Expanding Awareness– It is a Process of Shifting the Frequency

We, the Beautiful Many are calling upon All Earth Angels, Spiritual Warriors, Cosmic Citizen, Concerned Humans, Free Thinkers, Lightworkers, Light Weavers, Peace Makers, Progressive Earthers, Scientists, New Earthers  your time is Now.

All choices are valid.   You have free will and a life path and soul contract plans that you created and you have the choice to follow.  Follow your HEART, it speaks the truth.

We call upon you.  It is your choice to join with us and others of Humankind around the world or not.  The opportunity is to Expand Awareness into being in coherence with the Frequency of Love.

We call upon you to join with many for the world event on 11/22/12 -11/23/12 with your HEARTS and Minds and physical beingness as you are able.  All are welcome.

We are aligned with the Earth at this time.  The Great Central Sun is aligned.  Throughout there are communication areas that have better reception than others.   Places near Machu Picchu have exceptional reception due to the nature of the The Intihuatana stone and other structures created within the building of Machu Picchu before the Incas.  We define near as within 500 miles for the current size of the vortex of Machu Picchu.   As the positive Vortex expands each time more area will be affected by its positive emanations and as more positive Vortexes are created all over surface Earth– the connection points will create a beautiful flow of Love for the Surface of the Earth: Humankind, the realms of Flora and Fauna and the Cosmos.  This is the activation of what we call doorways.  Some, call them gates.

Any place on Earth has the potential to be an excellent place for communication.  Connection is often made easily with Love and clarity within the physical being.  Then, there is are places on the Earth where communication is exceptional.  We bless All with Love.

Let your Soul Speak.  You vote has been counted.  Humankind are now beginning to arrive at the Frequency of the New EARTH.  The  Door is opening, you are invited in from the hallway.  The wait is over.  Breathe in Love and create Love.  Create with Love and all of its attributes.  The time is now.

Let you, be the ones who hold the space for the 2nd and 3rd Wave.  There is room for All.  All are Welcome.  You are the Ones meaning each and every person on this Earth.  Each of you are Interconnected by your shared and common bond of Humanity and with the Earth-Gaia.  All is interconnected.  The 11/22/12 Event is very special.  With your hearts and minds and physical beingness join as you are able.–The Beautiful Many through Elizabeth

Music Selection:  Harp played at 432 hz “Une Histoire” de Gwenaël Kerleo.

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