Happy Father’s Day

Father! – to God himself we cannot give a holier name.  ~William Wordsworth

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Elizabeth 2013Father’s Day is a day to honor those who embody the energy of  a Divine Dad.  They care for those who need caring for.  They are there to surround and create a protective boundary around those who can not care for themselves.  They bring forth abundance that those who embody the energy of a Divine Mom, created.

A Divine Dad is able to be strong and touch gently.  To understand and create justice.  To Play and Work.  And is dependable, he will be there when you call, in spirit or in embodied or both.– And much much more.

The Divine Dad can roll up his sleeves and say, “how can I help?”  And do this with no sense of obligation, instead, from a place of deep compassion and call to purpose.  This is the Divine Dad and much much more.

The Divine Dad has a sense of humor– and a good belly laugh.

There has been much written on the role of the a the Divine Masculine.  Today I write about the Divine Dad.

The Divine Dad can ask for directions when lost.  Surrender to Love.  Apologize when in error– all with his personal power and will still intact.  This energy of taking responsibility comes from a place of Love– from the HEART.  This is the the Divine Dad and much much more.

Today, in my family, we honor the Divine Dad with homemade cards and presents, and a favorite breakfast treat.  We will walk on the beach.  Remember times of joy, and make new times of joy to remember.  This and much much more.

I bless all with Love.  Happy Day to you and yours.  —Elizabeth

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