Time for Introspection and Peace ON and The Travail of Birth

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In honor of my old mentor William

Life begins with a single step.  Simple take one step.  Stop.  Then take another step.  Stop.  It is easy when you see your path as simply one step.  — Fairy Farm Girl


 12/20/12 and Continuing:  Breathing through the throes of Birth Pains.  Be present. BE in your HEART.  Support Gaia with your daily prayers of Love and Encouragement.  BE present.  This time is not about the Mind it is about the Pregnant Earth-Gaia and MotherHEART.

A quick meditation.

Breathe in deeply.  Hold the Breathe for a count of 1234567.  Release the Breath.  Now Breathe in and exhale slowly as if you are breathing through something.

Now, As you breathe in slowly again.  Imagine Gaia birthing all of the New Earth through her body.  Breathe out slowly as you do this– as if you letting something flow through you.

Say a prayer/intention/well-wishes  to Gaia in your own way.  Letting our EARTH-GAIA know that you are here and supporting her.  Be present as you do this and cultivate introspection.

What ever vibes you may recieve, info, or communication act on in the most kind and supportive way in which you are able to do so.

I bless us All with Love.  —Elizabeth and Fairy Farm Girl


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Elizabeth-Fairy Farm Girl 2It is one day before the December Solstice 2012.

A quiet day today.  All around is muted by the multitude of snow!  The air has a soft quality that only snow can create.  The skies are clearing with little patches of blue shining through the clouds.  The trees are bending heavy with snow  and yet flexible.  The Trees are the original “Meek Ones.”

Everything seems to be full of pregnant ready to burst forth with new life and new song.  For being in the middle of winter this is an inside sort of activity.  A day to go within, sit by the fire and rebirth the self and Earth-Gaia.

I have been feeling lately as if I were pregnant.  Which I am not pregnant as is having another human baby.  What I am is feeling the pregnancy of the Earth-Gaia and all of the Cosmos as well as our own rebirthing process.  It is busy all around and within us all.

Birth is a natural process.  It is something that we as women if given the chance and the environment of supportive Love just know what to do– our body knows, our soul and the new soul knows and the mind knows… all of creation knows.  It is a process that we can greatly impede or empower based on our focused envisioning.   LOVE eases transitions and creates anew.  FEAR stalls transitions and miscreates.

Gaia is in what I would call the ‘travail, ‘ at this time.  She has been there for several weeks– as we have as well.  She is now at the crowning stage– this would explain so of my more unusual physical symptoms these past 3 days.  It is a stage where the head of the baby makes it way out though the birth canal.  This is where we all are with Gaia-Earth.  It is a vulnerable time for mother and baby(s).  Usually after the crowning a BIG PUSH happens and baby makes its entry into the world and is born.  Welcome to the Earth is whispered by mothers everywhere.

planet Earth

This is where I am.  Introspection is part of this process.  As the Travail pauses, a woman will go within.  She will journey inward and then in the final push outward.  This is why so many males and attendants often remark ‘it is like she (the birthing mother) was not present.    This is the space of active creation– and way beyond intention and envisioning.

I bless us all with Love.

Today is a  time to of introspection and active Peace On.  It is a day to consider where I have come from,  well at least what I can still remember.   I am then, looking at what where I am headed with the different probabilities that are lining up to be populated and energized with focused thoughts.

There are many talking about Kindness.  I have spoken of Kindness since I began writing and being an Angelic and Fairy Realm Communicator.  So, today I do not speak of kindness even though it is the first step toward compassion.

Compassion is the combination of kindness and wisdom.  It is having the ability to respond with Love which is the energy that empowers kindness and act kindly– in a loving way toward another.  When combined with the wisdom of when to be kind and when to stand back and let go is what creates Compassion.

Compassion is knowing when to stand back and support with Loving thoughts and when to jump in and assist by actually doing something– being the doing.

Then, there is intention.  My old mentor used to say to me, ‘Intention is not enough.  You can intend to feed the hungry and give them food and insist they eat it… but it they are allergic to lobstah, and you are feedin’ them lobstah’ then how have you helped?  If they are allergic to wheat and you are feedin’ them wheat’ how have you helped by insisting they eat what they know is not going to be good for them.   How DO you KNOW what is best for someone else?  Did you ask them if they would like assistance?  How DO you KNOW what their life plans and soul plans and soul contracts are?   Maybe they do not want your help.  Maybe they like the trouble they are creating for themselves.  You can not change the choices of others you can only change yours!”

I remember him saying this to me because it was about a situation that I was very upset about.  As far as William was concerned intentions were for amateurs.  I remember this as I many tell me they intend this and that.  I remember that intention is only a wisp of probability.  It is first step.

Focused envisioning is beyond intention… it is beyond assumptions… it is in the throes of creative idea conception that then with the energy of LOVE and the Universe becomes so and takes form.  This is what William was showing me in his usual bellicose way.

So the wisdom to know when to act and when to just let go and let another do what they need to do for whatever outcome they are trying to create or not trying to create.  We can only save ourselves.  We can however, hold open the door and as another climbs through offer a steadying hand.  It is up to each of us to respond to the world in a Loving way the best we are able.  Don Miguel Ruiz spoke of this when he said “always do your best..”

So, today, I will spend the day doing the stuff that one does in life in a space of introspection.  I will continue to respond to all around me kindly and with compassion.  I will continue to deepen my envisioning.  I will continue to deepen and expand the LightLOVE I hold and radiate outward as it is what I am.  I have turned my HEART to PEACE ON.  It is always a challenge to keep the HEART turned on to PEACE ON when there is so much intention flowing around.  To stay clear in my strands of probability is an act of courage, compassion, LOVE and self kindness.  There is much that wishes to pull us off center.  By standing firm in LOVE within our own hearts and acting with charity (another word for kindness) toward ourselves and others, we are able to maintain and stay our course.   I will be actively assisting the Earth-Gaia during her travail and Fairy Farm Girl will be assisting me through my spiritual travail.  I bless us All with Love.  I bless you with Love.

Flow with the LightLOVE.

Kindness counts.  It is the first step.  I have spoken of this many times.  Fairy Farm Girl has spoken of this.  The Angelics have spoken of this.  The Beautiful Many have spoken of this.  In just about every religion, book religion and no book religion,  kindness is a virtue.

Fairy Farm Girl spoke to me this early morning.  For a little while, I will be working on my stuff while she provides energetic support– Beaming LightLove toward me as I rebirth myself and open doors for others to do the same.   As I support the Earth-Gaia in her birth of the New Earth.

An open door is an opportunity.  It is up to the other person to walk through it.

I bless us all with Love.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  Open Hearts change the World.



Elizabeth’s Note:  A Doula is a birth attendant and advocate for the birthing mother.  It is the Doula’s job to protect, nurture, support and uphold the choices of the mother.  A Doula is there to support in any way that the birthing mother asks for her/him to do so.  In a birthing situation a Doula is essential to ensure that the birth is enhanced  and if in a hospitable the birth will be medicalized rather than seen as a natural and sacred event.

We are all the Earth-Gaia’s Doulas and have been for quite sometime.  I bless us all with Love.   –Elizabeth

Earth is our Home

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