We Are All Like Butterflies


Blessed Readers–

At this time Elizabeth is  resting. The ezine will return soon.

Humanity at this time is like butterflie in various stages of chrysalis — some of Humankind is just entering chrysalis : and others are in the midst of chrysalis: and yet others are or have just emerging from the cocoon: and a few are now taking flight.

All is of the opening and living by way of the Heart. This is the big shift that is underway.  The Earth-Gaia has shifted and the New Earth is now open.

Many are awakening to the New Earth Doorway.

Many are awakening to the Doorway exiting out of 3D Earth which we will refer to as ‘Old Earth.’

Many are waiting in the Corridor, still in the process of letting all that must be let go to go through the New Earth Doorway– the shift is achieved only in a state of innocence.  A state of Being where all that must be forgiven has been, baggage has been set down.  One goes through the doorway naked and emerges clothed in the garments of the New Earth.  It is a step through of Faith and Understanding, Fortitude and Heart-Centered Knowing.

This is a shift of the HEART into the NEW EARTH.

We are all in the process of movement that is akin to the BIG PUSH that results in a Rebirthing or a Birth.  As with all newly born, there is a time of learning and adjustment, development and strengthening, growth and resting, and more resting– until finally, on a day like any other day— We move forward.

The wings take Flight having been strengthened with the LOVE from the HEART.   Our wings are figurative and literal.  The metaphor is that of shifting into an Expanded Awareness.

I must rest now.

We bless all with Love.


Musical Selection:     Time-lapse of Butterfly Lifecycle

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