The Sunday Edition: Going Home

2004 Elizabeth Loabe of Fairy Farm Girl Digest,

I dedicate the Sunday Edition, Going Home  to all the Poets and Artists that have made room to create a new room for Peace, the expression of Love, and to my beloved husband.


Megaloschemos II (Bulgarian Orthodox Hymn)



Peace is here now, what was is no longer– we are on the way out of the room of war… having made room for PEACE.  We change nothing but ourselves and in doing so we change our frequency and in doing so… we change — our perception.  Thus, Our Reality. The old reality has not moved, but we have.

Live for Now and notice the change that we are co-creating.  Peace will become the norm as we move forward and outward into the 2012.  As time marches toward Now Here, we will begin to perceive this as the normal way of Being– Peaceful.

Fairy Farm Girl reminded me this morning that Peace is a process of cooperating in a state of Love to co-create experience.   This beautiful prayer that I have been teaching children and adults all over the USA for 10 years was co-created with Fairy Farm Girl and Peace Pilgrim.

I Choose Peace

I choose Peace this is My Prayer.    

 Peace HERE in my  HEART.
(place hands over heart and high heart)                                                                                         Peace Everywhere   ( Lift up arms in the air so body looks like a Y then move your feet apart and turn around in a circle clockwise.).

Peace Pilgrim visited recently in the early morning of my dreamtime to just-waking-up state– the space between worlds.

In my Lucid Dream, Peace Pilgrim embraced me and expressed:  Humanity did it.  We of Heaven are so joyous.  Celebrate your creation.  Love Overcomes all.  Room for Peace ready now.

Fairy Farm Girl wishes to convey this:  All of Humankind, each individual is a soul mate with each other individual.  There are more compatible resonances and these are often called “soul mates” or “twin flames.”  It is important to  understand that all people– all of humankind are soul mates– and there are some that one will be more compatible to than others.  Love More and expect Miracles.  Love is a state of Being.  Be Love embodied and create the miracles of that union within and throughout.

I am blessed.  You are blessed.  We are blessed.  All is Blessed.

This edition has taken me on a wild ride of Celestial Surfing.  Living prayers beckoning all who listen to journey within to their HEART and consider their “options.”  Beautiful Poetry that is living in its frequency resonance.


I have learned that my experience is a shared experience by many many people.  I thank the Big God(dess) that I am not the only one.

Most of All, I have discovered, truly uncovered, that we are all interconnected.  There is no need to convince, just simply be and you shall see.

I bless All with Love.



The Heart of the Rose

Beautiful Many Message

Today and forever more the Peace is in the Air.  Breathe in deeply the Love that is already present within you and around you and everywhere that you go.  The vote has been cast by humankind– the vote is your actions and emotions– the raising up of Love within yourself and radiating that outward to all that is around you.  This is the opening of the Door– the way– the Flow to the New Earth.  The Door is opening to the corridor– all are welcome to join with the New Earth.  Your ticket in this new Room of Life– is your Frequency.  Your Frequency.  Raise yourself up and stand up in the LightLove.

You have voted.  The Votes have been counted.  We of the Beautiful Many, those of the Cosmos, those of Humankind, Those of the the Realms of Flora and Fauna, We rejoice. We celebrate, you, our brothers and sisters of Man– Humankind.

Celebrate!  Co-Create Heaven– for this is the New Earth.  All is interconnected.

We bless you with Love.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  Open Hearts create change.

The Beautiful Many  through Elizabeth


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