12/17/12 A New Day


The Solstice is nearing.  In 4 days time.  I bless all with Love.  Happy Winter/Summer to All!

Love More and Expect Miracles.  Open your Heart and switch on Love.  Turn your heart to Peace On.  Focus on creating the world you wish to see by thinking and feeling that creation into Being.

Treat yourSelf and others all around you with Kindness.  Treat the Earth-Gaia with kindness.  See life as sacred and show respect by treating all with kindness.

Now is the time to practice forgiveness of the Self and others, of the generations before you and I and all people.  Forgive and Let It Go.  Ask the Angelics, Beautiful Many, the Beings that you may work with, the Elders Healers of Benevolent LoveLight, to assist you in forgiving.

Practice H’opponopono.

Clean, Cleanse, Clear and Transform all that is around you through LOVE and Forgiving.  Fairy Farm Girl and Elizabeth wrote a manual suggesting how to do this.  Click on www.askfairyfarmgirl.blogspot.com

Select a Mantra and use that Mantra to assist you in creating an energetic dimensional boundary around your Torsion Field.   This will assist you in Expanding your Awareness and maintaining torsion field integrity.  During personal work one is vulnerable.  The Mantra is like a rain suit that protects you from the negative elements that may be around you.

Elizabeth uses the mantras :  I AM Love.   Om Gam Ganesha Namaha.  The Universe is Infinite in its abundance of all good things.  I invite this infinite abundance into my life.  I welcome this infinite abundance into my life.  I accept this infinite abundance into my life.  I willingly receive this infinite abundance into my life.

You can use any mantra that creates a feeling of being lifted up or expansive loving feelings.  This is a mantra that will create an energetic modulation Field around you.   It could be any one of the millions of mantras.

 The key is focused practice that takes no more than 20 minutes a day.  You can do this as many times a day as you would like.  We suggest 20 minutes a day before bed and/or upon awakening or in a moment when you feel you must call for assistance.  The mantra is like an SOS call, alerting your Angelic Team and unseens assigned to you that you are calling for assistance.  

 In order for the Beings to assist you, you must be willing to let it go and receive More Love.   This is a very important step.  The Mantra is only a tool, it is not what creates it, it simply is a tool to create with.  

You, the Soul, that which animates the physical body is that which uses the tool to create with.  We wish to make this distinction, it is very important you understand this.  Each Human Being is a Sovereign Being, you are a Soul embodied.  A mantra without understanding is empty words… you must understand and focus your attention and heart with the Mantra.  The Mantras, alone, are only words.   Know and understand your mantras.  Use a mantra that resonates with you– a mantra you create or a mantra you choose to use that has already been created.

Om Gam Ganesha Namaha

OM:   The sacred sound of the HEART and the Spheres

GAM:  Calling upon

Ganesha:  A Being that assists with removing blocks within the Chakra and energetic systems of the human etheric and body systems and the interface with the reality around each individual torsion field.  Primarily works with the 1-5 chakras.  Once the Heart is Opened the HEART works to empower the Torsion Field.

Namaha:  means I allow myself to receive this assistance or I surrender this to my Higher Nature/the Higher Beings so that I will be assisted.

We bless all with Love!




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