Beltane: May Day: World Love Day May 1st 2013

may-day-small                     Beltane                           May Day                           Global Love Day

Elizabeth-Fairy Farm Girl 2Today is May 1st.  A day that is celebrated around the world in many different ways.  The three ways that I celebrate are diverse and found throughout the ages.  I celebrate Beltane, May Day and Global Love Day.

I have been very busy with just keeping up with the Energies flowing to the Earth.  It has required me to dedicate a lot of time to self care.

Integration of these energies required me to take time and just be in nature and increase my physical activity level.

The solar flares, Eclipses and the planetary movements throughout the cosmos really threw me for a loop!  Oh my,  It has and continues to be fun.

It continues to be necessary for me to be integrating these new energies.  This post has taken me all day to complete!  Sometimes I find myself just daydreaming or in between the spaces within thoughts.  This is called the Void.  The Void is from whence all things begin and end… it is where creation happens.  Although, in physicality, it feels as if someone hit the pause button.

Distractabilty is part of these new energies, that and feeling so completely in awe and wonder about the most mundane things… so it is could be said, I am high on LoveLight!  Wowzas it is a great place to be.

This ecstatic feeling is then followed by extreme sleepiness!  I have children so me and the coffee maker have renewed our friendship!  I have had to drink a lot of coffee at times to just stay awake!

Sleep has become delicious again… not since I was a very young child have I fallen into bed, been instantly asleep, happily dreaming dreams that Love is made of.   I awaken from a long sleep (10 hours is a long time for me) feeling as if I am wrapped in the very fabric of Love.   Until you have experienced this, I can not adequately convey or emote this feeling.

Instant Manifestation is on the uptake — too many instances for it to be a fluke or temporary state.  Trust is key though!

I have much to celebrate.  2012 has been a challenging year, that I made it through!  And now in 2013 the 5th month, almost 1/2 way through the year, I have much to celebrate!

I am finally in good health!

I have a lovely place and space in which to live and work and play!  I am blessed with many people who care for me near and far.

I have plenty when I trust in the universe (still working on that one… doing better though).

There is much to celebrate!

The beauty of nature is all around us… for some you might have to travel out of the city limits to see nature  or visit a park (which may involve traveling) and yet, it is worth the effort to connect to the Surface Earth and feel the energy of Mother Earth-Gaia flow up your feet and hand and the energy of the Sun flow down to you through your head, your shoulders, your hands… such Love surrounds us all at all times.

Love is always present… it is perception and reception that is the key.

I bless all with Love.   Heart to Heart I send my Loving Embrace to you and yours.  I send   the joy of Nature to you and yours.  I send the beauty to your and yours.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  Happy May 1st wherever you are standing. —Elizabeth


Musical Selection: Cernunnos Rising – The Blessings Of Beltane (Music Video)

To purchase this music from Wild Soul


May Day:

Elizabeth-Fairy Farm GirlWe greet the May Day Spirit by making baskets of flowers!  Filling baskets with flowers picked… we usually make ours from paper and then fill with Dandelions, Violets and Daffodils!

On occasion we have filled it with Apple Blossoms, Cherry Blossoms and Pussywillows!

And then there have been times when flowers were not available to pick so we made our own from paper flower cut outs threaded through a colorful straw.

The idea is to celebrate Spring in full bloom!  The Vitality and new beginnings!  The return of Life in all its glorious joyful beauty.  We also take a moment to sit/stand/run around in circles full of Gratitude.


Love by living life fully.  LoveLight is continuously every present and all around you and I and everyone on this Earth.  I bless you and yours with Love.  Happy Day to you!  —Elizabeth


We Love to see such Love expressed between individual’s of humankind upon Surface Earth.   The Earth-Gaia feels your Love.  All creatures great and small feel and respond to your Love.  All realms of Flora and Fauna feel and respond to your Love.   Your Love radiates out into the Cosmos.  You are born to Love.  We bless all with Love — Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth


Moment of Love

Every person in the world has a heart.

