It is the Silly Season: Busyness and Energetics


3 Days before the December Solstice 2012

Yep, it is still Snowing here in the far North of the USA.

I bless us all with Love.  Today, I will be assisting someone I Love with their healthcare choices.

I will be continuing to wrap presents for all the 9 people in our household– I volunteered for this distinction (what was I thinking!) and sequestering away the Santa Gifts… keeping secrets from 3 intuitive children is a bit of a challenge.  I feel like a Jedi when he uses the force to make the sound of a pebble to distract the Dark.  It is interesting here!   Thankfully there is  hill outside and we have 3 sleds and 3 kid sized shovels and lots of hot chocolate and fruit.

I will be navigating a snowstorm with my loved one to attend to the healthcare choice in a car that needs new snow tires… we will be taking it very careful and easy.  I know I am surrounded by the LOVE and Guidance and ASSISTANCE of the ANGELS.

The Polarization that the CT,USA and China school shootings/stabbings/violence has created world wide is interesting feel unfold.  I say feel because I have opted to not to watch any media concerning these events.  This was at the request of the Angelics that I work with.

Instead, I am focusing on Loving More.  I am practicing taking nothing personally the best that I am able– being here with family, that is a full time endeavor that I happily and with Joy greet.

It is through truly practicing kindness, compassion, Love, Forgiveness– the stuff of the Masters, including Jesus, that one really anchors an Expansion of Awareness into empowering a Field.  It is not possible to empower Field while fuming about relationships.  One must be in energetic coherence with the Field

I am learning this first hand.  Having closed the negative vortex by creating a larger more empowered Field that integrated the negative vortex… it was surprisingly eased– not easy– but eased by simply following the steps given by the Fairy Realm, the Elder Healers of Benevolent LightLove, and the Angelics.  It really is doable– provided the shift in perspective, and awareness has occurred.

This Field is really creating wonderous occurrences in my life.  I also am at a different point on the timeline… can not fully explain the quantum physics nor the how… just know that it is different here, where I am, now.  I remember the old way it used to be… and it is different here now.  Same place different energy and relating.

I bless us All with Love.

I express my gratitude to Humankind, all who are expanding their Awareness.  Now that I have come to understand the quantum mechanics– I understand how to make it go… don’t ask me to build it… I am able to live with ease everywhere.

I express my gratitude to Don Miguel Ruiz for writing the wisdoms of the Toltecs down in his book:  “The Four Agreements.”  I am richer for studying this book, written in vernacular English.  I am learning to put all of this wisdom into practice– real practice with real people.

Happy Hills and Valleys.  I bless us all with Love.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  Open Hearts change the World.  —Elizabeth

Musical Selection:   Jonathan Coulton – Fun Winter

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