Freedom is our Birthright: Humanity is Interconnected

The Beautiful Many

 Let us Celebrate your Humanity!  What does it mean to be Human-   Luminous?  If you are reading this you are expanding your Awareness to recognize what you already are.

Waking up as a Being— A Soul Embodied is like looking into a Looking Glass and seeing yourSelf.  Your True Self.  Your true self is beginning to shine through.  Your Light is shining through as you are Love Activated.

We dance with Joy!  Shout to the Heavens and Cosmos.  Laugh while meandering through the stars and meadows.  YES!  Humankind is Expanding Its Awareness.  The Interconnection has reached Critical Mass.  The Flower of Life is Lighting Up like a Golden Ray of Expansion.  You are Beautiful!  Yes, All of You.

Beauty is not how your body is shaped.  It is the quality of your HEART.  This is the Beauty we speak of. Yes!  The Beauty of your HEART.  We Celebrate Humanity!

The training wheels are off.  The Time is Now for you to ride on forth as the Cosmic Citizens you are becoming.

You are the Ones that are Co-Creating the NEW EARTH with Gaia-Mother EARTH.  It is You and Earth.   Each day, more and more of your Brothers and Sisters of Humankind are Expanding their Awareness, awakening to see their true Self(s).  Their Lights Shine Through.  You are all Growing to be Cosmic Citizens– Seeing beyond your front door, beyond your City, Town, Hamlet. Beyond your County, State, Province, Area.  Beyond your Country, Continent.  Beyond the Surface Earth.  You are growing and seeing the Cosmos– and as you see the Cosmos– that star stuff within your HEARTS reaches out and connects with the Star Stuff throughout the Cosmos.  You are all interconnected.

Each time you reach out with your Heart-Mind with Love– Each Time you connect with another transpersonally, in real time, in groups or individually– More Lights upon EARTH Light UP.  The Lights are you, Beautiful Luminous Humanity. 

Change occurs through growth spurts and then slower growing periods.  Humanity and Earth have entered an accelerated path of Growth.  Growing Like Beautiful wild plants which some call weeds.  We rejoice!

We bless you all with Love.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  Open Hearts Change the World.

The Beautiful Many through Elizabeth

Solar Eclipse on 11/13/12   <—- notice the date.  Divine Feminine is represented within this number.  The Divine Feminine is reaching the ignition point of emancipating herself within each Human Being on the individual level and within Each Society on the Macro Level.  Society is defined as a group of organized people administered by any form of Government.   The Emancipation of the Woman is reaching ignition which leads to the uniting with the Divine Masculine within the individual  level and within the Societal level.  —Shoma of the Beautiful Many through Elizabeth




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