The Higher Dimensional Aspects of You and Me and Everybody: Yep, It’s All Interconnected

The post-11/28/12 and previous 11/11/12 have created a Pathway to LoveLight, world wide.  There are many wondering, what is next?

It is time to Answer a Call to Purpose

The old ways still exist.  And yet, there are reports trickling in all over the world, of violence-free days…meaning, days with Peace as the Norm.  This is something new that has many puzzled.

How to shut those Old Paradigm Vortexes down?  It is simple.  Love More.  Love more or yourself and others.  Act on that Loving More.  See the other as your brother or sister– your loved ones:  See the other as your family or an extension of yourself.  Speak of Love.  Act with Love.  Be Love.  This empowers the New Earth and deprives the Old Paradigm of its energy.

No energy, no go.  It works everywhere in the Cosmos in the same way.  The Old Vortex will run out of gas provided Fear Energy is lacking.  So when you hear or see of some old Earth Drama, dig down deep into your High Heart and Bless it with Love.  Breathe out Love to the Drama and at the same time forgive it for being what it is, Drama.  While you are at it, forgive yourSelf too.  We are all in this together.

The Higher Dimensional Aspects of You and Me and Everybody:  Yep, It’s All Interconnected.  It is through this interconnection that we are letting our Light Shine Through– This Light is then filled in with Love.

Love is the counterpart to Light.  LightLove are of the same whole– like FatherMother God or God(dess).   This energy exists in a perfect amount (enough to truly empower the New Earth and not’enough to fry our circuits) within each individual HEART.  We activate this Godhead- LoveLight by Loving More.  The particulars of this were discussed in the previous message on 11/29/12.

Together we are creating the New Earth– you and me and everybody.

I bless All with Love.  It is a New Day and I can see clearly now.    Open Hearts change the World.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  —Elizabeth

Perspectives– Spirit Letter, Storm Mountain Jim

Beloved friends,
Claim your Power. See yourself free of the nightmare dream and waking up to a glorious new day in eternity. Yesterday is gone and all the b-s with it. Today is now and what you want it to be. Command it to be so.
Yes, there WAS a dark force holding humanity in slavery to the “dollar” for their benefit but no longer.  (See all debts forgiven and abundance flowing to all.)

Open your heart to love and release the human mind and all it’s illusions, refuse the propaganda of doom and gloom, and instead, see with your heart. Let the Light of your own Love flow to the condition you are being guided to see differently. Don’t judge, just ask your heart to restore it to the perfection of the divine plan of New Earth. See Gaia in your own body-universe as your very own lovely child filled with pure happiness and joy.
You are the thinker. You see in your mind. See your very own planet exactly how you want it to be. If you create it within, it will manifest without.
You are the emissary of the One Source of All. Join with your soul mates, with whom you have spent so many lifetimes together, as you all call forth your twin flames to reunite with you now, to anchor your own body of living light, (your twinflame), in your bodies of flesh. Then release your fear (ie your ego, your Ka), and embrace the complete fullness of divine Mind of the living God you are.
The ONE is the Great INVISIBLE Virgin Spirit That is All That IS. Plain and simple. You, beloved reader, are the Visible expression of That One Source of All That is. IT is giving you the ability to do IT’s work as a visible thought of the Living Love IT is and is manifesting you as That Love in a physical form you manifest for yourself.
The war is over. Gaia is being bathed in the violet flames of cleansing to clear her of all that is not of the divine plan for her and all life she sustains including humanity. See the world you want to LIVE in as a being of pure love filled with your heart’s desires.
You are who you’ve been waiting for. Awake and Remember What you are.

(That you truly are.)

This may be Freely copied and posted in it’s entirety as is, provided this permission statement is included.  © 11/28/12 All Rights Reserved.

I am known as  Storm Mountain Jim. I am honored with the opportunity to be a guest writer for the Fairy Farm Girl Digest.  I live in Colorado.

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