Sunday Specials: The Early Edition of Flowing with the Heart’s Movement

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”
― Rumi


Elizabeth-Fairy Farm Girl 2Blessed Friends, much Light is streaming to the Earth.  The Flow of LightLove is immense and unprecedented in our collective memory.  This Sunday’s ezine is an early addition.  As we move closer to 2013 with all the Celestial Alignments and Flowing of Energy and Positive Vortexes opening and becoming empowered, movement will occur rapidly in some cases.  Thus, the Meek are inheriting the Earth.   Flexibility and Adaptability are essential for this space time we are moving into.

Much is changing.  Much is Shifting.  Many are moving and going to other places and spaces.  Embrace the changes and follow the Flow of LightLove.  It will feel expansive and Joyous, embelliant and expressive.  Old Fears and Gunk and Junk will be dredged up.  Breathe through it.  Use your tools in your metaphysical tool kit:  Mantras, Meditation, Plant Medicine, Plant Spirit Medicine, Prayers and Blessings, Intention and Focus and more of what works for you.

12-12-12 is proving to be a preview of what is coming soon– here on the 12/09/12  I am already feeling the effects of the Solar Flares and the Increase in Energetic Spirals from the Solaris Sun and the Cosmos.

We are nearly 1/2 to the Yule Time of the Winter/Summer Solstice.   Prepare for 12-21-12 with Love in your HEART and Warmth in your Eyes.  Maintain a stance of Loving More– a task that is a steep incline due to the Gunk and Junk that is being stirred up to make room for the New Earth Energies– those that are choosing to go through the doorways– others will choose that which is the best frequency resonance for their current Expansion of Awareness.  At no time is anyone tracked into a Dimensional Space– Change is Always an Choice.  All Choices are Valid.

Peace On in your HEART.  Peace be your Focus of Thought.  Peace On.  Breathe in the Peace that is in the Air.

For me I am continuing to re-read “The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz.  I also continuing to use the Mantra :  Om Gam Ganesha Namaha.  This mantra combined with the wisdom of the Toltecs is working to assist me in dumping bad ancestral habits and take on new LightLove habits.

As I have said previously it seems to create a Field of Love around the individual torsion fields or family torsion fields.  This is a great tool to use for the stuff I am transcending.

The Grace of the Angels is all around you and I and All people.  Call upon your Angels.   The Universe is Infinite and Abundant.  Invite, Welcome, Accept and willingly Receive the Abundance of the Universe.  Ask for the Assistance of the Angels and they will show up.  The Angels will show up through synchronistic events working in conjunction with the Universe to support you in your creation.  Try it and see what happens.  I did and there is much to Ask and Ye Shall Receive.  Remember, that you must be in a space of gracious willingness and openess to receiving the Ask and Ye Shall Receive.

Follow your HEART.  Dump the if only’s… if only…. blah blah blah hogwash.  Now is the time to do as your HEART flows toward.   Now is the time to Live Life with Gusto.  It may mean releasing friendships, family members, co workers, loved ones.  Release them with Love.  Let them to their life, as you let you to your life.  I bless all with Love.

Movement is in the air.   I bless all with Love.

Happy Celestial Movements of the Solstice to you.  Take in the Sun and Hug the Earth.  I Bless you and All with Love.

  Open Hearts Change the World.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  –Elizabeth

Musical Selection:   Wyrd Sisters – Solstice Carole

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