Happy Earth Day Week: We are All Family

The Cosmos is much wider and vast and populated with our family members of our Galactic Family Tree.  It is not just you and me.  I Am:  You Are:  We Are:  One.


 We are Sovereign Beings and part of much greater Galactic Family.  We are   All Family.

We have always been part of the Galactic Cosmos. There is more than just us… and it is us (Humankind) that is the link to the next level of evolution for the whole Cosmos. We are indeed very very special. We are the Children of All that is and was. There have been little gods (ET races on power trips) that tried to keep us hemmed in with false doctrine. And then there are Angelic Guides that are (ET races that are our Benevolent Guides and Helpers and Friends). Then, we have a bit of a band of negativity around the Earth (left over from the exit of the little gods). These beings and entities seek to feed on humankind. It is only LOVE that will remedy this. We are the children of all that is and was, we are built for LOVE and LIGHT, we are humanity with HEARTS… It is always there awaiting your conscious expansion.


My Earth Day News:

Today I also had the extreme pleasure to read an amazing article about Valer Austin who is re-establishing natural habitats in the Sonora Desert on the Mexico and US sides of the border.  It is such an amazing beautiful article! In the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt and Rachel Carson, this amazing woman is showing the world how to restore land for all people!

She is one of my new Heroes for the Earth-Gaia. Happy Earth Day Week!
Read this amazing Article from Sept. 2012 found in the O Magazine (that I got for Free at the library!).

“The land was parched and cracked and scattered with stones, as if the clouds had rained rocks in this part of the world. Small, thorny mesquites dotted the landscape, their taproots tunneling far beneath the soil to suck whatever water lay there. Creosote bushes fanned out from their mounds of chalky dirt and arroyos twisted this way and that, like immense snakes gouging the earth. Some were 20, even 30 feet deep, their beds barren of vegetation, dry as a bone, but strewn colorfully with litter.

This was the terrain Valer Austin saw 13 years ago. She was 59 years old, and one can imagine her walking swiftly over the hard land, dressed in jeans, white button-down shirt, a bushwhacker hat cinched at the chin, puffs of dust, fine as talcum powder, rising with her footsteps; her scanning an arroyo, violet-blue eyes narrowed over the sharp cheekbones, noting the depth of the thing and then gazing out over the vast stretch of dry, red earth. This was what was left of the San Bernardino ranch in Sonora, Mexico, after everything that could be taken from it had been taken, after all the previous owners, the ranchers and the farmers, had wrung it dry. Valer and her husband, Josiah, had just purchased the ranch, adding it to the several they already owned in the borderlands of Sonora and Arizona. None of these ranches were healthy and productive, though San Bernardino was the most degraded of them all. Just mesquite and rocks, rocks and mesquite.

“See the water there?” Valer and I are driving through El Coronado, the first ranch that she and Josiah bought, on a lark, 31 years ago. We climb out of her truck to look at a meandering stream. Cottonwood, white-barked sycamore, and juniper line the banks. As we drive on, we see fields of native grasses, a sunshiny yellow now in midwinter. “None of this was here when we first came,” Valer says, her voice as light and emphatic as a girl’s. The face she turns to me is small and delicate, almost pixieish; her eyes are brightly lit. “There was no water. None!” But that was before she and her husband took on the immense project of bringing water back to these desecrated landscapes.” (The Promised Land, Kathy Dobie, September 2012, O The Oprah Magazine, pg 172You can read the Article here at O magazineAn Amateur Rancher Brings the Wastelands of the Southwest Back to Life

We are all Family!  Happy Earth Day Week.  I bless you with Love. –Elizabeth

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