankind through the dark forces’ window of time.  And the catastrophes will not be repeated.

It would be fine if a lot of people could wake up in the morning…and think about something good…It is important that they come out with bright thoughts.  They can think about their children, their loved ones, about how to make everyone happy…the images created by these peoples’ bright yearnings will merge into a single, clear, fulfilled image of conscious awareness…   Vladmir Megre, Ringing Cedars of Russia, pgs 46-50

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