Shifting is a Process, Be Kind to YourSelf and Yes, It Is All Interconnected

Yesterday, I found myself spinning in a negative field that I am not sure how I connected with or why.  But here I am after a bit of a melt-down back again today.

I would like to share with all a tool to use when these moments arise.

First, recognize that you are in a fengue and that even though the mind will say nothing can change it, Know in your HEART that it can be changed.

Second, Breathe and allow the blocks within your energy field reveal themselves, past life issues to reveal itself, vortexes to show themselves (energetic flows that exist all over the planet)and cling ons (energetic beings farming you for energy) will reveal themselves.   Watch them with your inner eye and observe these energetic constructs. It is best to journal this or write it on some place that you can save your writing to review as you observe more of your energy.

The second step is really a huge challenge– I did mine publicly on facebook.  Today as I read it I see a lot to be gained by understanding how this state of being came about.  Thankfully, most of my friends found me enertaining.  Funny again without trying.

Third, begin trying tools to release, forgive and transmute the energy blocks, past life issues, cling ons and negative vortexes (energetic flows that exist all over the planet).  These tools are meditations, Deeksha Blessings, positive rituals, prayers, blessings and Mantras.  The Tools could also be a walk in a beautiful glade, on a beach, or someplace that is so beautiful you feel joy just standing there.  The tools could also be sleeping, like sleeping off a cold or hangover.  I usually am not able to sleep in these situations, but others hit the off switch and snooze away they go.

Fourth, take note of what is working, you will feel a change in your chakras, body pains, aches, and as if you are being lifted up energetically and sometimes literally.

Fifth, do what works every time you are faced with the energetic construct.   Repeat what works and work through the stuff that you need to work through.  We all have “stuff” that must be worked through.  Even Mooji had “stuff.”  Even Bhagavan had “stuff”    So, we all have “stuff” to let go of.

Release, Forgive, Transmute, Let Go.

Sixth, as you release, forgive, transmute, let go fill that space with Love.  Think Loving thoughts, ignore the other that may be around you,  conjure up joyous times and really cultivate a feeling of Joy within your body and HEART.  Fill up yourself with Good Stuff that makes you smile, laugh, joyously do the happy dance, and LOVE.

It was a bit of a rough time that thankfully I was able to transcend.   Tools help, but it is our intention and focus and effort that make it happen.

When I finally fell asleep and rested, during my dream time I was gently reminded by Fairyfarmgirl that I have the ability to rise above all “THAT” that is around me.  It is not what defines me.  I can keep myself in my Torsion Field and connect with those others Torsion Fields all over the world.  It does not have to be here.  As here, different choices are being made.  All Choices are Valid, including my own and yours too… Choices however, are not something others have to be victim to.  Practice good self care, common sense, and know when to move away or up and out of a frequency match that might tweak you.

I used the mantra:  Om Gam Ganasha Namaha 108 times. I kept count using my Deeksha Blessing Giver Beads which happened to number 108 beads (I counted the beads).

To my amusement, the correct mantra is Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha not Om Gam Ganasha Namaha.  This mantra does call upon the Being Ganasha though.  So there you have it, the Beings are very lenient and will assist you even if you are using the wrong words but with earnest and genuine intent and with the correct translation.  This mantra loosely translates to : remover of all obstacles

I bless All with Love.  I bless you with Love.  I bless the Earth with Love.  I Bless the New Earth with Love.  I bless Gaia with Love.  I bless myself with Love.  I bless you with Love.

I bless All with Love.  —Elizabeth


Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha Mantra 


About Ganesha

Ganesha is known to be depicted with an elephant head. Ganesha is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles by many throughout the world.  This deity seems to have been trans-continental showing up throughout Asia and Asia Minor and Africa during antiquity. All with the same attribute, remover of obstacle, intelligence, and Deva of Intellect and Wisdom, and patron Deity of the Arts and Sciences.  She also is humbled as she in the beginning was always depicted with a broken tusk.   Ganesha was originally a feminine Deity, but as time went on was depicted as a male.  It is widely known Elephants are Matriarchal.

It is obvious why a head of an elephant was chosen.  Elephants represent honor, dignity, capacity for energy, intelligence, artistry fortitude, assistance to others (digging watering holes, felling dead trees, routing out the best migration routes as well as being the keepers of wisdom among the Land Animals of the Realm of Fauna.

Ganesha resides in the First/Second chakra.  The First/Second Chakra is the chakras from which all embodied Expansion Awareness originates

Therefore, in this pantheon, Ganesha holds, supports and guides all other chakras thus, propelling the kundalini upward and into the LightLove creating transformation through an Expansion of Awareness.

Communicated to Elizabeth via Fairy Farm Girl

Musical Selection  OM-Elephant Power, MC Yogi


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