Peace is in the Air: Breathe it in and Build Peace

A Break in the Clouds

I dedicate this issue of the Fairy Farm Girl Digest for Peace

“I met a Jewish woman who had been married and living with her parents  in Germany under Hitler at the time of the World War II. She was married when she was sixteen.  Her first child was born when she was seventeen and the second when she was eighteen.  She was nineteen when three things happened to her.  The first:  her home was destroyed and her parents killed by an English bomb.  I guess they thought they were liberating her.  The second thing that happened:  her husband was taken away by the Nazis, and she assumed he was dead because she never heard from him again.  The third thing that happened:  she was injured and her two small children were killed by an American bomb.  When I saw her she still carried the effects of her injury.  Again, we were ‘liberating’ her.

In her injured condition she wandered round and round with the refugees.  Sometimes extenuating circumstances make you take a spiritual leap.  She began thinking,  they have injured and even destroyed our bodies, but hey have injured their own souls, and that is even worse.  She was able to feel compassion and pray for all connected with the situation, the killed and the killer.  She was able to maintain such a good attitude that she was befriended by German people, who at the risk of their lives, got her to England where she was befriended by English people, and eventually got to the United States.

Now obviously this represents the most amazing victory of the spirit under the most difficult of circumstances you could possibly imagine.  It also illustrates something else.  Who or what was that woman’s enemy?  Was it the English who destroyed her home and killed her parents, or the Germans who killed her husband, or the Americans who injured her and killed her two small children?  The Answer is amazingly obvious:  it was war that was her real enemy.  It was the false belief that violence will accomplish something, that evil can be overcome by more evil.  That was her real enemy, and it’s the enemy of all mankind.”  –Peace Pilgrim, Peace Pilgrim. pg 105


I bless all with Love.  Peace is a challenging undertaking because it requires   inner work.  It requires the cultivation of inner peace first and then the   cultivation of peace all around one.

I Choose Peace this is my prayer.  Peace here in My Heart.  Peace Every  Where.

Peace.  Peace. Peace.  We are all Pieces of Peace.  We are each a piece of the Peace picture.  You and I and all of humanity… All of us make the tapestry the picture of Peace.

I create a rally for Peace within my own Heart.  With My HEART I reach out to Your HEART and connect with Love.  I send you Peace.  You send me Peace.  Let us build Peace upon EARTH one HEART to HEART connection.  I bless you with Love.

There are wars happening all over the world.  There are wars in the homes and neighborhoods… there are National Wars and individual wars.  War is a state of separation.  It comes from seeing something as separate and different from you.  It come from being on the wrong side of greed.  The right side of greed is sharing.  War seeks to take.  It seeks to create hate and fear in order for those playing puppet master can be enriched.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon walking in the woods, thankful that I was not directly experiencing a war zone, at the same time feeling the energetic effects of war.

I feel it in Africa, Asia, South America, I feel it in Gaza, I feel it in Russia… this feeling of anger and hatred seething rage and violence, I feel it imprinted on the land in which I walked in the woods, those who came before I was even a reincarnation thought… The Native peoples who fought to preserve their way of life and died outgunned and weakened by disease.

I thought of the countless waves of genocide that has circled the surface of this planet. It was a bit much to look squarely at. It was a bit much to take in. I had to dig deep to keep my heart open… the propensity to go into Fear was so great.

This last hurrah of the powers that were is no walk in the park. It is really challenging to stay centered. All I can do here, in this place is bless myself with Love, and bless you with Love, each person on Earth– I have faith that we are all interconnected and as I send Love another receives it.

The seeds of hate are sown with fear. They are created by lack and deprivation the true spoils of war. They are created through misunderstanding and separation. The belief one is better than the other.

This paradigm of war– this paradigm of enslavement is coming to an end, it is coming to an end due to the works of all peace activists— from the peace activist that is working at a global/regional level to the mother who teaches her child peace… all are activists for living Love as best as they are and still being human.

Do they fear, yes, we all fear, and yet those who have chosen Love rise above the fear and act with courage and kindness even in the face of war. They choose to see that war only creates greater wounds and seek a new way. Peace is now in the air.

Peace.  Peace. Peace.  I choose Peace this is my prayer.  Peace here in my heart.  Peace everywhere.

We are all brothers and sisters– each of us are all interconnected.  We share the same water, the same Earth, the same air.  We shed the same blood and tears.  We all poop and pee.  We are all human beings.  We all have eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue.  We all have the same organs and extremities… we all look human.  We have feet and hands.  We have hearts and brains.  We are all connected to the same mind.  We laugh.  We cry.  We feel.  We share our stories.  We share our smile.  We experience awe and wonder.  We are Humanity.

We are all brother and sisters– each of us are all interconnected.

Let us empower the positive vortexes throughout the world.  Pick a place of conflict.  Breathe in Love.  Hold the breath for a count of 7.  Exhale.

Now, simply imagine peace– people holding each other hands.

Soldiers putting their weapons down and hugging each other and reaching across the lines and hugging and holding the hands of their neighbors.

Imagine people hugging everywhere.  Breathing in a collective breath of Love and breathing that Love into the positive vortex.

See leaders that have waged war stepping down and new leaders committed to Peaceful action stepping up and into the Light.

Imagine the world at peace with Love and Joy.  Imagine what this would feel like.  Imagine what you would see?  Imagine this as if you are already there.  Breathe in your creation.  Breathe in the Love all around you.  This is Peace.  You are Peaceful.

Peace takes work.  We are very capable of creating Peace.  It simply begins with an act of kindness– a moment of Grace where one recognizes that the interconnectedness to another.

Peace Pilgrim demonstrated this as she lived her life– and walked as Pilgrim for Peace.  If a frail looking old woman starting the 1950’s could do this– You can too.

I bless you with Love.  –Elizabeth

Asking and Ye Shall receive.

We are intending for better things to come.  That is the space we are holding open.   The door of Plenty of all Good Things.  I Bless All with Love.  I Bless the Earth with Love.

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Today is the high point of the Pleiadian Alignment.  Today create what you would like to see in the world, in your life.  Imagine it clearly and then just breathe it in and Exhale.   Spend some time out in nature listening to the sounds of nature.  Spend some time listening to uplifting music.  Meditate.  Connect to us, the Beautiful Many of the Pleiadians with your HEART.  Reach out as if giving a hug and connect with us.

Alternatively,  just be in your body and in the moment.  Practice stillness.  All of it raising the vibration Frequency of you and me and all of humanity.  We bless you with Love.  —Beautiful Many through Elizabeth

“Peace is not something you wish for; It’s something you make, Something you do, Something you are, And something you give away.”  — Robert Fulghum

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