Summer Solstice, June 21

Love is to the heart what the summer is to the farmer’s year – it brings to harvest all the loveliest flowers of the soul.   —Anon

Elizabeth-Fairy Farm Girl

Happy Summer Solstice/Winter Solstice

This early morning I am surrounded by the sounds of the Birds singing, the scent of the multitude of beach roses wafting all around the area on gentle sea breezes.  The Sun is rising and the day is beginning!

In the Western Hemisphere it is the longest day of the year!

Twelve.  12 hours of sunlight!  12 plays an important role in my life at this time.  If outside, wear sunscreen and take plenty of shade breaks and keep really hydrated. This is the first year in a long time that I have had to break down and use sunscreen.

The Sun is bright and Golden hued to our eyes when we gaze at it through long glances.  Gold is the property of Divinity along with Copper and Silver.  These are metals.  The Sun is more than a metal… it is life giving, fire and planetary.  An amazing orb that along with the Earth-Gaia creates Life.  The Sun represents the Divine Masculine of this Solar System.

The fire is used on Earth in many traditions to evoke the Divinity of the Sun.  The Sun, Fairy Farm Girl calls, Solaris-Sun.  It is a collection of Consciousness that is very much alive and resides within the Sun.  The Sun is to the Solaris, home.

The Sun is also a Way Station and Gate to the Central Sun.  The Central Sun is in the middle of the Universe.  The Universe is made up of many Cosmos’.  This is what the Sun is and much more.  A central figure to all Life on Earth.

Connect with the Mother Earth-Gaia and the Solaris-Sun.  Fairy Farm Girl suggests the Fairy-Tree meditation. 

Natural BridgeLet us all join together with out Hearts and Minds and Bodies, standing where ever you are:  Raise your Arms and open your hands showing the palms to the Sun. 

The sun is shining always, even when you can not “see” the sun.

Put your feet together, naturally standing, imagine your are a Tree! 

Yes, You are a Tree!  There is not much difference between you and a Tree– other than the organization of atoms.  From our perspective that is a wee tiny difference… but from your perspective, it seems that there is not much in common you have with the Tree.  Ah… yes, perspective… such a pernicious State-of-Being.

Now Simply breathe.  Inhale the Love encoded in the very Air you breathe.  Just hold for a moment.  Exhale with a sigh. 

Let us do this again.  Inhale.  Hold for just a moment.  Exhale with a Sigh.

Here where we are, we are always with you… there is No Time like the Present.  The Present is always, well, present... (laughing with joy).

Now a Tree has roots that reach up to the sky and the sun.  These roots you call leaves, branches, bark, the trunk of the tree.  A tree is a spiral that grows upward toward the sun, rooting itself in the Solar Disk Energy.


A tree has roots that reach down, down, deep into the earth, (well some more deeply than others).  These roots you call “roots.”  These roots reach down to the HEART of Mother Earth-Gaia.  The roots take in moisture and nourishment from the Dirt of the Earth and the HEART Energy of the Earth.


The Tree is a Conduit.  It transmits Solar Disk Energy to the Earth, and Earth Energy to the Solar Disk… and in this process Humankind and Surface Earth is showered with Love Coded Energy.

This Energy is seen by you as Respiration.  The Tree breathes out oxygen for you.  One of the many functions of the Tree on Earth is to create breathable air for all of Mother Earth-Gaia’s Children that reside upon and in Surface Earth– the Dirt of the Earth.


That is not the only function of the Tree.   The Tree is multidimensional just as you are.  Breathe in the Love that is all around you.

Hold that Love within your lungs just for a moment, experience the Love held within between the notes of experience.

Now, with your arms raised and palms facing the Sun, and feet together rooting in the Earth.


A-Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  Gaia, Ga


Place your palms together and hold your hands in front of the middle of your HEART Chakra.

Just hold your hands there for a moment.  Inhaling and Exhaling naturally.

If you wish, bow to all creation in unity with all Creation. –Fairy Farm Girl , Happy Earth Day, April 22, 2013


12 image12 is showing up as really important in my life these past few weeks and especially today!

12 years ago, I began a journey that has changed and continues to change my life.  I could not have known how much I would change on this day 12 years ago.

12 years ago, I had my first child. Birth and Rebirth were at play.  Through birthing my  son, he in turn was a catalyst for my rebirth.   I had so much that I was going through.  I had so much that I let go of.  I had so much to grieve.

And, then, this little bundle of Immense LightLove came to be of me.  I bless this day and all days with Love.

This past week new layers of understanding have been coming up to be pondered, understood and released.  Love More and Expect Miracles.

Two Layered Birthday Cake With Blue Frosting And A Lit Candle On Top Clipart Illustration12 Years ago, I embarked on a journey of healing and growth with one of my greatest teachers in my life, my son, my child. Today marks the 12th year of that journey.  Happy Birthday!

This number 12 bears much significance in my life that I am just beginning to understand.  The number 12 beckons me to dive more deeply into the HEART to let go to move forward into greater and greater Expansions of Awareness.

