Stillness of the Dawning: The Leonid Meteor Shower and the Pregnant Self

Pregnant Soul is pregnant with your Self. Each of us are Birthing our Self. We are the New Earth Luminous Humans. If not you, than Who?

Leonid Meteor Shower

The Leonid meteor shower for November 2012 will peak this weekend  during the early morning hours of Nov. 17, 2012.  November 18th in the Midnight to predawn the Leonid Meteor Shower will still be visible.  The November Leonid Shower is yielding Light Filled and Color Filled metorites that are parts of Comet Tempel-Tuttle that were left behind during one of the Comets orbits around the solar system.

The best viewing for Leonid meteor shower of November 2012 will be several hours before dawn on November 17 and on November 18 with the brilliance of the Meteorites diminishing over 2nd half of the month of November– usually by November 30th the Leonid Meteor showers are no longer visible as the Earth’s orbit has passed through trail of the Comet.   The Trail of the Comet is stuff left behind as the Comet Tempel-Tuttle makes its great orbit– and very long too, around the solar system.   The Comet Temel-Tuttle trail (dust cloud) that Earth of November of 2012 will be passing through was left behind by the comet sometime in the 13th century.  Each year the Earth’s orbit passes through a different trail left behind by the Comet.  The Meteor Shower is called the Leonid Shower because it occurs every year in the constellation of Leo.

What was happening on Earth in the 14th Century?  Some Highlights of the 14th Century are:

  1. A mini Iceage in Europe lasting most of the 14th Century leading to famine and the Bubonic Plague
  2. Beginning of the Ottoman Empire and Sultans MehmedI &II  that extendsed from Turkey to the Balkans in Europe, leading to the Fall of Constantinople (Byzantine  in 1455 after a year long siege– this marked the end of the Roman Empire.
  3. Sultan Mehmed I makes Constantinople the Capital of the Ottoman Empire renaming the city Kostantiniyye.
  4. The Mexica (the Tenochaca Aztecs) create the city of Tenochtitlan in the middle of Lake Texcoco  in 1325 which with the Conquistador Invasion laid waste to.  It now is located in the middle of Mexico City, Mexico.
  5. The Mongol Yaun Dynasty in China ends/the Birth of the Ming Dynasty begins
  6. Political unrest within the Papacy leading to 3 simultaneous Popes in Europe creating the Western Schism.  Rome was made the Papal Home of the Papacy leading to the Vatican.
  7. An account of Buddha’s life was circulated widely with the name of Buddha being replaced by Josephat– and was so popular that Josephat was made a Christian Saint.
  8. The Renaissance begins 1448 with the first rumblings of the Fall of Constantinople  as free thinkers, artisans, philosophers, and other wayshowers of the time migrated out of Constantinople to Europe.  The Rennaissance really got moving in 1453-4 as those with means to fled Constantinople to Europe.  They tended to move to either Paris or Rome and then later to London and Poland.
  9. The Shona People completed building the Great Zimbabwe City with no mortar between the stones.  It is considered to be one of the Greatest African cities and one of the largest ever constructed on an intercontinental trade route that spanned from Africa to China.
  10. Wars of independence all over the world during  the 13th Century with common people rising up against their oppressors.

That was then– and we are now in 2012 nearing the end of the first decade of the 21st century in the middle of the Month of November.

Whoosh!  this month is becoming quite a birthing month!  The water broke for the Earth-Gaia in mid-October followed by some tremor and Earth quakes throughout the Surface Earth… then the Celestial Events of November.

Just a recap:

October 28-November 1 Hurricane-Super Storm Sandy and World Storms/ ConEdison shutsdown leading to NYC blackouts, storm creates flooding in NYC/China and Vietnam & India and Indonesia Cyclone Storms, Earth Quakes and more.   Storms 10/28-11/1, Coming Together in Unity

11/1 ongoing Post Super Storm Sandy    NYC and NJ

November 4   Interconnection Thoughtform Installation   Tom Kenyon/Hathors/Aethos

November 6   USA Presidential Election /Mercury Retrograde  Astrology of November 6

November 11   High Energy Day/ World Wide Meditations    11/11/12 Events, Birthing NE

November 13  Total Eclipse/Heart of Earth Celebration/ Day 1 of Diwali     11/13/12

November 15  First Day of Global Concordance/Gold Protests                       11/15/12

November 16-18   Leonid Meteor Showers                                                     11/16-18/12

These are just a few of the events happening world wide all over the Surface Earth.  This is without the overlay of political and social changes that are happening world wide (and vastly under-reported)

It is very very busy energetically/cosmically/celestially here on Earth-Gaia.  All of this movement is about Earth-Gaia birthing the New Earth– she is birthing Humankind through the Portal to the New Earth.  We are all part of this process– we are pregnant with our Self.

