The Earth, the Flower of Life, and the Individual: All is Interconnected

We are but blades of grass, each is individual and unique and yet part of the whole field. As the blades of grass, expand their awareness and open to the Love already present within and throughout and around, they come to know that they are interconnected to a greater and multidimensional field of experience and form. This is ascension:  Expansion of Awareness.–Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth

Flower of Life

Messages from the MastersCharles Gilchrist, Metatron’s Cube

Metatron’s cube or the Tesseract is held within the form of the Flower of Life.  This is the basis for all Dimensions and Creation.

For those with Inquiring minds– Metatron’s Cube and Platonic Solids, by ID Time Traveller

We term this Mythos, because Humankind is creating the NEW EARTH as they expand their awareness.  This Trilogy offers a glimpse as to the potential experience one might have as the Open their Hearts and Love More.  —The Beautiful Many, Fairy Farm Girl through Elizabeth

The New Earth Trilogy– Free E-Books  Click

Perspectives – Spirit Letters, Storm Mountain Jim

Time With My Family©

Tis morning. The sun a scant two palms hIgh. The caress of the breeze
as she blows softly by. The hum of the hummer as she hums round and
round and then hums away. My mothers’ awake. She says, “Good Day”. Tis
love and compassion I feel her sending my way.

My mother’s love is soft, is sweet. It is full of compassion for all,
no matter their need. My mothers’ awake. So begins my day. A stroll
through the woods with her by my side, the sound of her voice as song
birds fly by. We laugh and we talk as squirrels chatter away. “Look,
over there!” a young calf elk lies asleep in the grass. My mother just
smiles as we quietly pass. Her spirit of love you feel flowing from
within to all that we see. Her selfless love she offers to me. My
mothers’ awake. My fathers’ this way.

My father’s love, like the mountain Isee rugged and rough and stout                                    and strong weathered by wind and blown by storm. My father’s love is steadfast.              It’s shaken by naught. Myfather’s love is abundant for all, from the largest of                  large to the smallest of small. His compassion is great if you ask but when in
need. I fear not my father, for his love too can be soft and just one
look in his eye, melts the hardest heart made of stone. I fear not my
father for with him by my side, I’m never alone.

The night is quite dark. The howl of the wolf is shivers to some but
for me there’s no fears. For I’m with my father, I feel his presence
quite near. I roll over and sleep like a babe in his strong cradle of
love covered by the blanket of stars high above. My mother’s sweet
whisper I hear on the breeze, “Sleep soundly my child for we are both

We climb the high mountains, my mother, my father, my brother and me.
My brother’s love is teasing. It’s laughter, it’s pure holy fun!  We
run, we jump from rock to rock like the big horn sheep that are there
just ahead. They stop their grazing to watch us come; my mother, my
father, my brother and me. My brother’s compassion runs deep, as deep
as the ocean as deep as the sea. I see his eyes sparkle as he smiles
so lovingly back at me.

He stops by a spring that just bubbles forth from the ground and
gurgles along offering sweet mother’s milk to all who would thirst.
“Come.” He calls me. “You drink first”. The water is cool, delIciously
sweet. As I partake of this nectar, I feel him smiling at me and roll
away just in time as the water is splashed as my dog comes bounding to

The time is just perfect. True heaven on earth. The green of the grass
adorned with columbines so blue. The white bark of aspen reflecting
the sun as the breeze makes her leaves quiver and quake and dance in
the light. The happiness and joy in the love that I feel. This love of
all life my fathers’ taught me. Be kind to all and always give love
and ask not at all for all that I need my father does give. Just give
thanks and pass love along.

This love, this compassion of this family of mine; from the softest of
silk to the strongest of steel to the deepest of deep, this love of my
family they give so willing to me. But love and compassion are only
part of all that they give.  My familys’ a unit, a train powered by
love. My fathers’ the engine ferocious with love to climb the stout
peak. My mother’s love the fuel and through birth builds our train. My
brother runs last, so I don’t fall behind and many a time did carry me
when I could no longer run.

Compassion, my friends, binds us together, makes our family as one.
Love and compassion we share and we give. If you need of this, then
ask us please do, and come join my family. We will gladly have you.

For my family is not flesh and judges no one, for we are pure loving
spirits that brings forth all life and all light, for all that would
see for all that would hear. So come join my family, cast out all
fear, for our love and compassion are always right here. With my
family along, all your tracks will always be clear, all storms you’ll
pass through all deserts you’ll cross, all mountains you’ll climb.
With my family along life can be fun, life, is sure fine.

© Copyright by Jim.spirit9
Published by
I Am’erIcan of Earth
© All Rights Reserved.

I am known as  Storm Mountain Jim. I am honored with the opportunity to be a guest writer for the Fairy Farm Girl Digest.  I live in Colorado.

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