The Power of Love

The Spark of the Divine dwells in Thee: Let it grow. — Ella Wilcox

Elizabeth 2013Good Greetings Beloved Readers and Friends:

It has been a long time since I have last posted a Fairy Farm Girl Digest Ezine.  Life is like a twisted Cabby Ride.  One sometimes ends up taking quite a ride to reach a destination.  I have been busy working on some deep personal work.  Unearthing Belief Systems that no longer serve me, Elizabeth.

This takes great Love, Focus, Forgiveness and Patience with the Self/self to trace a Belief System to origins. It is similar to parenting yourSelf and all its aspects including the inner child.

This is an essential step in cleaning, clearing, cleansing, transmuting the programming and Releasing it to the Angels.  Forgiveness is the Key.  However, to arrive at the place and space of Grace to create Forgiveness, one must first get to that space through Cleaning and Clearing and Cleansing.  This is the first leg of the Journey to heal a personal timeline issue.

Cleaning involves cleaning up the outer environment.  Ridding oneself of excess junk that one accumulates.  This step is essential to create the space for clearing and cleansing.  The excess junk can be stuff that one is holding onto that represents the Belief System.  It is also equally important to clean your outer dwelling, house or abode.  This minimizes visual distraction.

Clearing is the next step in this endeavor.  It requires one to clear out the clutter in the outer dwelling as well as the inner dwelling.  This means to remove excess stuff and clutter in the outer as well as the inner dwelling that one no longer needs. For example one may be paring down the schedule, letting go of people, things, places, habits.

Cleansing comes directly after each clearing.  This can take on the form of giving the dwelling a good scrub, spring cleaning to the max, routing out all dust and dirt in the outer dwelling.  In the Inner Dwelling (within) this can be the process of cleansing away the debris surrounding the Belief System.  This can take on the form of writing intentions, letters that one then burns, journaling, crying a great deal, and/or fasting.  (these are just examples).

Transmuting, finally, one is at the place and space to begin to transmute the Belief System through Transmutation.  All the C’s has cleared the mind to trace the path with the HEART’s Love to the Source of the Belief System.

This is usually done within the space of a passive or active meditation.  The corridor to the door of the Belief System is through introspection and tracing the Belief System in a state of Grace.  Meditation allows us to access a State of Grace.  Meditation can take on many forms from Allowing with intention to Walking in Meditation to Zen.

christmas_lights tangledIt is a lot like unraveling Christmas Lights that are tangled.  Sometimes Patience is required to work at it until, suddenly the string of lights are all lined up leading to the lead light.

The Lead Light is the Door to the Belief System’s root.  This is the Place to Apply the Key of Forgiveness to open the Door and transmute the contents of the Belief System.

The attributes of the Belief System will have to pass through you as you maintain a place and space of Grace of Forgiveness.  Allow it to flow through you all the while Blessing the People who had a hand in helping you create the Belief System with Love and Forgiving yourself and them for doing so.  Forgiveness Transmutes the Belief System.

What is left after the decording and forgiveness is that which must be released to the Archangels or Benevolent Beings who will escort the energy to a place of healing beyond our scope of perception and dimension.

During this whole experience from Cleaning to Transmuting one must create a Dimensional Boundary that only allows that which is aligned with Love to remain in and around your energy field.

A simple blessing works.  As does Invoking the Divine Mother.  And invoking the Guardians Helpers, Guides and Angels.  Though for  more difficult energies that may be energetic parasites, from the Christian Bible, Psalm 91 is of great assistance.  Consider Psalm 91 a SOS call to the all that is LoveLight and Benevolent.  Click  Psalm 91

For more in depth “How to” do this go to

I bless you with Love.  Love more and expect miracles.  —Elizabeth

Fairy Farm Girl

Love Thyself first then Radiate out all the LoveLight within the HEART to all that is around you.  This is the way of transformation– the Expansion of Awareness.    I bless all with Love.  –Fairy Farm Girl

Storm Mountain JimPerspectives– Spirit Letters, Storm Mountain Jim

To think is to create.Think LOVE!

Beloved Friends,
I Am blessing your heart’s Heart and Gaia’s too, with abundance of Unconditional Love manifesting through Incorruptible Light Eternal as the Child of Lovelight you and Gaia all are.

If one dwells on darkness, one brings more darkness into being.  Focus on Love and all that is not of Love will cease to exist in your world.

It is one’s CHOICE to dwell in duality or unity.

No one can make that choice for anyone else. There is only Love in the Reality of One. Open your heart the most to those you Judge to be not of the Light and are “attacking” you for they too are divine beings that love you so much, they are allowing themselves to play the role of the antagonist just so you can experience this realm of illusion and separation to remember the joy of fullness you are.

And, can manifest light, love and abundance, just as easily as you now manifest  darkness, attacks and lack. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Love and that is what you will manifest and find. Then the never ending supply of the One Source of All will fill your life with all your heart desires as you Real-I-Is, only you dwell in your head’s mind and create your own world of illusion in this holographic world of make believe.

A world where you have come to safely play for the eternity you have in the Reality of Unconditional Love and Compassion as the perfect Living Light of the Trinity that you are.
Step into your Heart instead where you create consciously With LOVE.

Your choice, your head or heart. Only YOU decide where you dwell.

For others, you can only empower whatever reality They Desire To Create For Themselves.

You can feed them the illusion of separation/darkness or Unity/Illumination with That LOVE, that cold blue light of power to create alone, or united with the hot rose pink of Love and Compassion of divine Meta-Tron/Shekinah energy united as the Living Sun/Daughter to manifest as the Perfect afterthought in a body for 3D , as the Being of Lovelight in a glorified androgynous Humanoid form you have.

As the Flower of LOVE and Flower of Light united as ONE as the Child of LOVELIGHT you truly are.

I choose a glorified Gaia in the Unity of Love and Light AS the Spirit of Living Light Eternal That Gives Life To this conglomeration of electrons I call together.

Just as you do too!

I AM That,(which I focus on), I Am.

I Am a Child of Lovelight and in me there is no darkness;

I Am Love manifesting in flesh as I re-anchor this Love on this planet of peace, serenity and divine perfection she was created to be.

So are you if, you so choose.

(That you truly are.)
This may be Freely copied and posted in it’s entirety as is, provided this permission statement is included.  © 6/11/13 All Rights Reserved.

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