Love is Powerful: Today is a New Day

Asking and Ye Shall Recieve


Today has been a day of Cascading Love flowing to me from those near and far– Cosmically and up through the Inner Earth.  A Pulse from Gaia-Mother Earth was felt by me early yesterday morning and today as well.

There was an outpouring of Love that continues to beam to me.  Thank you to those that have embraced me with Love near and far.   I extend my heart felt gratitude to you.  Thank you.  I bless you with Love.  Love More and Expect Miracles!  We are making those miracles now.

Change is happening!  Open Hearts change the World.  Love is Powerful when shared with Love.  Love Builds upon itself ever expanding.  We are expanding our Awareness.

The Earth is still doing her birthing process but is reaching what would be called the  resting/transition stage.  This is the stage right before the BIG Push.

As I have  birthed 3 children, naturally, I can attest to the energy build up and the air of expectation full of Love, Joy, Anticipation and when surrounded by Love– Bliss and More Love.  It is such an incredible experience to birth when surrounded by Love and support.

We are supporting Mother Earth-Gaia with our Love and outpouring of Positive Emanations.  We are the transition team as she is birthing us through to the New Earth.

We are c0-creating the New Earth right now with Mother Earth-Gaia, The Sun-Solaris, And the Cosmic Beings/Angelics/Concerned Beings with the Universal Infinite Beingness of Love and Light (some call this God, Source Energy etc).  We are an integral part of the plan.  We are the Ones who are Doing this… the time of waiting is over.  We are now entering into an active process of co-creation.

I bless all with Love. Breathing in Love. Exhaling More Love. I bless the Earth-Gaia and All her inhabitants with Love. I bless the Air, Wind, Water, Trees, Rocks, Inner Earth and All the in-between with Love. I bless the Earth-Gaia with Love. I breathe in Love. I Exhale More Love. I Bless all with Love.

Focus on great things— let go of the junk in your attic and elsewhere within you and around you.  Let it go.

These past few days, I  have spent  a little each day, doing another clean out of our dwelling.  We are readying to make a physical move.  The time and date is yet to be divined to us.  Fairy Farm Girl and The Beautiful Many are mum on this… saying only, “You are going to your home soon.”

Ooookay… uhmm, not to be all mundane and all that.. but where is “home?”  and when is “soon”? 

They speak not when I ask them to get down to the nuts and bolts, rocks are hard; water is wet determinations.

Fairy Farm Girl gently keeps say “Asking and Ye Shall Recieve.”

Asking and Ye Shall Receive?  The active verb tense is used with the present verb… meaning I have to be active in my asking in order to receive.  Okay.

So, since we are soon to be exiting this interestingly little spot on the Earth for greener and cleaner pastures– It is my hope we are to return to where our hearts are and dreams spring forth.

Our presence here has opened space and a vortex of positive action– that others are taking up the energetic reigns and running forth creating a new recycling program and fighting the good fight with state, county, city governments.

Where I currently physically reside is in a place where many see Earth-Gaia as a commodity to be plundered for their own gain.  This place is a stronghold of the old Earth.  I am here presently, opening a new energy construct that I have dutifully anchored.  I have done my J O B.

Now, I would like to go home to a nice comfortable, dry, warm in the winter, cool in the summer, light filled and modern house with all the amenities and a large yard with Trees and much more, please!  Deep breaths.  Breathing is good.

Every week we go through the house where we live and go through the kiddos stuff.  We remove all broken stuff and/or stuff that has been outgrown (they are children and grow like weeds daily).    The good stuff, we donate.  The broken stuff we have no other choice but to throw out.

Recently, we donated 30 lbs of books that our children spend all their time building with.  Forget Legos, let’s build with books…   That donation makes our trip lighter– by 30lbs.

The Books went to the local library.  They were pleased beyond all galget for our generosity.  We were pleased to be rid of an extra 30 lbs.

