Snowy Day, Full Moon and The New Earth: It is some Weather going on

Elizabeth-Fairy Farm Girl 2It is  truly a winter here in the North where I am currently residing.  The snow is coming down like it did when I was a child.  The wind is blowing, the snow is falling, the plow truck is piling snow in the driveway.

Happiness for the Fairy Farm is hills to sled on and hot cocoa to drink afterwards by the woodstove fire.

Small pleasures concerned with family and closeness, low tech toys and reading is the rule of our days.

Peace is on in our HEARTS.  Flow is in play easing the way to the New Earth.17951_1274979287886_8193799_n

Eating good food.  Drinking clean water and snacking on Christmas candies is a joy.

We are all becoming anew– renewed and rebirthed through the winter blankets of snow and introspection.  Celestial Energies are filling us with good mojo to create the optimal environment for personal transformation.

The energies of the old Earth are falling away.  Memories have gone missing… the files are still there but empty.

This is a time of birthing anew– this time of healing and transmutation.  Practice charity toward yourself– be your own Field of Love– charity is a word that rolls this into one– charity is a word that is very old-fashioned and has been misused to mean something else.  Charity is loving kindness, compassion all together.

Be charitable toward yourself and others.  As you practice Loving More that Love (which you are) radiates outward affecting all that is around you near and far.  The more of Humankind that shifts, the more the New Earth is created.  We are co-creating with the Earth-Gaia.

The Earth-Gaia is still in the travail of birth… you could say the shoulders of the New Earth are about to emerge.  This is the hardest part of a birth for mammals– and Fairy Farm Girl and I use this analogy here to assist you in understanding the process we are all undergoing.

Once the shoulders are free of the birthing canal, then the rest is easy in comparison!

After the shoulders comes a couple more big pushes (celestial movements and Earth Movements) and voila!  There is a New Earth that has been birthed.

We are not quite there yet.  Still making progress.  Still moving forward.

Birthing is about letting go to move forward.  Let go and Love More of you.  Forgive.

angel wingsClean, Clear, Cleanse, Transmute.  This is the process of inner work.  The Angels are all around, waiting in the wings for you to ‘Ask and Ye shall Receive.’   Ask them for help when you are stalled in your personal birth process… they will be there in a 1/2 blink of an eye to assist you– The Infinite Creator, Big G has given the go ahead to assist in all ways with all hands on deck from the Elder Healers of the Star Nations to the Angels to the Cosmic Citizens, to the Beautiful Many to the Human Angels, to the Planetary Intelligences to the Solaris Sun to the little gods (Positive 4/5D Beings) to us, Humankind, to the Realms of Flora and Fauna,– and all that have been unsaid, All Hands on Deck to help out and Assist in this shift that Humankind and the Earth and Cosmos is in the midst of.

We are all Expanding our Awareness.  I bless us All with Love.

Now is the time to finish up forgiveness work– letting go of old wounds.  Letting go of old hurts.  Letting go to go forward.  Focus on what you choose to create– say what you would like to see not the other way around.

This is a new way– a new habit– to truly LOVE More of yourSelf and expect to experience to the MIRACLE of doing so.

I bless all with Love.  Open Hearts change the World.

Namaste —Elizabeth


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