Gratitude, Peace Creating-Anchoring and Dreaming: All is Interconnected

Be humble for you are of the Earth. Be noble because you are of the stars. –Serbian Proverb

What are you Grateful for?  I am Grateful that I am here on Earth now…

Reflections of these past few days and Gratitude, Love and Light

I am exceedingly thankful and full of gratitude that I was able to weather the release of much negativity on 11/19/12– stuff that I had thought I had healed was revisited.  This was like a life review while living on steroids… Wowza!

The paradigm of enslavement is on its way out– it is not going quietly but going for a last hurrah, riding on our backs as if we did not have enough luggage to discard– we got an extra helping.  It was challenging to stay centered.

There are global dramas playing out upon Surface Earth right now.  There is much that is being done in the name of Big G and this and that being lobbed in the name of Big G.  — And it is the same drama that was playing out in antiquity.  This is not a new drama, rather an old drama, the only thing that has changed is the scene, wardrobe, players and props.  The plot is the same, the methods the same.  This has to be reviewed, looked at, faced squarely with eyes wide open and Courageous Heartedness.  There is strength in Love but it is anything but easy.  Fairy Farm Girl and The Beautiful Many are working overtime with me and humankind.

I was relieved to learn on 11/20/12 that I was not the only one.  Whew!  It was a shared experience by many world-wide– my own illusions, yes, I do have illusions– as do you, we are human after all.  These anomalies were revealed to me in ways I had not explored.

It was important that I sit with this and work through it.  It was very important to Love it, transmute it and let it go.  11/19/12-11/20/12 for me was a day of forgiveness– for the use of divinely energized hooponopono for myself, my family ancestry, my soul group, my loved ones family ancestry, for my loved ones soul groups, for humankind.  It was very intense.  To learn how to do h’oponopono click here

Peace is present.  It is in the air.  Peace will be anchored everywhere.  We are creating Peace as we create space in our own Beingness for Peace.

I bless all with Love.  I bless the air with Love.  Let Light flow to the Light of the air.  Let the Light be expanded within and throughout the air.  Let all that is Light within and through the air, be filled with Love.

I bless the water with Love.  Let Light flow to the Light of the water.  Let the Light be expanded within and throughout the water  Let all that is Light within and through the water, be filled with Love.

I bless the dirt of the Earth with Love.  Let Light flow to the Light of the dirt of the Earth.  Let the Light be expanded within and throughout the dirt of the Earth.  Let all that is Light within and through the dirt of the Earth, be filled with Love.

I bless the myself with Love.  Let Light flow to the Light of the me.  Let the Light be expanded within and throughout me.  Let all that is Light within and through me, be filled with Love.

I bless the humanity with Love.  Let Light flow to the Light of humanity.  Let the Light be expanded within and throughout humanity.  Let all that is Light within and through humanity, be filled with Love.

I bless the children of Earth with Love.  Let Light flow to the Light of the children of Earth.  Let the Light be expanded within and throughout the children of Earth.  Let all that is Light within and through the children of Earth, be filled with Love.

I bless All with Love.  Let Light flow to the Light of the All.  Let the Light be expanded within and throughout the All.  Let all that is Light within and through All, be filled with Love.

Let the Light flow to the Light and Let this Light be expanded everywhere.  Let this Light be filled with Love, anchoring Peace into all the Vortexes of the Earth, anchoring Peace in the HEARTS of Humanity. 

After such an exhausting day, with naps and resting, I awoke renewed– with a feeling that something BIG is about to happen.  There is much gathering of LoveLight that is occurring on Earth right now.  It is not as visible as the acts of fear but it is still very much present– and gaining in momentum and critical mass.  We are creating this.  Each of us.  It is our greatest creation– the third form– Love embodied.

Love Energy embodied, some call “The Christ.”  I use this concept because many use this word to describe the process of self-actualization.  The realization that we are all interconnected– this results in a shift to Love.

This Love Energy is something that mystics have spoken about at great length throughout time on Earth.  It has been documented this shifting to a new frequency in antiquity throughout the past 3000 years.  This energy is Love embodied.

Today, I continue feel the anchoring of the New Earth.  We are all out in the hallway, the doorway is about to open and we are ready to move into our new room (frequency).  The feeling of excited is in the air– an expansive joyous gratitude for the gift that we are becoming to ourselves, the Earth-Gaia and the cosmos.

Love More and Expect Miracles.  Open Hearts change the World.  I bless All with Love.  —Elizabeth


Wherever You Are Within Your Heart

Please Join Us Today for 10-15 Minutes in Sending Out Love to the World Through Meditation.