It is a bit like having to don a flack jacket and dive for fox holes whilst wearing a pith helmet.

A couple of days ago, I felt something icky nearby (which is often here) and at the same time the kiddos had an altercation that required a loud shout of “Stop” from me and separating all parties involved.

—And then, I heard it.. a large hissing sound… I sniffed the air for we do have natural gas powering everything here in this house, and no smell.

So, I went investigating and noticed that someone(s) had decided to walk through our back yard and turn on the outside hose.  Water was spraying everywhere.  Gallons of undrinkable chemical water that costs about a lot of money to the private water company that “owns” the water here, wasted and spilled.

Thoughts that ran through me as I shut off the water:

How can anyone possibly own water!  It is not theirs– it belongs to the Earth and we are granted use of water– but we do not own water.  It is not our to own.  It is the Earths!  This is what was going through my mind while I shut off the outside spigot in the dark and looked around for who might have done this.

My other thoughts were:  Well if you needed water, you could have shut off the spigot when you were done! 

And What is the lesson in this?  I came up empty on this one.

So, I turned off the water. I shut the gates and thanked the Angelics for reminding me earlier to lock the car up and lock the doors.  While at the same time, intending for the New Earth–

I intend the New Earth is a place where we are able to Trust and Love others freely and as the way.

I intend the New Earth is a place where locks on doors are largely unnecessary for all are respectful.  I intend the New Earth is a place where water, air, and land are freely accessible and clean and pristine and kept in a state of health and well being by our loving attention and respectful use.

I intend for the New Earth to be here, now.

We buy our drinking and cooking water from a reverse osmosis machine.  It is worth it.

I am doing so by following the strong advice given by the Beautiful Many, Fairy Farm Girl and my main Guide, Ella.  They strongly insisted that we “Do Not Drink the Tap Water.”

My transmutation skills were not  enough to clear the water of the toxins, chemicals  rendering them harmless.  The level of toxicity required more energy than was available for me to draw from.  So, technology is then necessary.  I am grateful for the water machine.

Living here, after accepting what was promised to be a short term gig, has really been challenging.   How short of a gig has yet to be announced to me and as I have free will I intend that this gig be up soon no later than June of 2013.

We are intending for better things to come.  That is the space we are holding open.   The door of Plenty of all Good Things.  I Bless All with Love.  I Bless the Earth with Love.

Donations at this time would be exceedingly helpful for me and my family to get from point A to point B.  Please click on Donate.  I am full of gratitude for the beauty and plenty that we experience right now.  Thank you for your assistance.

It is an interesting place that we find ourselves residing.  We are looking forward to a New Day full of promise– the promise realized of better things to come forth.  We are only limited temporarily.  Today is a new day.

I bless all with Love.  —Elizabeth

The Total Eclipse

A view of the partially eclipsed sun from the Slooh Space Camera's feed based in Australia on Nov. 13, 2012.

Around 3:34 EST, on 11-13-12,  I watched the Eclipse Live through the beautiful and generous Cairns Ustream!  The sound of the ocean was in real time.  The laughter and joy of all who were watching around the Ustream cameras were so bouyant and full of Love.  Love is cascading all over the world.  It was so amazing to witness this event in real time through the power of technology and human skill.   Just Amazing!  To see a recap of this click here

 Peace Pilgrim

..People of the world, let us never feel helpless again.  Let us remember that if enough of us ask together even very big things.. will be granted…  Let’s ask together!

–Peace Pilgrim, Peace Pilgrim. pg 124

Peace Pilgrim is a wanderer and pilgrim for peace.  She is currently working from the side of the Unseens in the Light of Love. Her legacy lives on through the book of her words she spoke and wrote in letters and speeches that was compiled by a group of her friends upon her death.  The wisdom that flows through Peace Pilgrim is as important now as it was in 1953.   Peace Pilgrim physically transitioned in 1981.  To read more about Peace Pilgrim at


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