During a pregnancy, there is the stillness of the Dawning.  Pregnant women are emotional, anything that is just under the surface will be exploded outward in the forms of crying jags, emotional releases, anger outburst.  This is sometimes followed by stillness–And the Awareness of Potentials that sometimes manifests as irrationality if in a fear state and Bliss if in a Love state.  The stillness of Pregnancy is  creative active creating period in a woman’s life.  It take energy and focus to build a human physical being.  It takes energy and focus to build a New Earth.  The cell matrix helps but it is our Consciousness that makes the ignition happen.  This is not the act of impregnation but rather the building of physical body that a new soul(s) would inhabit.

We have been and for some of us will continue to be pregnant with our Self.  The first wave has been birthed through– now the 2nd and 3rd waves are having their turn.  It is a process of Expanding our Awareness.  It is a time for Stillness of the Dawning.

The word O’Hana comes to mind here.  O’Hana loosely translates to “No one is left behind.”  So, the choice to Expand your Awareness is your choice to make– and it is an open door for you to walk through.  This portal is held open for all who wish to Birth themselves forth– to be pregnant with the self.  It is always available– and all are welcome.

Earth-Gaia Loves, Loves, Loves all her children– from the single cell organisms all the way to the complex tree to the most largest animals to the fishes in the sea to Humanity— and all the Realms of Flora and All the Realms of Fauna– everyone is Loved.

Stillness is required during a the time of being pregnant with the Self (or a baby for that matter).  Women will sleep a lot… and then have bursts of energy where they can get stuff done– followed by a period of stillness.

Stillness is a state of Being.  It is like sitting beside the river and choosing to just allow the river of the mind to flow on by– not grasping or dipping in to retrieve a thought– not following a thought– just letting the mind river flow by.  The mind is not your mind.  The mind is not my mind.  It is simply the mind.  There is a low mind (collective consciousness) and the High Mind (Divine Mind).  Let the Mind flow on by and never the mind.

Let us breathe in together.  Hold the Breathe for a count of 7.  Exhale the breathe.  Repeat this breathing cycle until you are in a place stillness.

Stillness is passive (sitting still in stillness) or active  (walking in a state of Stillness).

Practice Stillness for these next few days.  Shift into a space of allowing the mind to flow by.  Look around in your world– wherever you are and just be with the beauty around you.  Feel your Awe and Wonder.  Allow the stillness to fill your Being.  Nurture your pregnant self.

We bless you with Love.  Open Hearts change the World.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  —Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth

Asking and Ye Shall Recieve.

We are intending for better things to come.  That is the space we are holding open.   The door of Plenty of all Good Things.  I Bless All with Love.  I Bless the Earth with Love.

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Interesting PerspectivesMooji:  Giving Birth to youSelf

In 1984 Mooji traveled to India and had a chance encounter with Sri Harilal Poonja, A Christian Mystic of India.  This meeting was the beginning of the Expansion of Awareness of Mooji.  He became a direct disciple of Sri Harilal Poonja, a Christian Mystic of India and the renowned advaita master, or Papaji, as his followers call him.  Upon the death of Papaji, the enlightenment passed to Mooji.


Wisdom of Peace Pilgrim

A Helpful Meditation

Peace…be still…and Know… that I am God
Peace…be still…and Know… that I am
Peace…be still…and Know.
Peace…be still.

Peace…  Peace… Peace…

Peace Pilgrim, Peace Pilgrim.  pg 71

Peace Pilgrim is a wanderer and pilgrim for peace.  She is currently working from the side of the Unseens in the Light of Love. Her legacy lives on through the book of her words she spoke and wrote in letters and speeches that was compiled by a group of her friends upon her death.  The wisdom that flows through Peace Pilgrim is as important now as it was in 1953.   Peace Pilgrim physically transitioned in 1981.  To read more about Peace Pilgrim at

Musical Selection: Jon Anderson – Hurry Home (Song From The Pleiades)

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