Happy Mother’s Day May 12, 2013


It takes some one really brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love someone more than herself.   Lily


people holding hands

Standing Women  7 Years Later… still Standing.  Stand with Women for Peace and the New Earth May 12, 2013 at 1 pm your time. Stand where you are for 5 minutes in silence for Children and Women and Men worldwide.  A Global Wave of Humanity.




 Happy Mother’s Day

This week has been a spiral of Energy and Expansion of Awareness.  The CME’s and Eclipse and Solar Flares and Planetary Alignments–

Oh My, Wowzas and other forms of interesting words comes to mind!

It has been a challenge to say the least.

All that LIGHT flowing in and being filled with LOVE has just worked wonders to push up all that stuff that we had closed in places within the Self , up, out and into the broad daylight, to be reviewed and viewed by all the onlookers. 

Excuse me if I feel a little naked here!  I liked my closed off places where I hid stuff I did not want to look at!  It was closed off for a reason!  I did not want to look at that stuff!  But, the LightLOVE insisted gently so I did so.  Lots of rapid personal work completed in a short amount of time.  Some of it my stuff, and some of it other peoples and timelines, and past life stuff.

And during all of this, my twin’s teacher, insisted that there is no such thing as Fairies.  My children are confused by this.  A trusted advisor, their teacher says one thing and then Mom (that would be me) says another.

How to handle all that ickyness.  I had to tell my children, Fairy talk is off limits at school.   They do not understand nor can they see at this time.  They will get there, but for now, stop talking about Fairies and Angels.   Fairies are real.  Angels are real.  You and I can see them.  Those that can not will tell you that they are not real.  Pay attention to what you feel in your heart.  Pay attention to what you see and hear.  It matters not if they believe you.  What matters is that you know what you saw and that is totally okay.

Then, my oldest child got into a lengthy debate with his teacher about reading the book ET as realistic fiction.  He insisted it was realistic fiction and they all said he was mistaken.  There is no such thing as extraterrestials ( I consider them Cosmic Citizens).  So, once again I had to explain to one of my children that not everyone can see them or communicate with them.  And that although, we would consider the book, ET to be realistic fiction, others do not share our views.

The definition they operate from is realistic fiction is about humans and possibly a companion animal ( which they would call a pet and/or beast of burden).   He was quite upset no one believed him. 

I reminded him that they were just not where we are. — And that was totally okay.  I also reminded him it was important to respect the place in which their Expansion of Awareness is.  It is where it is, and that is cool for them.   And of course the Cosmic Citizens are real.  The universe is vast and intelligent.  There are many forms of life that is sentient on this planet Earth and elsewhere.

Yes, a little bit awkward and intense.

Tools that we thought we did not need to use anymore– hauled out, dusted off and put to use.  Compassionate Communication (if one had the presence of mind to use) helped a lot.

As did deep breathing, meditating and sleeping.  Did I mention sleeping?

Speaking of sleeping– I could not stay awake.  I was so exhausted, tired and ready to just sleep.  If not sleeping, I was not able to really focus.  It was as if I was hung over from too much Energy.  I must say remembering to meditate was a real miracle during this week.

For that matter, remembering anything that had to do with daily life was a real challenge.  Sequential tasks– was I supposed to…. (fill in the blank as I was blanked out).  Planning, forget it.  Getting anywhere on time… what is that?  Following the “rules,”  I am sorry where were we?

I am not this scatterbrained.  But there I was being scatterbrained.  Thankfully we all survived!

This connection to physicality is a bit fuzzy, like talking on a land line old rotary phone.  Thankfully, I did not have far to go on these days!

We all felt like we were cracking up.  If this was the New Earth, we were not sure we wanted to live like that.  It was so challenging to stay focused on all this “real world” stuff.

Where we, the adults in this little community could not stay awake, the children were on spin dry!  In constant, continuous motion that lacked any direction.  It was a monumental task to keep them from harm.  They viewed it all as if it were just one big party of jumping from furniture to furniture, somersaulting through life.

They are lucky I remembered to get them dressed– usually 5 minutes before we had to leave to drive to school.  I am thankful my children enjoy eating fruit, because that was what was for breakfast.  I am also thankful they are capable to feeding themselves, fruit.

Then, there were all the other people doing their thang, trying to navigate these energies, some most completely unaware. I have never seen so many cars off the road in the ditch when it was sunny with blue skies narry a slick road anywhere!

Mention a Solar Flare and they looked at me like I was nuts.

Now, thankfully, the Energies are starting to level out.  It is no longer taking 6 cups of coffee for me to create a coherent sentence.   Thank the God(dess)!

Mother’s Day

Today, I celebrate Mother’s Day.  A Holiday, or observance, here in the USA and other countries.  It is a day to celebrate and recognize motherhood.

I will be standing with the Standing Women where ever I am at 1 pm my local time for 5 minutes.  I will say the above invocation with my own prayers.

This is something I have participated in since 2007.

I usually stand alone, children run circles around me or just run around.

They laugh with joy and mirth.  They play and clap hands.  They invoke the beauty of childhood through play.

This is a gift to see… to experience… to be part of.

I stand with the Standing Women and Men and Children all over the world.

I stand with them with Love and Peace for all Human Beings everywhere. Open your Heart as Hearts are invited to open all around you.

Your Heart beat creates a new earth Heart Beat.

I bless you with Love.   —Elizabeth

Oneness of Color


Fairy Farm GirlThe Earth is your Mother.  Today, and everyday say an invocation to the Mother that embraces you with her love at all times.

Hug your Mother Earth-Gaia with your HEART and feet and hands.  Hug her with your prayers and intentions.

Hug her with your words and deeds.  Hug your Mother Earth-Gaia by Hugging you and your loved ones, neighbors, friends, strangers.

Love More and Expect Miracles.  We bless you with Love.  —Fairyfamgirl-Elizabeth

planet Earth


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