12/22/12 The New Earth Begins

12/22/12  The World Continues.  I bless all with Love.  Let us Love each other more and expect miracles.  The miracles are created through the HEART with the focus of thought.  It is first created within the HEART.

Yesterday, 12/21/12 I spent being a happy Hermit.  I rested and reflected went within into introspection.  I saw the Dolphins and Whales, Turtles, and Octopus all toning and speaking to the Earth- with physical song and transpersonal song to the Earth Gaia.  I saw them massage her spine (which seemed to be located along the Atlantic Ridge of the Ocean.  I saw the birds and the Fairy Realm smooth her brow.  I felt the trees increase her respiration and send their loving roots deeper into her surface.  I felt the calls of the Jungle and Savanna animals all making the sounds of Loving encouragement.  I saw the Elephants toning and embracing her with their wise and Loving and Gentle tones assisting Earth-Gaia through her travail.

I saw open HEARTED Human Angels everywhere singing songs of encouragement to Gaia, whispering words of Loving encouragement and holding the Earth-Gaia in their HEARTS.

I saw a pregnant Goddess giving birth attended by Loving Humans and Angelics everywhere.  I bless All with Love.

I also, had the joy of a living life review– stuff that still remains to be let go of was reviewed and let go of– the files are still there but empty of contents.  It is a joy and at the same time a bit weird to see memories that are traumatic, past lives that are traumatic simply fade from view– from being there in form to simply no longer there– like something turning from opaque to clear and then simply disappearing– leaving behind beautiful strands of golden-lighted energy that creates an empty space that beckons to be filled with Love– Light Flows to Light.  Light expands Light.  All that is Light is filled with Love.

All this was happening while outside there was quite a gale going on and had been going on for several days before– and on 12/21/12 the Gale had reached a force– I briefly saw the weather before the TV went out– and saw that the Midwest of the USA was snowed in and a big storm was happening in what looked like the Pacific Northwest of the USA– and in the NorthEast of the USA, we had rain, sleet, snow and high winds.

It was a joy to be so sequestered in a space that allowed for dreaming time.  A gift of introspection and Loving More.  A gift of time free of distractions to concentrate on breathing with Gaia, assisting her in her process of rebirthing herself anew– as I too was rebirthing (and continue to do so now) myself.

I came to the realization that all those times I did not have the money to go to this gathering or that gathering was of no matter.  I had all that I needed within my HEART.  Just as I had all I needed to successfully give birth physically, so too I had all that I needed to rebirth myself, spiritually.  I did not need this stone or that stone.  This chant or that chant.  This process or that process.  All that was required was an open HEART and Mind and a willingness to be coherent with the New Earth Frequency.

Birth is a Natural Process.  It is best as a no-frills event with gentle hands and hearts, soft and loving lighting, and encouraging embraces.  It is best with simple heart to heart connection.

During the day on 12-21-12, held my daughters hands (my son was off doing something exciting) and we just breathed together.  Laughed and were happy in our time spent just beeeeing.

By the late afternoon, which is dark as night this time of year here, we all were ready for bed.  To the sounds of wind singing with the trees, and galing around the building, the rattling windows and the puff, puff, puff of the curtains as they gentle were blown away from the windows, we gently and soundly fell into a dreamy reverie and sleep.  During the time dreams of plenty of abundance abounded.  Work was done.  Gaia was supported.  And our bodies changed in ways that can only be explained as an indescernible “upgrade.”  We slept through the night.  I awakened at 11:11 pm and 1:11 am and then at 5:11 am.  Each time I awakened I found I was thirsty and craving the scent of lemon and mint.  I annointed myself with mint essential oil and drank lemon water.  I took in the sharp and sweet scent of the lemon as I squeezed fresh juice of lemon into my seltzer water (another craving).  My daughters awoke several minutes later calling for lemon fizzy water.

I did not spend much time thinking or pondering as to the “why” we were craving these things… only that they brought joy and satisfaction to our experience.  It felt right and we went with it.

Each time we awoke– it was only for a few minutes before our eyes became heavy again and we all went back to sleep while listening to the wind sing.

