Saturday Siesta: Energy Transference and Living Grace

starsGrace is within the Heart of Love.  A Blessing brings this Love forth and transfers this Energy, Grace to the other.

Elizabeth-Fairy Farm Girl 2Energy Transference is another name for Prayer/Blessing or Spell/Intention/Invocation work.  Energy Transference works like this.  As you make something, think very good thoughts and breathe in LightLove and breathe out LightLove magnified into the creation you are creating.  This is called Grace.

This breathing out LoveLight into the creation can be magnified and focused with the use of words in the form of a prayer or spell.  All Energy is Transferable.  All is related to Grace, an attribute of Love. Grace builds upon Grace.

Energy is only effective to another person– transferable if it is a frequency match and the other willingly receives the energy.

A frequency match is the key.  The Key to every energy transference is the Key Frequency Match.

So when you are making, creating, or  giving a gift, imbue it with all your good thoughts and feelings.  Bless it with Love.    I have been doing this for over 20 years–  And when people eat my food, they tell me it is the best food they have ever had, ask for the recipe and try to replicate the dish, to no avail.  Why?  Because they are missing the secret ingredient, A Blessing of Love to all the parts and components of the dish, the people who have grown the food, the ingredients, to the people who are consuming the food, and most of all blessing of Love for All that is.

Love attracts more Love.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  Happy December 1, 2012.

Peace Pilgrim termed it as “all the good you do keeps going on and on.”   This too is energy transference and Living Grace.

Happy Saturday.  I am taking a Siesta while Living Grace.  Enjoy!  I bless all with Love.  —Elizabeth

Perspectives– Spirit Letters, Storm Mountain Jim

Storm Mountain JimTools! Tools are wonderful and helpful for most people but are not necessary once you open your heart and release the human mind that scoffs at your true ability to create instantly and spontaneously.

Do not think tools are required to ascend in the vibrations of Love we are now experiencing. All that is required is an open heart and mind. Other entities may need them to enable themselves to be visible to human eyes in these lower frequencies we have been dwelling in but, to a hu-man, a God-man, they are not.

 I’m doing this Ascension Without the spending of any money on tools so you can.  In nature, once something is done, it doesn’t need to be repeated and other ways are used to accomplish the same result. Once, someone fully awakes without the use of tools, everyone else will be free to use them because it has already been already done without. If one person can do it, others can too. After the trailblazer has opened the way, others can follow. I Am a trailblazer, a way shower, so you can do it easier.

 When I was about 15, I was told I would do my studies, learning and work without buying tools. If one was required, it would come at no monetary cost, (and has). Tools, I was told, are not required as I, or any user, was the power source and not the tool. The tool was like a battery that the user charges but has no power of itself. Aroma/scents/sounds stimulate and raise or lower vibrations but are available from Gaia for the gathering or by your voice. Whatever it is, we created it to be there when we needed it before we incarnated.

 It is my work to do this awakening without spending money to show others it can be done with only the desire to do so for the sake of Love alone. It hasn’t been an easy task but it hasn’t cost anything monetarily and my power of Love, and your’s too, is unstoppable and unlimited. I Am The ultimate tool and, I Am is available to anybody who asks for free.  The ONE doesn’t charge you to talk to you or make you do rituals to commune with It. Man and religion do that.

Use your tools but know you are the power behind it. Open your hearts to love and use It’s unlimited abilities to accomplish whatever it is you desire to accomplish. Your open heart and awakened full mind is your ultimate tool.

(That you truly are.)

This may be Freely copied and posted in it’s entirety as is, provided this permission statement is included.  © 11/30/12 All Rights Reserved.

I am known as  Storm Mountain Jim. I am honored with the opportunity to be a guest writer for the Fairy Farm Girl Digest.  I live in Colorado.


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