Every heart has a place within that wants only to love and be loved.

Let us connect with that place of love in our own heart and in the hearts of all around us.

Let us take a moment now to open to the heart connection we share with all people through love. 



From the Love Foundation:

The Day

It is our vision to unite one and all in a celebration of love and compassion. We honor each May 1st as a symbolic day of unconditional love and call upon all people and all nations to gather together in the wisdom of peace and love.

Global Love Day is the universal recognition of our innate oneness through love.  When we come from this limitless love we naturally and easily embrace ourselves and our fellow humanity.  Opening our heart, we allow unconditional love to be our guide and compassion to be our gift to life.

We invite you to celebrate with us by consciously focusing on love and what it means to you throughout this day.  We hope that by practicing love in all areas of your life, you will find it easy to love unconditionally all year long. 

To Continue Reading go to the Love Foundation


celtic knot flower of life


Elizabeth-Fairy Farm GirlThere is much going on, on Planet Earth!  It is at this time there are those who are just expanding their awareness and others who already are continuing to expand their awareness.

As each human being, chooses to expand their awareness, consciously, there is stuff… the gunk and junk stored in our etheric and auric bodies and physical bodies that get pushed up by the LightLove.

This gunk and junk is pushed up to be acknowledged (Oh, that is some gunk and junk!) and transmuted ( I bless this gunk and junk with Love.  I forgive myself and others.  I let this go.  I call upon [whomever you call upon in times of difficulty] to assist me with this clearing out, cleaning, cleansing and clearing!)

Then, I usually use a simple meditation like the Fairy-Tree Meditation found here Happy Earth Day

Natural BridgeLet us all join together with out Hearts and Minds and Bodies, standing where ever you are:  Raise your Arms and open your hands showing the palms to the Sun. 

The sun is shining always, even when you can not “see” the sun.

Put your feet together, naturally standing, imagine your are a Tree! 

Yes, You are a Tree!  There is not much difference between you and a Tree– other than the organization of atoms.  From our perspective that is a wee tiny difference… but from your perspective, it seems that there is not much in common you have with the Tree.  Ah… yes, perspective… such a pernicious State-of-Being.

Now Simply breathe.  Inhale the Love encoded in the very Air you breathe.  Just hold for a moment.  Exhale with a sigh. 

Let us do this again. Inhale.  Hold for just a moment.  Exhale with a Sigh.

Here where we are, we are always with you… there is No Time like the Present.  The Present is always, well, present... (laughing with joy).

Now a Tree has roots that reach up to the sky and the sun.  These roots you call leaves, branches, bark, the trunk of the tree.  A tree is a spiral that grows upward toward the sun, rooting itself in the Solar Disk Energy.


A tree has roots that reach down, down, deep into the earth, (well some more deeply than others).  These roots you call “roots.”  These roots reach down to the HEART of Mother Earth-Gaia.  The roots take in moisture and nourishment from the Dirt of the Earth and the HEART Energy of the Earth.


The Tree is a Conduit.  It transmits Solar Disk Energy to the Earth, and Earth Energy to the Solar Disk… and in this process Humankind and Surface Earth is showered with Love Coded Energy.

This Energy is seen by you as Respiration.  The Tree breathes out oxygen for you.  One of the many functions of the Tree on Earth is to create breathable air for all of Mother Earth-Gaia’s Children that reside upon and in Surface Earth– the Dirt of the Earth.


That is not the only function of the Tree.The Tree is multidimensional just as you are.  Breathe in the Love that is all around you.

Hold that Love within your lungs just for a moment, experience the Love held within between the notes of experience.

Now, with your arms raised and palms facing the Sun, and feet together rooting in the Earth.


A-Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  Gaia, Ga


Place your palms together and hold your hands in front of the middle of your HEART Chakra.

Just hold your hands there for a moment.  Inhaling and Exhaling naturally.

If you wish, bow to all creation in unity with all Creation.




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