The Potentials for December 2012 and onward are exciting!



The potentials for the next 30 days are really very exciting.  Fairy Farm Girl and I call them potentials because they require probability to exist.  This probability is determined by intention, focus, emotion and action.  This is on the individual level, small group community level and/or on the Earth-Planetary level.

Today we are 1/2 way to 12-12-12, and 1/4 way to 12-21-12.

The World will Continue!  Of Course it will.  The change is that there are now corridors and Doorways to the 5th Dimension. The 3D and 4D will still be here as will the Earth-Gaia.  What is changing for some is their frequency and connection to Dimensional Space/Density.

Timelines are spiraling and expanding to accommodate our Growth Spurt and upcoming Birthing ourselves Free.  These corridors and doorways have been created and anchored by dedicated lightworkers working in relative anonymity.  Those who do the most are often not seen, recognized or acknowledged until well after their time on Earth.  The true Team Gaia and Team Humankind Heros, I bow to you with a heartfelt Namaste.  Let us all see each other.  I bless you with Love.

All is interconnected.

It takes work to do the personal work to get the JOB done.  It is worth every moment and all the tears though.  Just about every mother will tell you that too, concerning the birthing of their own child(ren),  It is painful.  It is messy It is without dignity.  And yet, birth is one the most sacred moments that a woman and a man can experience/witness/be part of.

This is what expanding awareness is about.  It is not about suddenly “Awakening”  the Mind Consciousness.  It is about the HEART being in the driver’s seat with the co-pilot, Mind.  This is what this whole shift is about.   It is about going within, and expanding outward in Awareness.

This New Age that is being created by “we the people” is about Emancipation of Humanity and the Planetary Body, Mother Earth-Gaia.  It is about Empowering each other through Loving More.  This is what the New Age is about.  That stuff can not be bought– it is created through the HEART. It does not cost any money.  Money is a tool but it is not the actual act of empowerment– that is something we do for our own self  and in doing so encourage others to do for their own self.  Energy is catching.

As the Field of Love is empowered, much of what we term as negative 3D will simply transform over time– it will be gradual but rapid at the same time.  The Field on Earth influence the human body and mind.  We are just wired that way.  So, change the
Field and change the behavior of people.  The Field creates a conducive environment for Expansion of Awareness.  The many lightworkers on the leading edge  that went first, have eased the way for all the rest of humankind if they so choose.  All choices are valid. The door is always open… all one has to do is to choose to walk on through it.

Instead, the process of Expanding Awareness is becoming Aware of all the junk and gunk.  Freaking out about it.  Agreeing that it is Junk and Gunk.  Then, working to clean, cleanse, clear it to the point of being released.  Then, to FORGIVE and LET IT GO. Followed by transmutation and a rapid Expansion of Awareness.  The Expansion of Awareness is rapid because you have made space for LIGHTLOVE to flow into.  This extra flow of LIGHTLOVE creates the Expansion of Awareness.  The Flow comes from within your HEART.  It is connected to the Source Energy (God, God(dess) MotherFather God etc.).  This is how the Expansion of Awareness occurs.  It has to be created within.  It can not be given.

What can be given to you is tools– techniques to work through the Gunk and the Junk.  These tools can assist you in the process of Forgiveness.  For instance when I used the mantra: Om Gam Ganesha Namaha.  That was a tool to assist me in my process.  It was not what did the work.  I did the work, the technique and tool of the mantra eased my way.

It is sort of like trying to carve space with your bare hands– this represents no tools.  Then there is the addition of stone tools.  A bit better, the tools ease the way so the space can be carved easier– but it is still really slow going, and really painful too.  Then, the advent of iron tools.  Wowza, that is really working great at creating this space.  Everytime I swing the Pic Ax and pick away more chunks move on out to carve out the space.  The tools by themselves would just lay on the ground, unmoving– as the tools are inanimate.  It is by adding the energy and focus, intent, and action of an embodied Conscious-Awareness that the tools are then able to be used to ease the way.

Tools ease Expansion of Awareness.  They are not the Expansion of Awareness.   You are.

Getting back to the Potentials.  They are truly exciting for today and through out the month of December 2012 and into January 2013.

The Movie, Shift of the Ages is about to be released. I am so excited to finally be able to see this movie.  It will be featured here

The movement through the most recent transition was rough for me.  I dare say unpleasant.  This was a very good lesson in how to traverse dimensions and not get stuck.  I am ever thankful and with great doses of gratitude humbled and filled with Love by the response from the Guardians, Helpers, Guides and Angels, the Beautiful Many, the Earth Angels, and my friends.  I am truly and deeply blessed with such LoveLight that came to my assistance.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive.

The Meek are inheriting the Earth.

Open Hearts change the World.

I Bless All with Love.   —Elizabeth

planet EarthPerspectives– Spirit Letters, Storm Mountain Jim

Beloved light workers that you are,
As I write this, we are one week out of the beginning of our and Gaia’s next evolutionary step. It will be a wondrous time for humanity as more people start to feel the Love that has been pouring to earth and ALL life she sustains, according to divine plan.

Judge not what has happened up to then and Know each of us has experienced this life as we ourselves planed it so many earth lifetimes ago.

Since 11/11 I have been having a harder time getting things done knowing we are about to bring in the New Earth we all have been dreaming about. The vast majority of people will not even notice a change except that things will just “feel” different somehow. Like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders and we are lighter and less stressed out, if at all.

 That will change rapidly as more of you realize what you are and memories will start flooding in. Next will come the Realization that you really are a spark of LoveLight that has been dreaming the illusion of separation. Separate from the Fullness with the all and All IN the One you are, Consciously! You are the Power, Intelligence, Deity that “causes agitation” in the unified field of energy consciousness of every electron that exists. Of that One Super Electron within that vibrates at higher frequencies then others, that Meta-tron, which activates the RNA of your own Super Atom of Adam-of-earth-as-first-created-to-be, (one with it’s divine feminine Shekinah energy), to produce the DNA of the golden being of living light in a crystalline structure, shining through your own body of glorified flesh.

It is important that you focus on the New Earth now birthing and not on the pain Gaia is going through in the process. Hold the thought of happiness and joy flowing to all, free of the illusion, and living in peace with All.

All life is made up of the same intelligent light particles moving at different frequencies. What one breaths out, another breaths in. As you awaken you will remember how to use that pool of matter to manifest all your needs and those of all creation.

We are a new race from the race of the bird tribes, the Elohim, that have manifest physical bodies as our “default” state to physically enjoy and take care of, a Planet of Love, Peace, Happiness and Joy with all. We are The ONE in visible manifestation of Living Love embodied. Now is That moment in eternity.

Awake beloved Children of LoveLight to a New Earth you are helping manifest for the highest good of All That is.  Welcome to living in the 5th dimension now on earth.

(That you truly are.) ©

This may be Freely copied and posted in it’s entirety as is, provided this permission statement is included.  © 12/5/12 All Rights Reserved.

Storm Mountain JimStorm Mountain Jim lives in Colorado.  Wearing many hats, Storm Mountain Jim serves as a writer and Progressive Earther pioneer as well as an Earth Angel.  He can be reached by email

Asking and Ye Shall receive.

We are intending for better things to come.  That is the space we are holding open.   The door of Plenty of all Good Things.  I Bless All with Love.  I Bless the Earth with Love.

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