It is like a New Earth–A Renewal of Springtime

Snapdragon Sonnet Carmine 2


I bless All with Love.  It is like a New Earth is available right now wherever you are standing up into the LightLove!

It is like a renewal of springtime here where I currently live.  The birds are singing, the air is clear, the weather is foggy and delightfully moody.  The weather is warm and the plants seem to be considering whether or not to bud out and skip winter all together.

In my little garden, the snapdragons are still blooming in their bright jewel-toned hues standing up and reaching up toward the LightLove the Sun is shining and flaring out to his beloved Love, Earth.

We live upon the Surface Earth as as guests of this Planetary Body, we too get to go along for the New Earth ride.  Exciting Times we live in!  Open Hearts change the World.  Loving More of All.  I Bless you with Love.  —Elizabeth


Fairy Farm Girl and Beautiful Many Message

The New Earth is Here and On Line.  Your ticket to the New Earth is your HEART of LOVE.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  The Miracle is you– this miracle is the science of Love– Quantum Celestial Physics.  We call it a miracle to assist you in your understanding as the Math is a bit much for the 3D Fairy Farm GirlHuman-Mind.  The HEART knows with its infinite wisdom and intelligence as the seat of the Human Soul embodied.  We bless All with Love.

Elizabeth terms this process as Standing Up into the LightLove.  That is indeed the process of Expansion of Awareness.   As you expand your Awareness you come into resonance with the Frequency Matching of the New Earth.  We are delighted so many of our Beloved Brothers and Sisters upon Surface Earth have chosen to Join us on the New Earth.  We are so honored by your Courageous HEARTS.  Courage means from the HEART.  Courage is an essential part of the Science of Love.

All is interconnected, all frequencies are interconnected.  The Expansion of Awareness assists you in “seeing” and “perceiving”  More of the Frequency Range that is present in this Infinite Universe– The Cosmos in which you reside.

We bless you with Love.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  —Fairy Farm Girl and Beautiful Many through Elizabeth


12-3-12 Event with Common Passion

6 am PST   7 am MNT       9 am EST


12-3-12, Today is the weekly call for the Common Passion Concordance.  Time is of no matter, join at the Earth Time listed or later on when you are able.  The energy is available at all times as there is no time like the now that is Nowhere.  —Elizabeth

 Asking and Ye Shall receive.

We are intending for better things to come.  That is the space we are holding open.   The door of Plenty of all Good Things.  I Bless All with Love.  I Bless the Earth with Love.

Donations at this time would be exceedingly helpful for me and my family and to keep this Ezine going.  Click on the Asking and Ye Shall receive: please click on the Donation Tab above.

From our Heart of Gratitude to yours. We bless you with Love. — Fairy Farm Girl-Elizabeth

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