Flowing Energy: Focus on your Intentions


I Dedicate this Edition to my Beloved Star Brother and Sisters of Pleiades who are of the the Beautiful Many.

11/17/2012, very early in the morning, we packed an early morning picnic breakfast and headed out to a forested area to watch the Leonid Meteor Shower.  We managed to leave by 5 am, EST and arrive at our destination at 20 minutes later.  It was still dark out.

It was a lovely drive.  We noticed that the energy of the Earth and the area we live in seems to have had a shift.  It feels more expansive.  It feels more comfortable– before it felt like we were on one of those amusement park rides that spins and makes it nearly impossible to move.  That was 2 days ago.  Now, Flowing Energy is really flowing.

It is time to focus intentions within the space of stillness.  Stillness is anything but unmoving.  Stillness is in a place of focus.

So, we go up a mountain and to the area where we are going to watch the Leonids.  Park the car and get out.  We set up the kids with blanket and hot cocoa and cinnamon sugar sandwiches.  They sit on the blankets whispering and fidgeting.  We stand nearby looking up at the sky.

The first thing we notice is the Pleiades and then Jupiter, Venus, Mars.  The planets were spectacularly bright and shining– and big in the pre-dawn sky.

It seems Pleiades is in alignment with the Earth.  This makes sense to me since the Inca/Machu Picchu and the Pleiadian/Earth/Incan Guardians and Guides have been coming through to me, communicating with vigor and joy and purpose.

As my family and I stood and look up, We saw two points of light move across the sky and then back again.  At first we thought it must be a satellite– but it was behaving like something moving forward and then backing up in the same trajectory.  About after 10 minutes another point of light appeared below the first point of light and followed the same moving forward and then backing up in the same trajectory.  All of us saw it.  Unfortunately since it was dark and we have a cell phone for a camera we were not able to photograph this.  I am sure there are others that may have seen something similar– as the sky is open to all to view.

Over a course of an hour, we counted 15 shooting stars. Here is a picture of the sky when we are seeing a cluster of 5 shooting stars– they seemed to come in clusters of 2, 3,5.

What is interesting about this picture is the other 10 pictures came out as blank– just blank and black except for this one .  This is taken while looking straight up at the sky in the dark. Where we were there was no airplane traffic

After an hour of viewing the Leonid Shower the children were ready for something a bit more, active.  So by the early predawn light, I walked while the children ran around the parking lot laughing.   —And all at once they stopped and noticed a luminous quality to their hands.  We marveled that we were luminous–as in glowing with luminosity.  The children remarked that they were like glow sticks.

As the pre-dawn gave way to the dawning light, the sky brightened and little by little the planets and stars faded from view.  We looked up at the sky with a sense of wonder and awe.  So big, so beautiful– the sky is.   We understood that the sky is shared by all.  The Earth is shared with the realms of Flora and Fauna and with Humankind as well as with the Earth-Gaia.   This sharing is one of the aspects of inter-connectedness.

The children ran to the playground.  They played and sang and laughed together as the day brightened.  The trees seemed to sigh with joy.  The ground felt prepared for an embrace of Love.  Have you hugged your Planet today?

Expansive imagery came to our minds as we enjoyed the beginning of the day in the quiet of the forest.   And as we faced East we sighed with joy at the thoughts of the coastal ruggedness of New England where our Hearts are.

After the sunrise, it was time to head back to where we are living.  As we drove over twisty turning roads and down and around the mountain, as we stopped at a stop sign, appeared 5 deer.  The unhurriedly were searching for a early morning light feast.  We watched with wonder.

Fairyfarmgirl then reminded me to focus with clarity on my intentions.  It is important to intend with the flow.  This is what is happening now.  Interestingly enough, this seems to be the world wide message that many people are receiving… a broadcast on channel Telepathy or Channel T.  Channel T has come on line and anyone able to tune in, will.

As I was reminded to focus with clarity on my intention; I remember something  my old mentor, William who would shout at me,  “Use your energy or your energy will use you! “

This is certainly true for this time… intend with the flow or the flow will push you where it is going… it is up to each of us to mind our own intention and flow of energy– co-create with the flowing energy.