12 is a very sacred number.  The meaning is complex and diverse. 12 represents what is completed that which forms a whole as a perfect and harmonious unit.

Summer Solstice is an important time of year for me.  It is Metaphysically and Spiritually important as well as personally and meta-personally important.  This Solstice is marked by a feeling of Completion– a moving into a new cycle– and the Divinity of my own Heart and the HEARTS of others.

Preconception-Birth takes 12 months.  3 months before conception the Soul wishing to be born cultivates a relationship with the mother that will carry the body the soul will embody.  I can personally attest to this as can many other highly sensitives.  Thus, a pregnancy is really 12 months– 3 months are spiritual and 9 months physical.

The Divine Mother is represented by 12.

12 is the smallest derivative of 144.  144 is a very sacred number representing the Flower of Life, Critical Mass and the basis of the Science of LoveLight.   12 shows up very often in the Christian Bible,  and the other “Book Religions.”  12 also shows up often in the Mystery Religions.  It shows up in Hinduism and Buddhism.  It shows up in Shamanism.  12 shows up in every spiritual and religious tradition world wide.

It is understood by the Divine Feminine to be the number of Creation.  Without 12 there would be no conception, birth or rebirth.  Numbers are more than just representative, they emit a tone that the whole universe is run by and with.  The Divine Mother is our Beautiful Mother Earth-Gaia.  Hug your Mother!

12, yes a year of completion, of new beginnings, of great beautiful growth and change.

It so happens that many channels whom are indicating that June 21 2013 is a the day of great change. Fairyfarmgirl has indicated to me this is indeed so.  Much change will begin on June 21 2013.  For the next 100 years, The LightLove is and will continue to increase steadily exponentially.  This is a process that has reached a pinnacle where it will only expand and increase in frequency.  The Training wheels are being lifted so to speak.  Guided Practice will continue for some time.   As when Expansion Awareness occurs there always is a period of Cleaning, Clearing, Cleansing, Forgiving and Transmuting.  Be Kind to yourself and others.  Practice Good self care and Dimensional Boundaries.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  If you are caught in a flow that sends you for a tail spin, take a deep breath and use the 3 C’s. I have spoken about this previously.

Practice makes Progress.

It also happens to be the 12th year of my son’s life and my life as a mother.  Divinity beckons us all.  Claim your Divinity.  Use your Gifts.   I bless you with Love.

A Celebration of Life is marked by today.  A celebration of Awareness and Awe and Wonder.   The beauty that my son has created by just being here, the change that he is a catalyst for is breathtakingly sacred.

I have learned to heal myself through healing my son.  I have become an advocate for children and food.  I have written and guided many parents on a similar journey.  I have learned to observe and find answers.  I have learned to forgive and release.  I have learned to protect and guide and let go.   This and so much more.

It was at a moment newly into being a parent, a single parent at that, that I came to understand that my child had some very special needs, the phrase “special handling”  really applies here.  Long before I had access to a computer, I figured out that my beautiful son, was highly sensitive.  I also discovered that I was also highly sensitive.

Being Highly Sensitive is a gift.  It is a gift to the self and the world.  Without Highly Sensitive People there would be no wonder or awe in the world.  There would be no movement into Ascension… it simply would not be possible.

For those who are wondering what the heck is a Highly Sensitive Person, click on

It was such a relief to find these resources that speak about what I discovered on my own.  When one is part of 1-2% of the whole population of the world, one would erroneously believe that one was alone.  Not so.  We are not alone.  We are the pioneers of the New Earth.  We are here for a reason.  I bless all with Love.

So, this day marks the completion of many cycles– personal and meta-personal and trans-personal and beyond the time that we see.  All of this is wrapped in a 1 and 2 that make 12.

Then, there is  555.   This number combination is showing up in my life.  I wake up abruptly at 5:55. I buy something, and the tab come to $5.55.   I receive a phone call at 5:55.  I am waiting in line and my number is is 555.  I hear the number whispered 555 as if on the wind.

This number has shown up in my life more time than I can count 555, when I am pondering the number 12 and its significance in my life.

When I asked Fairy Farm Girl about the 555 experiences, she indicated that this is a Call to Purpose.  This made sense to me as I have experienced 555 days and weeks before.  But the quality of this energy now is different.

Angel Numerology is very helpful in understanding the significance of 555.

The Angel Number 555 tells waves of change in your life that have been Divinely inspired and guided.  These changes will bring about a direction toward walking the Corridor of Steps to a more authentic life in touch with your indwelling divinity.

Let Go to Let God(dess).  555 signifies that it is time to let go of that which no longer serves you. 

Know that the Angels, Guardians, Guides and Helpers are ever present as is GOD(dess).  We are never really alone.

Repeating 555 suggests that many waves of change are happening in your life.  It is a good day to start surfing the waves and go with the Flow.   I bless all with Love.  Love More and Expect Miracles.   —Elizabeth



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