Happy Earth Day

I pledge Alliagence to the Earth

people holding hands


I’m sorry, Forgive me, (I offer this healing)
I love you and thank you — amen
I’m sorry, Forgive me, (an open heart I bring)
I love you and thank you — amen

Elizabeth Speaks


Daffodils  blooming in the newly dawning day.   Sunny Faces reaching toward the sun.  Green stems bending in the winds.   Roots reaching down into the Earth rooting and expanding their bulbs.
Birds sing…

Spring! Spring! Sprdaffodils_2ing!  Awaken Mother Earth Gaia!  Spring! Spring! Spring!  We Love You Mother!  Spring! Spring! Spring forthe and greening in your Graceful Glory!

Earth Day Message

Happy Earth Day, my dear Friends and Readers!  For my family here at the Fairy Farm, this is akin to a Galactic Holiday!  We really celebrate the Earth on this day, more than we usually celebrate living life fully!

Today I will be working in the urban garden I am creating.  planet EarthInvention is the mother of necessity!  And Wowzas, we have a tiny spot, and lots of vertical space!

During my down time, I have been learning how to garden in tiny spaces.  It is a joy to create with this challenge.  The only limit is my ability to imagine and money.  Although, the money part can be overcome with effort and grace and synchronicity as well as the accelerated manifestation that we have just entered.

The Gypsies that I have had the joy of interacting with have extolled to me,  “Be careful fair sister what you wish for. You might just get get that which you may wish you have not.”  I laugh aloud for it is Truth that they speak for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

So mind your wings and wish consciously for that which you are creating.

Today, we will also be doing a yard clean up.  The previous tenants were quite the junk and rubbish collectors.  We will be recycling what we can and disembarking to the transfer station.  It will free up some beautiful space by a fence where Nature has found a way to grow where the landlord missed swathing with asphalt.

We have created a raised bed up on some over turned 5 gallon food grade buckets.  These buckets  make a perfect base and raise the raised bed table above the flooding river-marsh water that happens time to time here!  Know your environment.  Work with the natural systems around you by finding harmonious solutions.  The raised bed planter is up-cycled perfectly sized wooden box that is about a 3X3 square.  This is a large enough area for what I have planned to plant there.

First, I must prepare the bed.  In my next installment I will write about this.  For now it is a “work in progress” with my vague plan that I will be putting into action on this very fine day.

I will also be making (with the help of my wonderful family) vertical planting cones.  This is another method I learned about from my study of gardening in small small small tiny spaces.   I will be writing more on this as I experiment and see how it goes.  Weeee!  Look at meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Ha!

Then, we shall take a break and go to the park to lay upon the grass while the kids romp around and just take in the positive vibes from the Earth and listen to the grass grow.

Yes, you can really hear the grass growing.  Try it sometime.  Just lay upon the ground and look up at the sky and train the ears to hear the ground.  Quiet your mind and just listen.  You will soon hear it.  It is unmistakable as the sounds of the grass growing!

I bless you all with Love.  Enjoy this day.  Take time to just notice the Earth and Nature all around you!

Happy Earth Day!


Fairy Farm GirlFairy Farm Girl Speaks

We bless you with Love on this beautiful day.

Let us all join together with out Hearts and Minds and Bodies, standing where ever you are:  Raise your Arms and open your hands showing the palms to the Sun. 

The sun is shining always, even when you can not “see” the sun.

Put your feet together, naturally standing, imagine your are a Tree! 

Yes, You are a Tree!  There is not much difference between you and a Tree– other than the organization of atoms.  From our perspective that is a wee tiny difference… but from your perspective, it seems that there is not much in common you have with the Tree.  Ah… yes, perspective… such a pernicious State-of-Being.

Now Simply breathe.  Inhale the Love encoded in the very Air you breathe.  Just hold for a moment.  Exhale with a sigh. 

Let us do this again.  Inhale.  Hold for just a moment.  Exhale with a Sigh.

Here where we are, we are always with you… there is No Time like the Present.  The Present is always, well, present... (laughing with joy).

Now a Tree has roots that reach up to the sky and the sun.  These roots you call leaves, branches, bark, the trunk of the tree.  A tree is a spiral that grows upward toward the sun, rooting itself in the Solar Disk Energy.


A tree has roots that reach down, down, deep into the earth, (well some more deeply than others).  These roots you call “roots.”  These roots reach down to the HEART of Mother Earth-Gaia.  The roots take in moisture and nourishment from the Dirt of the Earth and the HEART Energy of the Earth.


The Tree is a Conduit.  It transmits Solar Disk Energy to the Earth, and Earth Energy to the Solar Disk… and in this process Humankind and Surface Earth is showered with Love Coded Energy.

This Energy is seen by you as Respiration.  The Tree breathes out oxygen for you.  One of the many functions of the Tree on Earth is to create breathable air for all of Mother Earth-Gaia’s Children that reside upon and in Surface Earth– the Dirt of the Earth.


That is not the only function of the Tree.   The Tree is multidimensional just as you are.  Breathe in the Love that is all around you.

Hold that Love within your lungs just for a moment, experience the Love held within between the notes of experience.

Now, with your arms raised and palms facing the Sun, and feet together rooting in the Earth.




Place your palms together and hold your hands in front of the middle of your HEART Chakra.

Just hold your hands there for a moment.  Inhaling and Exhaling naturally.

If you wish, bow to all creation in unity with all Creation.

At any time revisit this posture, to connect with the Divinity that is within you, that which you already are, just simply awaiting your conscious expansion.  This will assist you in staying centered through this rocky ride that all of creation is experiencing as you begin your ascent in earnest.

This is what is meant by the invocation that Elizabeth speaks of when she says in response to what is considered suffering.  The remedy, the way out of suffering is to expand awareness and raise your frequency.  This naturally happens when you choose to take in more Light adding to the Light you already are.

golden_heart_jpgLight Invocation:

Let Light Flow to your Light.  Let your Light be expanded within, throughout, and around you.  Let all that is Light be filled with Love.

(when saying this invocation for yourself, use the appropriate personal pronoun or name)

It is with Love we honor and recognize all the good and great stewardship of the many of Humankind who have risen to the call and the task to Love the Earth.  On this Day, Elizabeth and We would like to convey our heartfelt Greeting to you,

Happy Earth Day!

Love More and Expect Miracles.  We bless you with Love.    —Fairy Farm Girl and the Fairy Realm through Elizabeth

Natural Bridge

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    Thank you Elizabeth, I very much enjoyed you and the fairies sharing.

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