The Trees and Thanksgiving

The Trees of Earth, nurture humanity and all life on earth with their life giving love.  All life on Earth breathes in this Life with each breath.  Trees, Beautiful Standing Ones.   They are the Guardians of the Realm of Flora.

Standing Tall in the Trees create loving soft percussion with the wind/air,  supporting and nurturing  Humankind as Humankind  Expands their Awareness, Standing up into the Light.  The Guardianship is being shared with the Standing Ones.

Humankind and all Realms of Life upon surface Earth lives with the Trees.

Bless a Tree with Love.  Bless them as they breathe Life giving Oxygen for all of life on surface Earth. As Humankind and the Realms of Fauna exhale Carbon Dioxide supporting all Trees and the Realms of Flora.  Nurture the Trees loving them with your HEART and mind.

We bless you with Love.  Love More and Expect Miracles.


Real time, real people with children– participation in an Event requires one to really practice “The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth.”   Be flexible, be adaptable, be willing to innovate is a good mantra for life that is lived.  Expect the unexpected and flow with Love.

Yesterday, 11/22/12 My family and I participated in the 11:22:12 Gate Activation as an Anchor group.  An amazing experience all day the long.

For the 11/22/12 Gate Activation, Anchor Groups which we  participated in, we decided to not  do the mudras. Instead we did active Meditations called “Peace is my Prayer”    and “I embrace the Sun and Hug the Earth.”

The mudras were too complex for 6:11 am in the morning with 3 children that are like herding cats. We must focus on the intent of the Gathering.

We wore as much white as we owned.  We consecrated the area with a clearing prayer that I do before any work.  Then, we did a grounding exercise that was kid friendly.  I read all the countries off and the approx. number of participants. The number of countries and participants was just incredible!  We are certainly casting our vote here on EARTH and it is for TEAM GAIA and HUMANITY and the NEW EARTH!

Ascension is available for all people irregardless of ability to pay money, wear white clothes, dance a mudra. These are tools to assist in entraining the group energy but are not the actual energy that creates the opening of the gate– this energy is already present and available. It is our frequency that must be matched to the frequency of the New Earth. I bless all with Love.  Ascension and Expansion of Awareness is available for everyone by the HEART within you.

We practiced for 2 days and the best the children can do is reach to the sky and then run around in circles (my twins who are 5 years old) So, since the Mudra is a language in the Lumarian Tradition, after much consultation with my guides, we determined that it was okay for us to do the Peace is in our Heart, and I embrace the Sun and Hug the Earth, instead.

We went outside at 6:11 am here… it is still dark and it was very early in the morning. The neighborhood was very quiet.  We could hear the gentle breeze creating soft percussion with the trees.  There were crickets singing their song.

Throughout the day, the neighborhood remained quiet.  There was an air of Peacefulness that filled in the energy of the area in which we live.  For this, we express our gratitude and Love to the universe, to the Earth, to the God/Goddess.

As the sun rose and the stars faded from view, the sky revealed itself to be a blue blue sky– such blue sky.  A beautiful day full of sunshine and blue sky and gentle breezes.  Absolutely wonderful!

I participated again at 11:11, 3:11, and 6:11 pm. At 3:11 it was just me (the kids were busy and joyously playing) It was very lovely.

At 6:11 pm it was just me and very beautiful. The sky seemed to be full of stars that were singing a great song, the Earth seemed to humm with joy, and the Moon was so bright– I could feel the Love of the Sun that in my area had set already– but in other areas the sun was just beginning to rise. We are all interconnected. I bless us all with Love.

I participated again at 9:11 pm and at 11:11 pm and at 1:11 am by then I had moved indoors and consecrated my studio as the space to participate in this monumental event.  Everyone else was sound asleep and happily dreaming New Earth dreams.  It occurred to me at 1:11 am 11/23/12 that it was time to call this experience a close.  I went to bed and slept well, awakening at 5 am to write this piece that you are now reading.

11/22/12 Our Thanksgiving Day celebration was just amazing.  The interconnectedness between me and my family was evident– there was such peaceful love expressed by all family members.  The children got along and were so lovingly hugging toward each other. My husband and I felt as if we were celestial in our connection.  We usually shy away from seeing ourselves as Celestial… and yet, it became clear that all Loving and highly Compatible relationships are Celestial.  These type of relationships embody Love shared and created and expanded into Beingness.

Every one was laughing and playing throughout the day.  The energetic quality of this day was paralleled in its interconnectedness and joy.  I believe this is the new norm– that we, Humankind, is raising our frequency to match that of the New Earth.  This creates flow and as a metaphor a doorway: a gate opens.  We now have the way in which to begin to move on in into our new Dimensional Home– a room in the Mansion of  Life– the Flower of Life.

Meanwhile, at 8 am, I watched as my son, who is 11 years old, make his first pumpkin pies by following the recipe that I first baked a pumpkin pie with.  I must say, when we ate our desert on Thanksgiving Day these pies were the most delicious I have ever tasted.

