The Celestial Awe: The Geminids


Elizabeth Speaks

I bless all with Love.  Last night I looked up  at the sky and behold there were the Geminids meteor Shower!   It was Amazing!

The Geminids were at an all time high last night with over 50 shooting meteorites in an hour.  I will be watching the night sky tonight to see the Celestial show again.  Although the experts, Astronomers etc.  say the Geminids peaked last night– I am sure I will see some.  It takes more than just a day to move out of the field that creates such a show.

We are now into the Proton Belt.  The Solaris-Sun is emitting the tones of LightLOVE from the Central Sun beyond the edge of Time.  The Earth-Gaia is very ecstatic about the caresses of Solaris (solar flares) and the LightLOVE flowing to her from the Central Sun– a place at the edge of time.   We are all in the process of a personal ascension/Expansion of Awareness.  This is an individual process that upon the morphing we link up with others of similar frequency resonance and in this way the a new Flower on the Flower of Life is being created.  As this New Earth  Frequency takes form there will be rapid Expansions of Awareness that happen for many simultaneously — and the Beautiful Many wish to make this distinction, it is still an individual process based upon the soul path of the Soul.  We are each Sovereign Beings.

There is much that many are shedding at this time.  Be kind to yourself.

I also have discovered despite my reservations that the Universe is indeed infinite in its abundance.  It is important to place your order with the universe as you would like it to be and then to be in a space of grace– a place of inviting, welcoming, accepting, and recieving the good stuff that you are creating.  It is important to be very very clear about what good stuff you would like to experience.

The Stars shown so brilliantly last night and the large streaks of light suddenly appeared and then faded like Celestial fireworks in the Heavens above.

The sky fills me with such awe and wonder.  The Earth-Gaia embraces me with her nuturance and joy and awe.  It is a delight to be here in the New Beyond.

I bless all with Love.  Happy Solstice in the making.  Happy Day to you all!

Love More and Expect Miracles.  Open Hearts change the world!



planet EarthPerspectives– Spirit Letters, Storm Mountain Jim

Lucky 13. The one that is three! The living trinity alive and well manifesting now on earth through you.
As the gatekeeper of your heart, you can open to change your residence from your head’s half-mind to your heart’s full mind. The fullness of divine mind dwells within your heart not your head.
We have been taught to “use your head” instead of your feeling heart. How often have you ignored what you felt and done what was “logical” only to later realize you would have been better if you had gone with your gut feeling?

It is not easy to listen to that inner voice when we have been taught otherwise. This is especially true if you’re a male. It’s ok if you’re not or not yet an “adult”, to act on your feelings of compassion but it isn’t “manly” to allow your feelings to show. It isn’t “growing up”, if you’re a boy, to show feelings, to “cry like a girl”. Men have to be “hard”.

Know, it’s ok to cry when your Heart feels the pain of someone else or yourself. It’s ok to express what you feel when your Heart is telling you to. Your Heart is the residency of the Living Light of the Sacred Flame of Life-eternal, of your own twin flame, your Ba, your Spark of Oneness that shines out from your eyes. Your ego, your Ka, lives in your head  and has been taught the illusion of separation by those who biogeneticly created earth humanity. Those ET’s who knew the truth of The Power to Think. The Power of Love that dwells in your Heart, the  Shekinah Power, to call together the ‘trons of intelligent energy that give shape to thought then physical form.
It is past “time” for those who have come to show humanity It’s full potential, to awaken and remember That what you are.

On higher frequencies, Gaia IS NOW a living being thriving with life from throughout the cosmos. Humanity thrives off planet and it is the lightworkers joy to be fully awake. To be the way-showers for our brothers and sisters, as living light dwelling in bodies for three dimensional earth, as the conscious energy of love, they are also. As the Visible manifestation of the ONE Source That IS Unconditional LOVE, we came to be.

Stay focused in your Heart as the Creator you are, interconnected with all That is and bring forth as One, the Light within you That is in full alignment with the divine plan for Gaia, All life she sustains and humanity too. You can do it. In

Reality, you already have. Awake and remember, then see with your heart-mind the glory of a living planet of Love for All, that you have created Gaia to be. A home for the Beings of Love we are.

(That you truly are.)

This may be Freely copied and posted in it’s entirety as is, provided this permission statement is included.  © 12/13/12 All Rights Reserved.


Storm Mountain JimStorm Mountain Jim resides in Colorado.  He is a writer, Progressive Earther, Human Angel, and leader.  Storm Mountain Jim writes for the Fairy Farm Girl Digest and other publications.


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