The Change is within: The Chrysalis Effect

March 21, 2013 Equinox

The beautiful Many

The beautiful Many

Beloved Ones:

When the butterfly enters chrysalis, the physical caterpillar body dissolves and is re-organized and resurrected as a butterfly.

Many of are in the dissolving state, the emerging state, the wing exercising state.  Many are finding that their minds are skipping like an old fashioned record with a scratch that causes it to skip out of its groove.

Many feel a great sense of futility and despair.

We wish to acknowledge this.  We touch you with our energy to caress you faces, to urge you on, to bolster your hearts and Mind.  We bless you all with Love.  We Love you All.

There are a great many speaking on this.  We offer this communication in response to the difficulty Elizabeth has been experiencing.

The short term memory is skipping… this in turn gives pause to the program — and they are seeing what “is” around them with new eyes.

A way to understand this is to think of the word “dog.”  Go ahead.  Think of the word “Dog.”  Take note of what is seen in the mind  Write it down.

Now, is that the only “type” of “Dog?”  Is this concept of “Dog” the same as anothers?

As the short term memory skips– the conditioned concepts are taken off line.  Thus, new ways of seeing are perceived.  New ways of relating and inter-relating suddenly seem possible.  –And, those conceptual perceptions are called into question.  This causes confusion within the mind.

Breathe Deeply into you HEART.  Stay calm.  Go into your center.

It will take time to process what is the new… what is a deepening of reality.  Reality is changeable as it is largely based on conceptual perceptions.

This is also called judgement.

Judgement cause a stagnation of perception.  Judgement creates a “groove” in which the world is perceived .

The positive pole of “Judgement” is Acceptance.

For instance, returning to the word “Dog.”  Can you, beloved, accept that there are many concepts of “Dog?”  That there are many attributes of the physical beingness of “Dog?”


Acceptance leads to flowFlow is the positive pole of stagnation.

Elizabeth is in the midst of the flexing of the wings after emerging from chrysalis.  She is experiencing the great effort of opening the HEART wide open.  She is experiencing the letting go of the old to embrace the new.  Although the physical being has changed… the consciousness must integrate into the physical matrix.  It is more than one thing that must come on line and link up.

Human Beings are complex physically embodied multidimensional beings.  The old Earth brain is not capable of processes the accelerated energy and light coded streams.

So, the energy and light coded streams must be re-routed through the HEART and link to the Mind Matrix (not the brain).  This is allowing for the brain to be rewired without becoming overloaded.

The skipping of the short term memory is a gift– it takes the grooves of the neuron connections offline and reroutes the intelligence through the Heart.  The Heart then communicates with the Mind and the Mind then re-routes through the brain creating new neuron connectivity.  As this happens the brain becomes whole again– it is a process that has been happening to humankind physicality for 40 years— slowly at first with those who could embody the new light codes and now in 2013, the upgrade of subtle connectivity is stepping up into a greatly accelerated pace of inner-growth.

The wings must be pumped before the butterfly can take its first flight.  The HEART must be expanded and the brain whole before embodied humans can move into a greater resonance with multidimensionality.

LOVE requires each embodied human to reach out and create new connections.  New connections through Loving Each other.  There are those who are working so diligently to take flight.  Their efforts require support.  Some are more able than others.  Share your gifts with your neighbors near and far.  Connect to each other through the Heart Energy of Love.  How this takes form is up to each of you.  A kind word, a care package, donations, gifts of goods or services.  All are forms of Love Connections.

Have the courage to ask for assistance from your friends, neighbors, loved ones, other humans throughout the world and the world around you.  Through sharing greater wealth for all is created.

The New EARTH is created through the connectivity of the HEART and acting upon HEART connection.  It is not a passive creation.  Instead this creation is active.  It requires you to do something while BEing.

Mantras and positive affirmations are not enough.  You must now act upon those Mantras; act upon the positive affirmations.


Express Gratitude for all that is shared with you, dear ones.  Express Gratitude for all that expands your HEART.  Show gratitude to the Earth-Gaia.  Show Gratitude to your friends, loved ones, fellow embodied Humans.  It is through the energy of gratitude that LOVE is expanded through the HEART connection to those you have resonance with.

All is interconnected.

Rest and flex your wings, dear ones.  We are always with you.  You are most loved.

Follow your intuition.  When you feel you need help ask for help.  To receive one first must ask, then willingly accept the assistance.

Call upon us to assist with guidance.

Be kind to you.  Growing into a multidimensional Being is a process that takes time and focus.  All things unfold when the time is right for you.  Each of you has a unique “when the time is right unfolding.”  This is natural.

You are all becoming like butterflies.  Embrace your new wings.  Rejoice in your growth.  Honor your former state.  Focus on Love and  the outcome you wish to see in your life.

We bless you with Love.  –Fairy Farm Girl, Beautiful Many through Elizabeth

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