Friday Fairy TV: Peru and the Inca Trail


The Andes are the HEART of the Mother Earth-Gaia from Chile to Peru in South America then the Mountains ranges and plains through to Central America to the Mountains and Plains of Guatemala and Mexico.  The Elders of the Inca and the Elders of the Maya have held the wisdom for Humankind since the last fall of Man when the Inca fell and the Maya fell.  The Inca speak to me on the wind.  I am listening.  The Inca are speaking again.   Listen within your HEART.

Incan Insights: El Inca Garcilaso’s Hints to Andean Readers, José Antonio Mazzotti. pg 131




We are intending for better things to come.  That is the space we are holding open.   The door of Plenty of all Good Things.  I Bless All with Love.  I Bless the Earth with Love.  –Fairyfamgirl-Elizabeth

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Peru and the Inca Trail  by George Aguiler



Shift of the Ages:  Message From Joseph Giove, of Common Passion:

To Listen to 11/15/2012  Shift of the Ages Global Concordance Prayer/Meditation 

Dear Vibe Tribe,

The Maya did NOT predict the end of the world.

The world will NOT end on December 21st 2012.

The Mayan calendar does NOT end.

The Maya did NOT disappear with the Spanish invasion.

 Many Mayan elders do NOT believe that December 21st 2012 is the end of their Long Count Calendar.

OK, now that we have that out of the way, we can consider WHY the Maya are so important to us today.

Common Passion’s Shift of the Ages Global Concordance Program, which begins this Thursday November 15th and continues for the next 90 days.

Our mission is to honor the Maya; to awaken and celebrate the realization of humanity’s oneness as we transition to a new age – a new Sun – through the teachings and wisdom of Mayan prophecies and elders, specifically their elected Grand Elder, Wakatel Utiw, “Wandering Wolf.”  –


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