As the flow speeds up, those mired in darkness and duality will rally to preserve what they feel is their right to dominion over Earth and all her peoples.  They are fomenting and stirring up conflict in an attempt to abort this birth– to hold up the opening of the New Earth before it has a chance to really take its first breath– our first breath.  They are doing this through the old tried and true methods of creating fear through the use of war, mayhem, rape, murder, rabble rousing, political intrigue and the rest of that type of ilk.

We must hold steady as ‘We the People of Earth.’  Stand up into the LightLOVE and proclaim what we are here to do– co-create the New Earth.  This is about living your truth.  It is about truly living Love one step, one moment at a time.

Where there is war/Fear, create peace rallies, talk about peace with others, encourage Love.  Empower the newly anchored positive vortexes with your Love.  Your kindness. Focus attention on the world you would like to see.  Really feel it as if you are already there.

We have the tools within our HEARTs to make these changes.

We have the tools to create a New Earth.   It is up to us.  We are the Ones.  It is time.

On 11/17/2012 I have a remarkable feeling of expansion within my HEART chakra followed by a very pronounced goose-bumpy cool feeling all over my skin.  I also have the emotional quality of a child awaiting opening a very special and interestingly wrapped gift.

I bless us all with Love!  —Elizabeth

Earth is our Home

Angel Messages —Archangel Micheal and Isis

Isis’ Message Last Message –

Picture if you will in your minds the most  perfect and unimaginably beautiful place to live that you possibly can, and  picture yourselves living in this new breathtaking wonderland and picture your  friends and your family and animals and birds and trees and lakes and rivers and  a sparkling clean ocean that you can swim in, that you can sail on, and picture  all these things coming to you now. This is what we wish for you to do today  dear ones, for we wish for more of you to begin to consciously create your new  surroundings, for soon you will see these walls being built around you, so to  speak.

Soon, construction of your new world  will be made known to you. You will see what it is you have been building  through your thoughts and your dreams and your hopes and your inspiration.  Whatever it is that drives you, whatever it is that motivates you will be yours.  This is how it is all unfolding for you, and we wish to see more of you taking  part in your new Earth’s construction. We see many of you posting beautiful  photographs and we say to you this is a very good way to start, but we wish for  more of you to do even more. We wish for more of you to take the reins, as you  say, and begin to airbrush your world around you. To do this, you simply imagine  in your mind just what it is you wish for yourselves and this includes what it  is you wish to do for a career, what it is you will do for hobbies and fun, and  what it is you will do for pleasures and excitement and also what it is that you  do for others.

Yes. This is a very important and  necessary component to your new world, what it is you do in service to others,  for this is the foundation. These are the roots of the tree of your new home.  You are going to all learn how to be of service to others on a full-time basis.  You are going to learn the importance of selfless service to individuals who are  not you and who are not your family and who are, in many cases, not your friends  or even your next-door neighbors. You are going to learn to grace other people’s  lives, people you may know as strangers, people you may see walking on the  street or shopping at the market. People who you do not know, but you do know  somehow, someway, for they are your planet mates, they are your brothers and  sisters even if you do not know them by name.

The Galactic  Federation

We are divine beings with a divine plan,  doing divine  things.

We send you many blessings on your spiritual path and journey home!

We wish you Joy, Love &  Peace,

Isis & Archangel Michael

Lady Isis

Lady Isis is a Walk In as a  representative of the Galactic Federation from Sirius “Lady of the Light” In the Service of the One  Creator, she created the Light Circle Ezine which is now closed.  Lady Isis has retired  to enjoy life before she is called Home.

Daily Wisdom from Peace Pilgrim

…In undertaking this pilgrimage I do not think of myself as an individual but rather as an embodiment of the heart of the world which is pleading for peace.  Humanity, with fearful, faltering steps walks a knife-edge between abysmal chaos and a new renaissance, while strong forces push toward chaos.  Yet there is hope.  I see real desire for peace in the heart of humanity, even though the human family gropes toward peace blindly, not knowing the way.