For all intents and purposes, if we had been ignorant of the weather and exposed to the elements, we might just have thought the world was ending.  It sure sounded like it.  But, truly, it was only a storm and the wind was singing and the trees were creaking.  The storm was not that bad, a usual winter gale for Maine.  I remember blessing the modern Miracles of central heat, insulated walls, windows that were sound and doors that stayed latched.  I blessed the space so comfortable to sleep upon.  I blessed my loved ones and the Earth-Gaia.  I blessed the weather for slowing everything down, creating space for Earth-Gaia to birth without the interruptions of the follies of Humankind.  It was a blessing in so many ways that I am only beginning to understand.

Yesterday, my internet connection was limited.  At 12:01 am or so I posted a Happy December Solstice 2012 Message– and that was it for the modern internet connectivity for me.  It was a welcome all stop.

The Miracle is that we are all here now at this momentous time:  The beginning of a NEW EPOCH.  The New Earth Epoch, which some call the Age of Aquarius, is an Epoch concerned with the HEART.  It is concerned with Coherence of the HEART and Thought.  This is the great connecting that is happening now– and has been happening for quite sometime– since 1883 with the first murmurings from the Theosophical Movement to the Tibetans to the burgeoning of  emancipation for people everywhere.  It all began then:  the conception of the New Earth– and the return of the Ascended Masters and of course this was marked by Krakatoa   This was the first wave that created the rest of the New Waves with just  little ripple– change in the wave frequencies upon Surface Earth.

There was much that the Earth-Gaia had to let go of at that moment in time from an Epoch lest 130 years of negativity.  Indonesia was in the throes of enslavement– as was much of the East Indies and Asia Minor, the world was thought separate, and the idea that some people were less than others was the belief of the day.  The Volcano that was heard around the world changed all of that.  It showed by the sound of the Volcano erupting that All things were connected.  It also led to numerous revolutions where native peoples all over Asia threw of the yoke of their masters and demanded freedom.

That was the beginning of this New Earth Epoch that we are now fully entering.  The New Earth has moved beyond the travail of the crowning and now the Birth is fully in process. It is only a matter of time before the New Earth fully emerges.

I bless All with Love.  The New Earth Begins!

Love More and Expect Miracles!  Open Hearts change the World.


Storm Mountain JimPerspectives– Spirit Letters, Storm Mountain Jim

I Bless your Heart with wisdom and understanding. I fill your Heart with Love and Equanimity.
As you think, you empower  what you think about. Each and everyone of us is whole and complete as a living expression of The ONE Source of all thoughts.  When you Stop judging everyone’s words and actions, you can see their own perfection. When you stop living in your past and let it go, you open to a New World you have yet to create. Judgment is the jailer that keeps you imprisoned in that which was instead of that which can be. STOP JUDGING what other do, think or say.  They too are PERFECT and are fulfilling their contract with you to give you the practice you requested to see beyond their “faults” which you are judging.
We each create the world we live in. Why hold onto those dead thoughts from the past that make you uncomfortable about that situation you get upset with. Release your little head-mind filled with the illusion of separation and embrace the Fullness of your Heart-mind where there is ONLY PERFECTION. Empower That which will make you happy and kick out that which doesn’t. You are the only one who can. You are the gatekeeper of all that you allow to exist in your head-mind. You can live in whatever world you decide to create. This is your moment to step out of the illusion you are creating and BE That which You desire To BE. All it takes is Your desire to be the expression of LOVE and to live as That LOVE. Command all that is not in alignment with the divine plan for Gaia-Earth AND YOU, to vacate your head and fill those voids with Love and equanimity. BE THAT what you already are. BE LIVING LOVE NOW EMBODIED for this planet. BE the God-Goddess you have manifest to be. Be the steward of this planet we chose to create and be your brother’s and sister’s Comforter not antagonist that re-enforces whatever illusion you and they are creating moment to moment. It is, right now, your opportunity to step into the perfect Earth life filled with Love, happiness and joy. Or, remain locked in the illusion you unknowingly created by the erroneous belief of separation most humanity has been brainwashed into living as powerless beings over all you yourselves are creating with every breath you breathe.
I LOVE You just the way you are, already whole, complete and perfect even if you choose to remain in the lower vibrations of duality you dream you are in.
Your choice, your world. I choose Living Love wherever I Am or go.

(That you truly are.)

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This may be Freely copied and posted in it’s entirety as is, provided this permission statement is included.  © 12/22/12 All Rights Reserved.

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