PEACE On, Loving More and Expecting Miracles

Elizabeth-Fairy Farm Girl 22 Days before the December Solstice 2012

I bless all with Love.   Love More and Expect Miracles.  Be very clear about what you are focusing on and creating.  Creation Manifestation is speeding up– it is happening instantaneously now for many for things that are synchronistically related, interpersonally related and goods and services related.  Money is a little more tricky as the Universe does not recognize money per say as abundance but the ways and means to money– now that the Universe can create.

I bless all with Love.

The Solstice and Celestial Alignments are bringing out the best and worst of people.  For those who are STO– Service to Others oriented, the very best of their abilities and gifts and LOVE are being magnified and brought forth to be the new way of operating… PEACE ON is what is happening in the HEART.  For those who are STS–Service to Self, the very best of the their abilities to create the worst scenarios is also being magnified.  They are creating through FEAR.  LOVE and FEAR are both made from the same ENERGY.  The ENERGY is simply tuned to create a different sort of outcome.  This is called Polarization of Energy.  Although, LOVE is the predominant frequency of the Universe– Jesus alluded to this when he said:  ‘God is Love.’  God is a force that is neither male nor female but encompasses All.  Some call this forces FatherMother God, others call it Source Energy, and still others call it God  or God(dess).  This Force is called by a multitude of names that all call upon the same energy of Source-Love.  Love is the stuff that this Universe is made of.

I bless Gaia with Love.  I bless the Surface Earth with Love.  I bless the Flora and Fauna Realms with Love.  I bless You with Love.  I bless All with Love.  

The more of Humankind switch on LOVE and turn their HEARTS to PEACE ON the more muted the Team Dark types will become by virtue of energetic entrainment.  I bless all with Love.

The Great Sorting of Souls is beginning.  The Polarization of the HUMANS on Surface Earth is now in full swing.  This means that there will be more heroics and more reason for heroics.  Then, suddenly, it will all come to a close as we each line up at the door to the NEW EARTH or not… Choose your Timeline carefully.  You always have the choice to switch lines– or go back out a door into the corridor again and await a new door to open.

The New Earth is a New Paradigm and a New Frequency in which to reside each Frequency is a Time Line.  There are always multiple Time Lines running at the same time.  You might say the Creator has provided a little something for everyone.

Your HEART is your ticket in the door to the Creme La Creme of all Time Lines– The New Earth Frequency.  Line up with Open Hearts full of Love and change your world.

Happy Day to All.  Angels abound.  Ask and Ye shall receive their Assistance… and continually clean, cleanse, clear and transmute the gunk and the junk that must be let go of to fit through the door to the New Earth.  It is a process that has its own time and place that is determined by your Soul and the path the Soul has chosen.  Trust in your HEART and Love More— truly magic-miracles will happen.

celtic knot flower of lifeMagic-miracles are simply science that we do not understand.  Love is a science of Quantum Physics and Energy Frequencies among other stuff that only mathematicians on Earth can just barely understand the preamble of.  The Angelics have assured me that the math is lining up for some Celestial Times coming soon to a corridor near you.  Line up and no pushing.

All is well.  I bless all with Love.  Open Hearts change the World.


Musical Selection:    Pleiadians – Electra 2012


Storm Mountain Jim

Perspectives– Spirit Letters, Storm Mountain Jim

It ain’t easy being an empathizer with Mother Earth. I feel her pain at many locations around her and often just know she’s been hurt again with more slaughter of life. It is a unique feeling when any life is taken in anger or fear.  When many are taken at once, it sends shivers of sadness through her net of life that is always flowing across her whole surface and penetrates to her very heart.
This web of life is what I tap into when I commune with her or send living earth-energy to her every morning in exchange for the oxygen her trees give me. I call on Helios and Vesta, the dazzling gold and blazing white light shining down from Solaris, to fill me with the living light energy to unite with the blue, green and brown of Mother under the blue sky of power now fueled with Love from blessed Gaia and this That I Am, to become healing Love for all who suffer from loss do to needless killing.

Last time I read “the ten commandments,” one of them said “Thou Shall Not Kill.” Period! Guns have one purpose only. For all those who call themselves christians and endorse the use of violence and fear by supporting gun ownership, I say you are hypocrites and send you the strength to live in that world you are creating for yourself. The claim of needing them to hunt for food is valid in very rare cases in this country. Food is readily available and meat is just plain not necessary to survive. If you feel you have to hunt animals for food, you do not need hand guns, or high power, long range weapons to kill it. Guns, especially those designed for mass killing, should be outlawed world wide along with all weapons.

Open to LOVE and you will have all the protection and food you will ever need for the eternity you can have when you turn from violence, embrace All life, and treat all that is, as you yourself want to be treated. Put yourself into that spider riding your home of flies and thank it instead of stomping it in fear. It too is The One in expression and is entitled to the same life force that you claim. Be Only Love and bring happiness and joy to All.

[An ancient saying: Cry when they are born and be joyful when they die., … (for they are free of the illusion and now One with divine Love again).]
Happy holidays to all.

(That you truly are.)

This may be Freely copied and posted in it’s entirety as is, provided this permission statement is included.  © 12/18/12 All Rights Reserved.

Storm Mountain Jim lives in Colorado.  He is a Progressive Earther, Leader, writer and Human Angel.  He writes for the Fairy Farm Girl Digest and other publications.


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