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Almost all creativity involves purposeful play. —Abraham Maslow

Elizabeth-Fairy Farm GirlToday the message to me from the Beautiful Many is to play and Love More.

Play is a bit of a challenging concept for me.  I am very good at assisting others in playing– teaching children how to play, guiding them to play and share and all that good Preschool-Kindergarten stuff… but for me to play… now those are some skills I have to dust off and just Beeeeee.

Today, I will be playing outside just Beeeeeing with Mother Earth -Gaia, following my bliss (as best I can whilst watching over the little ones in my care).

Play is one way to integrate new energies.  This is why children when they come into contact with something new that they must integrate tend to run around in circles and singing a silly song, or climb and jump off of stuff (over and over again).  They are integrating new skills sets (self-actualizing) through play.

Play is an opportunity to greet and beee in the world with wonder and awe.  I bless us all with Love.  Let us play more in life and beee in the now.

Abraham Maslow recognized that self-actualization was not possible without play– and play was not possible without basic needs, and belongingness needs being met first.

This is the basis of the New Earth– Self-Actualization is the same as Ascension.  It is the same process just different terms.

Play at life and beeee in the now, Love More.  Good advice that I now leave you with as I go hunt for worms under logs and build Fairy Houses out of sticks and make leaf crowns in my hair.  Blowing bubbles and watching the bubbles float on the wind.  going to the playground and swinging and climbing on the castle play structure.  It is a play day!  Ho-ray for To-day!

Happy Day to you.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  I bless all with Love.  –Elizabeth

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