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The beautiful Many

Beautiful Many 

WE would like to encourage All to connect to others through meditation or a process on 11-28-12 or 11/29/12 and 12-11-12 and 12-12-12 as well as 12-21-12

Let us begin with 11-28-12.  This highly energetic day is today.  The energy over the past 3 days has been building up to this day.  A feeling of expansive pressure that when resisted will cause fatigue and fear.  When this energy is embraced , one will feel expansive and joyous with deep feelings of Love.  For the mind this is very confusing.   For the HEART this is miasma– energy from the Gods (Universe, Central Sun, the Spheres, The Source Energy, Mother-Father God, Self Actualization etc).

The Heart will lead the way.  The mind will lose the thinker on the Moor bogging one down with fear.

This is about a New Way of Being, Relating and Doing whilst embodied moving into Beginning.  We call this the New Earth.

The New Earth has been embodied and lived before now by a few individuals throughout time across all spectrum of cultures and time.  These individuals are easily spotted– living life joyously every moment and in a space of grace.   They are usually long lived. Known by a small group and sometimes large groups as gifted– and that giftedness sometimes magnetizes to many people who then create a community around that individual.

The New Way to the New Earth is that this embodiment is available to ALL PEOPLE on EARTH.

 Elizabeth and I work closely with Pleiadian Energies.  Thus, we speak to only those that we work with directly.  The Common Passion Concordance Call  

Less is more of the Crystalline Energy– it is to be sipped not gulped.  Just as one sips powerful herbal teas or tinctures, one must sip this energy.  As each sip is integrated another sip may be taken.  For this process, 14 days between sips is highly recommended.

Too much Energy too Fast makes one loopy.  We call this Energy Sickness.

Elizabeth will speak on this topic of Energy Sickness now.

I am very familiar with Energy Sickness.  Early on in my path, I breathed in (gulped)  too much too soon and was left with Energy Sickness for a time.  It took dedication on my part and vigilant attentiveness of the Beautiful Many, Fairy Farm Girl and the Benevolent Love-Light Elder Healers as well as Earth-Angels that willing activated to assist me in healing this imbalance.  I had to ask for this assistance.  The Beautiful Many will not enter our energy fields without permission.  We must ask– or they ask us (in dire emergencies)– and we must decide to allow or not allow interaction.   I eventually recovered and balanced my energy system– but it took time– and was largely an  unnecessary learning experience for me.  It is at this juncture that I requested to speak in this message to ensure that All that Read this are aware that your Light-Crystalline Energy is far more powerful than you realize– too much will overload your circuitry/body/cells.  I bless us All with Love.

I return this message now to the Beautiful Many.

Beautiful Many Speaks:  Energy sickness manifests as mental imbalance, emotional imbalance or complete loss of energy and vitality within the physical vehicle.  Sometimes all three symptoms of energy sickness manifest all at once.  Eventually, one will come out of this state of imbalance– and for some it will take a lifetime to overcome, for others a few weeks.   The point we wish to make, beloved ones, is to respect this energy and respect yourselves enough to be wise. Sip the energy, no gulping.

The Body– the Human Physical Vehicle has activation points on the body that allow the body to interface with the Divine Self and Light Body that is embodied within the physical vehicle.  The location of the activation point is the High HEART.  This is why we and the Beautiful Many say:  Open Hearts change the World.  The Change is within you and radiates out into the world, thus, changing the world around you via the use of the Law of Likes (also called the Law of Attraction), and the Law of Interconnection.  It also activates the Law of Frequency.  This Law is how Frequency is increased.  To increase ones frequency one must first desire to do so, and second demonstrate that desire and readiness and thirdly be willing to accept the New Frequency or Energetic Signature.    A metaphor for this is you have effectively pressed the elevator button to the 4th and/or 5 floors.  So you are now residing on a different floor or Frequency.   This does not mean that the 3rd Floor is no longer– it is still there.  What has occurred is you have moved to a new Resonance-Residence.

It is important to understand that All are Interconnected.  If you are alone on this day, know that as you follow your HEART you are in connection with Millions of Other HEARTS upon this EARTH.  Humankind has voted for the NEW EARTH and this is what shall be for all you to see.  For some of you, you will arrive early, set up and install the platforms, for others you will arrive at the very beginning and add your abilities and gifts at decorating and expanding the New Earth, and so on… each individual upon EARTH at this time and every successive time is welcome to move to the NEW EARTH Frequency.  The ticket in is Love.  Love as your state of Beingness within your HEART and through your actions in life.

We bless all with Love.  Love more and Expect Miracles.  Open Hearts change the World.

Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth,  The Beautiful Many


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