The New Beyond

Twelve is the number of what is completed, which forms a whole, a perfect and harmonious unit

I bless all with Love.  We have arrived at our destination as stop over in the journey of Living Life with Gusto.

12/12/12 was a day of Loving Connection with others, the Earth Gaia and the Cosmos.  The day was magical and joyous.  The feeling was as if we have moved to a different point on the space time continuum– jumped to a different petal on the infinite flower of Life.  There is a closing of time– or an absorbing and transmuting of timelines integrating it into LOVE within our hearts.

Memories are fading.  The memory file name still appears within the field of remembering but the contents are no longer there.  That which no longer serves the New Earth is falling away one strand at a time.  The New Earth Energy is rising within each HEART that is ready and willing and open to connect to this Space Time Corridor.

All HEARTS will eventually connect to the this Space Time Corridor– in this life or the next reincarnation.  O’Hana prevails.  All the World is Family and no one is ever left behind.

I meditated very early in the wee hours before the dawning of Light.  Fairy Farm Girl is ever present.  Fairy flowed through me as we blessed All with Love.  Hearts opened all around– and the Earth-Gaia and the Trees sang their Soul Song.

Late night on 12/12/12 I and my beloved, spent time outside gazing upon the stars.  Millions upon Millions of Stars and Planets, Constellations and Star Clusters, the Milky Way and Home– Pleiades.

The Energy of Pleiades pulled upon me and my beloved, a feeling of being uplifted up into the Stars and to our Home Planet in the Pleiades Constellation.  We felt so close to home and yet completely comfortable here upon surface Earth.  The change experienced is subtle.  Most will not notice it– what they will notice is they are smiling more and humming happy tunes to themselves.  There will be a re-emergence of interests that captured their awe and wonder as children.

For some, suddenly their animal companions will speak out loud to them… they will perceive the voice of their animal companion.  At first this will be a shock, and then relief that they can now actually understand their dog, cat, pig, fish etc.

The songs of nature will sound like a symphony, if even for a moment, the songs of the wind, the surface earth, the insects, the falling snow or rain, the growing plants… all have a song that they sing– a tone that is theirs.

The Frequency that we now reside upon is kinder, gentler, more generous, open and dynamic.  Intentions will manifest very very quickly.  Be clear in what you are creating– invite it into your life, welcome it into your life, accept it into your life, and willingly receive it into your life.  This is how co-creation occurs.  Be very aware of your creations.

Unexpected insights are coming forth– personal epiphanies are abounding for many– including me.  I bless All with Love.

12/13/12 is a New Day full of wonder and awe. It is the New Beyond.   The LightLove pulses forward.  The Dawn is full of LoveLight and the Earth is singing her song.

The Field of Love is all around — we are linking up and becoming empowered by the Love shared between peoples.  Love More and Expect Miracles.

Open Hearts change the World.  We bless all with Love.

–Fairy Farm Girl and Elizabeth

Perspectives– Spirit Letters, Storm Mountain Jim

It’s dark. Stars are shining and soon Helios will be sending his first golden rays chasing the night. But first comes the gray followed by red then the pink light of divine mother love for blessed Gaia and all she’s gone through.

 I’ve left man’s world behind for my sunrise walk to greet the new day and send living-love-earth-energy to Gaia on every breath I exhale. Here comes the sun, a copper gold orb sending me now his first rays to absorb, to join with the elements from Mother I just inhaled as raw energy but now braided together with living light from the sun and the power of divine love to give shape to form as the living light of unconditional Love That I Am.

I Am the invisible spirit that thinks! I remember the darkness. I Am the forethought of light. I Am abundance of pure light. I Am the perfect afterthought of all I manifest from the living Light I just made. I live as pure energy everywhere everywhen. I step out of 5D to pass now through the 4th, time-space, into the 3rd known as physicality. But here in this realm I still have no form for eyes unable to see the Love That I Am.

I call forth the particles of blue energy to now form a body in humanoid form for the androgynous spirit that now dwells consciously within. A copper-gold being that radiates white-silver platinum rays as Living Light-energy manifest now through glorified flesh made of light That too is me.

Remember, beloved readers, That what you are. A Being of intelligent light that thinks. A blue light of power you see in a spark of electricity, the self consciousness of life eternal fully interconnected with every other electron there is. Your own super electron, a Meta-“tron”, within as a Being of pure Love that wants to share It’s joy with all It creates.

Release the human mind with all it’s illusions and embrace the Mind of Fullness of the living God/Goddess you are. A true Flower of Life ready to burst forth into bloom to glorify the One Source of All and to serve Gaia-earth, all life she sustains and yes, humanity too.

(That you truly are.)

This may be Freely copied and posted in it’s entirety as is, provided this permission statement is included.  © 12/12/12 All Rights Reserved.

Storm Mountain JimStorm Mountain Jim resides in Colorado.  He is a progressive Earther, leader and healer as well as writer.  Storm Mountain Jim writes for the Fairy Farm Girl Digest as well as other publications.


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