The Reclaimation of Emancipation: We are already Free

 Gently and with love, honor yourself.  Love More, Expect Miracles.  The Dolphin Nation is sending out Waves of LoveLight through the Power of Sound for the Assistance of Humankind.  –Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth

Lotus Moon Music swim with Hawai’i Dolphins 2012


Perspectives– Spirit Letters, Storm Mountain Jim

Great and glorious day in eternity to all.
Solstice is coming! The day that became Christmas. I celebrate the solstice. I had deep feelings toward those who turned the teachings of a living christ from Love to fear to build their own kingdom of power and wealth.

However, we have made it through the valley of death and survived. Let those who tried to keep humanity imprisoned in ignorance and fear be bathed in unconditional Love. Judge not for they too are playing the game and are indeed beings of living light. They took on the role of the oppressor so we could experience what it was like to “live” in a world of fear and lack. Only by going through the fear could we gain the knowledge required to help those who are still bogged down with the many false teachings put out by the fast crumbling church of Rome that embraced the school of fear over Love.

Forgive them for all they did and hold no grudge or thoughts of vengeance for that fuels the illusion they put forth as “divine truth”.
Divine truth is Unconditional Love for all life. Not just human life but All life. They picked a even harder role to play then those who they imprisoned with ignorance, fear and forgetfulness. Their role required them to completely step out of Love so they could do that which was unknown to humanity until they agreed to play the aggressor. It is now our job to show them the way of living Love that knows only happiness and joy. They have so immersed themselves in darkness, as was required to be able to even begin their role, that they are completely confused and looking for their own way back to the living LoveLight they are. They feel the Love flowing to Gaia and all life she sustains but, have accepted the belief they are unworthy to receive it for themselves.

Yesterday is dead and gone. There is divine justice and those who choose to remain in darkness after being shown the Truth of Love, will continue to dwell in a world of duality of their own creation. Send them your Love and strength to persevere in their world of judgment and fear until they decide they’ve had enough and open their own heart to the Love of All that is patiently awaiting them.
Be the living expression of the ONE Source now visible as the Being of Love you are. Merry Solstice and Happy New Year on New Earth bathed in peace, happiness, joy and abundance of all you feel you need. I Love you all just the way you are.

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