11-11-12 High Energy Day for the Birthing of the New Earth


11-11-12 High Energy Day– Join with Others with Love and Joy by doing that which you Love to do!

11+11+12=  34  3+4= 7   11/11/12 is a  7 day

Highly Spiritual Energy on 7 number days– More so when it is an 11/11/12, 7 derived.  This is a Master Number Day with Solar Flares, Gaia Emanations, and High Energy Flow!

The number day number of 7 draws forth the seeker, the thinker, the searcher of Truth.  Inspiring others to discover and  know that nothing is exactly as it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions.   This particular 7 day is on the heals of A Solar Flare– so a lot of Energy Flowing to the Earth.  It is a transformative Energy.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  The HEART is opening throughout the world within Humanity.

Celebrate Life in whatever way you celebrate living life fully present in your body!

Transform your Life through doing what you LOVE.  Build that Love Momentum within yourself and know where ever you are– and whether you are physically alone or surrounded by people, Know that all is Interconnected.  You are interconnected with others on your Frequency.  You are not alone.  So breathe in the Love and Breathe out Love.  Laugh with Joy.  Be in your Body.

We bless you with Love.  Do what you Love to do for at least 15 minutes on 11-11-12— Longer if you have the time.  What ever you choose to do, do it with Joyous Hearts.  Focus on the New Earth– Believe in your Dreams. Love More, Expect Miracles  —Fairy Farm Girl-Elizabeth


Perspectives –Spirit Letters from StormJimm

Great day in eternity.
A secret of the universe hiding in plane sight: As you believe in your heart, so it is with you.
If you truly believe something, then that what you believe, will be real to you, will happen in your reality, your world. If you believe you will grow another day older, become a senior person, if you’re lucky, and then die, you will! We have been taught this from our very first birthday, (I have anniversaries with this body instead), and it is reinforced every year until we succeed. [Another secret, There is Only Success; if you want to fail, you will succeed grandly.] It has been demonstrated our body can revert to what it was years ago in a experiment cited by Dr. Deepak Chopra in his seminar, book, “Quantum Healing”, and audio recording of it. In other words, we can physically grow another day younger just as easy as growing older. All it took for 300 seniors who did it, was living a set-up illusion as if it were real!
“Science” will tell you our bodies are completely remade about every 5 to 7 years. So why keep remaking bodies that get older when you can change your thinking and belief in growing an older body? With each breath of living, intelligent electrons/light you inhale, you can keep throwing off dis-eased/worn out cells and replacing them with new cells made of light that is eternal, as they are programmed to do all by themselves, and grow to your prime every now moment in eternity. Or, keep the belief you must grow older and start throwing off the new cells that are constantly being made instead of the used up ones they came to replace, as the body does/did while in it’s prime condition, until you decided to grow “older”, to conform to your belief. Talk to your cells. They listen. Tell them they can be the glorified body of flesh they are programmed to be; it’s safe again. [Take a deep breath, close your eyes, see the blue light of power and your own perfect body of light standing in it, waiting for you to tell it, it is safe again and to come anchor with your four body system as the Love Light you are. Hold your breath and image as long as you can. Then feel the energy flow out from both sides of your sacral as gold and white rays racing up through your centers to burst through your pineal and pituitary glands as platinum sparks showering you with the white gold light of ascension. Filling your lungs and flowing to Gaia on every breath you exhale filled with living earth energy. Breath. Live.]
You’ve been taught you have to “die” to experience eternity but that’s all there is. You live in eternity right now and your Real body is a body of living light particles you call together to form a flesh body made up of cells made of light, slowed down in vibrations to manifest as a “solid” body. To live in physical, (3-D), eternity, you must have a eternal body. You can dwell in 3-D with either a physical body of flesh or a 5-D one of living, light shining through glorified  immortal flesh, your choice, as we fully restore Gaia to her pristine self. Either way, your body, (your same self-consciousness), is the same as you desire it to be, it’s just vibrating at different frequencies or phases. Like water as ice-low vibrations or steam- high frequencies before becoming invisible as molecules of electrons still joined together as unseen  water vapor.
We have been taught many, many untruths just so a relatively few entities could control humanity and plunder our beloved Gaia we created to dwell With, as the eternal Goddesses and Gods of the ONE Source we truly are. [The Elohim]  NO MORE! It is our moment in eternity to awake from the dream and claim our divine birthrite as beings of Living Love we envisioned ourself to be. Dwelling on and within, a planet radiant with Love for All life from everywhere and everywhen. All it takes is thought fueled with Unconditional Love and the vision of Gaia alive with Love. The beautiful garden planet that welcomes all to enjoy and share her bounty of blessings and abundance of all that is good, free from all shadows of less then the perfect being she is and we are.
Awake Children of LOVE self manifest in LIGHT Eternal shining through bodies you do control. Deny the illusion and reclaim your true form living on/in a planet of happiness and joy.
BE ONLY LOVE that you truly ARE and, as my good friend Ron says, let Love OCCUPY your heart.©

© This may be Freely copied and posted in it’s entirety as is, provided this permission statement is included.  © 11/9/12 All Rights Reserved.


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