Happy Christmas and Continued Birthing of the New Earth


Merry Christmas Eve and Day, Dec 24-25 2012 to All. Let Light Flow to your Light. Let your Light be expanded within and around and throughout you. Let all that is Light be filled with Love. I bless All with Love.
The Beauty of the Christmas Tree decked out with beautiful bows and baubles and sweet candies– topped with a beautiful Star.
The Star is shaped like a Human-Being. The Star emotes the Divinity of All Life and Humankind.
There is much symbolism of the Christmas Tree that is aligned with the Goddess Mother-Earth-Gaia Traditions.
Make you own Traditions. Follow the HEART. Love More and Expect Miracles!
Open Hearts Change the World.
I bless All with Love! Merry Christmas Eve and Day to All! Happy Day and Unfolding Energy of the NEW EARTH to All!
Be Charitable to yourself and others. Much Healing is happening right now for all of Humankind. There is much energy flowing to the Earth creating an optimal environment for Letting Go and Forgiving and Loving More of yourSelf and others!
Let your Light Shine Through filled with Love.
Merry Christmas!

Peace On Earth and within the HEART.  Let us all Co-Exist with Peace On.

This time of year holds the promise of Love and Light for many of the Book Religions and no-book religions.  There are many ways to celebrate the return of Light-Love that so long ago marked time with the lengthening of days after the Solstice.  It was a time of year when Planets aligned, Celestial Forces were coherent and people rejoiced with their God and ways of worship.

To name all these ways would take more time than this short Ezine allows for.  I bless all that Celebrate Hanukkah and Kwanza, and the Solstice, and Christmas.  I bless all that celebrate in their own ways the return of LightLove.


This return of LightLove is about the seeing of more Light and more Love.  LightLove has always been present– it is the perspective that has changed– as the Earth Moves in her Celestial Alignment so too does the Light seem to change– and yet, the LightLove has always been present.

I bless us all with Love.  I thank all of you for being here now.  Peace to you and yours within your HEART and throughout you and All around you.  Blessed Be those who choose Peace.

I express my gratitude for All that have chosen to embrace, hold, and expand their LoveLight.  I Bless All with Love!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!



We bless you with Love.

–Fairy Farm Girl and Elizabeth


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