The Movement of Transition


“Be an opener of doors”  ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

angel wings

I am on a journey.  My life is the teaching for me and all who wish to walk beside me.  As you life is my teaching as I walk beside you.

It is through connecting with each other in a stance of Love, impeccability, Acceptance and Doing our Best that the world becomes a better place.  We raise up the Frequency of the Earth and ourselves.

This journey is in process for me.  You could say I am always under construction.  I bless you all with Love.

The Earth-Gaia is moving upward and into a new Frequency Resonance… the other Frequencies will still exist, but for some their perception and energetic Frequency Resonance will change and Expand in Awareness.

We term something “bad” because it causes pain.  As we move forward into the New Earth there will be pain.  Birth is painful.  It is a process of pulling open a stuck door, expanding the opening and holding it open for others. 

Many of us are the pioneers–  On the Leading Edge and in doing so we have eased the birth process for others.  I bless us all with Love.  Our gift is living our lives as best as we can whilst embodying as much light as possible which we then fill in with Love.  This Light is within our HEARTS and comes from all that is.  I Bless us All with Love.

I urge all to really read t the Book by Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements.  These are tools to assist each of us in easing our own births, in being better parents unto ourselves and to shine the way by living the best life we are able with Love.

Open Hearts Change the World.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  I Bless All with Love.  —Elizabeth


Musical Selection:  The OM

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