Thank you!!!


I Call that Freedom Flame, that Violet Transmuting Flame, into action every day without fail and accept thereby all it can do for me. Add to Its Power all My feeling of Its Instantaneous Action and Full Adequacy to fill every human need.

I also call forth the Beautiful Ascended Host, the Angels and Arch Angels, and the Legions of Light associated with the Seventh Ray of Transmutation.

Blaze Blaze Blaze the Violet Rays of Forgiveness and Mercy. Release the Pillar of Violet Flames over me and every man, woman and child incarnated on this Blessed Planet.

“I AM the Flame of Freedom Itself in Action now in My Ascended Master Estate, and I now offer to you the Full Gathered Momentum of My Lifestream’s Victorious Use of that Flame all through the ages.

I release fear of the unknown and open in love to the power, worth and energy of the one creative Self fully engaged with the deeper truth of my Being.

I AM One with My Divine Presence and All Life!

“I AM Grateful indeed for your gratitude and reverence for My Words to you today. They are given to you so lovingly and freely for your Comfort, Illumination, and Peace.

And So It Is.


Visualize your self rising 60 miles up to the Planetary Crystalline Grid joining hands with your sisters and brothers blanketing earth with the Violet Flame of Transmutation transforming all lower vibrations to the Highest Possible Available Unconditional LOVE ♥

Visualize bright new future for humanity, ecosystem healed and human beings finally being free from all oppression.

Visualize bright spiritual golden age with angels, fairies, dolphins, unicorns, spiritual guides and other beings of Light inhabiting etheric and astral planes.

Visualize all wounds of humanity being healed, all humanity being inspired and guided with everybody having their own connection with their own Soul and the Source.

Visualize the Highest Peaceful Outcome With All People of the World Living In Harmony Assisting One Another United In Peace and Love.


Perspectives — Spirit Letter, Storm Mountain Jim

How long can you sit in silence within your head no matter what the noise is without? Have you ever tried to conquer the words with silence?
In the silence within our mind, is where the magic happens. It’s where you’ll hear the soft voice of your heart. That voice that is always there but you seldom hear it over the constant dialog going on within. Command  the chatter to stop! You are the Master, the mind is your faithful servant when you get it cleared of the propaganda humanity has been feed since it’s very beginning.
Silence is golden. And, gold is the color of all Knowledge. The color of the One Source, THAT, which I Am and you are too.
When you achieve getting into absolute silence, and focus between your eye brows with your third eye, with practice and patience, you begin to open it to seeing beyond the physical realm.

As you continue to focus, color will appear ranging from reds through green and blue to blazing white radiating from a golden center.

Now bring That golden white light into your third eye and crown center to anchor within your physical and spiritual bodies this living light of divine consciousness as a expression of unconditional Love that heals and restores the illusion we dwell in.

Feel it swell in your heart center with every breath you inhale. Fill your body with the pink light of Love and then send it to Gaia and all her life forms.

In-vision Gaia within your own body-universe. She sits in your high heart area right next to That flower of life in your heart’s center. Direct your focus to Gaia within. As you create her within, so she will become without. Just see this glorious being of love manifest in 3D that she is in the higher realms of Reality That she is.

Keep inhaling this divine light of peace, harmony and joy to send to all troubled areas of Mother earth. Feel yourself expanding with love that heals all and now, focus your thought to the conflict going on in the middle east and send every bit of this Love to all involved in this needless conflict. This too is part of the illusion and it is our job to change it to a vision of peace and harmony spreading to all peoples of the area involved. You, joined with your family of light beings, are the bringers of divine peace to this planet.

The rule of the dark is over. It is time for the Light of Love from all lightworkers to focus as one force of unstoppable Love to bring in the reign of peace to our beloved planet free to be THAT which we created her to be.

Remember, as you think, you create. Deny the illusion of war and empower the Reality of a garden planet free from all that is not of the light now flowing to Gaia and all her life expressions as well as all those here from off planet.

Again, remember what you are. I Am THAT I Am. I Am Peace on earth and good will to all bar none. We can do it as the One focused thought of pure LOVE now manifest on Gaia.

(That you truly are.)

This may be Freely copied and posted in it’s entirety as is, provided this permission statement is included.  © 11/19/12 All Rights Reserved.

I am known as  Storm Mountain Jim. I am honored with the opportunity to be a guest writer for the Fairy Farm Girl Digest.


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