My pilgrimage is an opportunity to talk with my fellow human beings about the way of peace.  It is also penance for whatever I may have contributed by commission or omission to the tragic situation of the world today.  It is a prayer that this war-weary world of ours will somehow find the way to peace… My mission is to help promote peace by helping others to find inner peace. If I can find it, you can too.  Peace is an idea whose time has come. –Peace Pilgrim, Peace Pilgrim.  pg 27

Peace Pilgrim is a wanderer and pilgrim for peace.  She is currently working from the side of the Unseens in the Light of Love. Her legacy lives on through the book of her words she spoke and wrote in letters and speeches that was compiled by a group of her friends upon her death.  The wisdom that flows through Peace Pilgrim is as important now as it was in 1953.   Peace Pilgrim physically transitioned in 1981.  To read more about Peace Pilgrim at www.peacepilgrim.com

PerspectivesSpirit Letters, Storm Mountain Jim

As above, so below. As within, so without. We’ve all heard it said many times but what does it mean?
To me, I look at it as everything I see about me, I’m manifesting constantly in this now moment. We dwell in our mind but there is only One Mind and we are in a tiny, tiny part of it.

So everything is happening within our mind and, I can look through my pineal gland/third eye and see a tiny earth and look, there I am and you are too.
This view is like looking down from off planet to see all that is happening on Gaia at any given moment. She is so small and delicate in her radiance and splendor shining against a black velvet background.

She is indeed a Garden of Eden “peopled” by beings radiating Living Love Light to all visitors from throughout the Cosmos Within and universes without. Everything you see is duplicated in our tiny, little mind, (and body), that is functioning on half strength.
AWAKE hu-man mind in bodies of living electrons! Deny the beliefs of separation and lack. Erase all cellular memories of less then perfection and remember the divine perfection you are.

You are One with the all and All IS Within the ONE that you/we are!

You are the Source of your body, the animator, and this world we live in.

Release the half mind and embrace the Fullness of Divine Mind of the Living Light we ARE. Then, look at our Gaia, within your mind’s body, as the child of light she is too. Send her Love that is flowing from your heart to her heart. See the elements from earth you inhale being transmuted and transformed into the Living cells of your perfect body of platinum light in a crystalline structure of the multidimensional being you are.

Then, release those cells at their prime half-life and transmute them back into now living earth energy to change this planet’s dirty diaper left by those who try to stop the unstoppable Power of Living Love manifest through these generator bodies of Divine Light we are.
Look down from above on any condition you’re involved in that you desire to be in perfect alignment with the perfect after-thought that you are. Tell yourself that which you find displeasing, is only the illusion, a mini-movie, and you are the writer/director/producer.

Now, re-write the illusion knowing it for what it is and empower the divine plan of perfection your heart will place in your whole mind, now functioning as One Mind, to bring the heart felt image through your throat center,  (the Hall of Hueratel), to form in the ethers to form in the physical.

Fill the image you created through your heart with the rose pink light of Love combined with the blue light of power and knowing as the violet light of transmutation and cleansing.

Bathe the condition in this light until it is clean of the illusion and then fill the image with the blazing white light of creation and ascension to bring about that perfect expression you created.

Now see all of Gaia in that dazzling Golden White Light of the Living soul she too is.

For it is now your living breath of Love’s Light, that you gave back to her and all life she sustains, that releases the shackles of forgetfulness so our beloved Gaia can be that Garden of Eden in this 3rd dimension as well as the 5th and higher where all live in peace, harmony and Love divine.

As Above in vibration/dimension, So Below in vibration/dimension. As Within your heart and Full mind, So it will manifest Without in your New Earth, (you just helped create through your thought).


(That you truly are.)

© Jim.spirit9@gmail.com
This may be Freely copied and posted in it’s entirety as is, provided this permission statement is included.  © 11/16/12 All Rights Reserved.

Storm Mountain JimI am known as  Storm Mountain Jim. I am honored with the opportunity to be a guest writer for the Fairy Farm Girl Digest.  Jim.spirit9@gmail.com

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