At 12 noon, I put the turkey in the oven.  Boiled the potatoes, mashed them and readied them to be reheated later on in the early evening.  I made the creamed onions in the oven, a deviation from the recipe that came out as a success and incredible in taste and texture.

I made Non-GMO baked corn– this recipe is a favorite side dish.  It is a corn recipe adapted from a mexican street food recipe.  The corn is first coated with butter and then baked until it is a little browned.  Salt to taste and generously cover with parmesan cheese.  It is a BIG favorite.

This year we only made the favorite foods.  Each family member chose 1 dish that was a must have for the meal… and that is all that I created for Thanksgiving Dinner.  I must say, this was the most stress free lovingly lovely Thanksgiving ever.  I feel incredibly blessed to be here now.

Before our Thanksgiving dinner which we had at 5:00 pm, we took time to listen to a story that I read aloud called Thanksgiving Wish, Michael Rosen.    Not one of us had a dry eye.  It was such a heartwarming story of interconnectedness and community, Love and sharing that we decided as family to add this to our library.

At our Thanksgiving meal, everyone honored everyone else with gratitude.  I then said this prayer:

From the Iroquois:

We return thanks to our Mother, the Earth, which sustains us.

We return thanks to the rivers and streams, which supply us with water.

We return thanks to all herbs, which furnish our medicines for the cure of our diseases.

We return thanks to the moon and stars, which have given to us their light when the sun has gone.

We return thanks to the sun, that has looked upon the Earth with a beneficent eye.

Lastly, we return thanks to the Great Spirit, in Whom is embodied all goodness, and Who directs all things for the good of her children.

From the book, Celebrate Thanksgiving with Turkey, Family and Counting Blessings, Deborah Heiligman.  pg 26

Our meal was superbly delicious.  Sublime in Love.  Truly embodying the spirit of Gratitude and Plenty.  We are blessed beyond measure with the Love that is shared.  Let us all Love More and Expect Miracles.

Thank you all of humankind that came together within their hearts and minds for the New Earth and LoveLight.  I bless All with Love.  —Elizabeth

Perspectives-– Spirit Letters:  Storm Mountain Jim

Spirit Letters:  Storm Mountain Jim

11/21/12   It’s been a weird day. I’ve been heavily dosed with chem trails blocking out the sun most of it. They started at sun rise and I had 5 jets flying north and south in opposite directions simultaneously.

I’d send Love light and the skies would clear but within half an hour the planes would be back leaving layer upon layer. Denver, 60 miles south, had clear skies and low 70’s. I had layers of chem trails and low 50’s. It drains energy as designed to do.

I had Archangel Michael put his blue light of protection around me, cleared the sky again and lie down for my daily noon global meditation for Gaia and all life she sustains.

I do this as a transmitter of living earth energy to all in this time slot in Europe who are participating in it. (We start in Australia about 4am my time then India/Asia, Europe all at 8pm their time and end with NY at 9pm est.) There are several thousand world wide who join in daily and the Interconnected energy of dedicated lightworkers to Gaia’s and humanity’s service is awesome.

This is week nine of daily group meditations leading up to 12/12/12 to 12/21/12 time frame. We are helping to bring about the birth of New Earth and the full awakening of all humanity who choose to accept and open their hearts to the unconditional Love offered to all.

It is important to stay focused on the New Earth and not give energy to the illusion of the old that is being readied to be completely cleared of all darkness and those responsible for it. There is divine justice as many are now starting to find out.

The Ascension is coming in waves with a relatively few fully awakened beings of Light in this coming first wave but the number will grow exponentially with the closely following second and third waves. Have no fear. All who have chosen to ascend will. It is not the end of life just the beginning as awakened, unplugged humanity.

There is much to learn and the extent of the corruption and lies to humanity will be extremely astounding to most.

There is nothing to fear. Be open to Love and Love will chase you down to deliver it. You are a Child of Love, a true God/Goddess of living self-conscious divine energy now awakening to the miracle body you have created out of the dust of Gaia. You.

There is ONE Source of All that is and YOU, me the reader, are THAT.

I AM THAT I AM. I AM GOD, the manifestation of the ONE THAT IS ALL THERE IS in this form I dwell in but am NOT the body I make. I AM the Maker of my vessel for this excursion in 3rd dimensional illusion of separation from That which I AM.

Awake Child of Love energy that you are. You are a Child of the Living Sun, a Child of the Living Light, a Child of Spirit dreaming yourself separate from the Love you are and the dream became a nightmare!

Awake my beloved, the dream has come to it’s end and it is safe to awake to the being of Love you are. THAT I AM.  I LOVE YOU just the way you are for I Am you and You are all That I Am.

(That you truly are.)

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I am known as  Storm Mountain Jim. I live in Colorado.  I am honored with the opportunity to be a guest writer for the Fairy Farm Girl Digest.

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