The Re-Doingness Wisdom Mercury Retrograde

June 26-July 20 2013

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The time is upon us where we will be pushed into and/or toward and/or through Fully Accepting the Self and lower self (ego)— Forgive and let go to go forward.  That is what is the focus in the next coming weeks.

Get your hard hats out and flack jackets on… because the Self will be under construction.  Love yourSelf.  Do the re-working to get to the Revealing of the HEART.  There are lots of ways and techniques to get there.  Pick on that resonates with you.  Trust your inner guidance even when all is shouting to go in the other direction.

Follow your own Guidance!  Be aware that those around you may be pointing out the potholes in the path, Look carefully before leaping with Faith and follow your HEART.   Love More and Expect Miracles.

Bike graphicExpect that you will make mistakes.  You are all just wobbling on our 2 wheeled bikes… the training wheels are off and we now have to find a place of stability within our own HEART.

The HEART is the generator of the Torsion Field.  Your Torsion Field is your stability.  The Bike is the New Earth Energies and Frequency Matching.

Before one can match with Frequency, the path must be cleared.  So any stuff that is not in your best interest, will have to be cleared away. This means karma, contracts energetic and/or physical, past life issues, un-supportive habits, and Belief Systems.

Use your Gifts or your Gifts will use you!

The coming days and weeks will be the time to pull out the Patience and Compassion.  You will need these attributes of Love to really make it through the Gauntlet with Grace and Decorum… of course you can also completely meltdown as well.  These are choices.  All choices are valid when made with the intention of Love.

Remember words are powerful and they do create reality.  This is what is meant by the “Breath of God.”  Mind your words, bite your tongue, breathe deeply and pull out the attributes of Patience and Compassion.

Compassion is Kindness + Wisdom.  So be KIND and WISE with your words, actions and deeds.  If on the receiving end of some karma, accept it.  It is what it is.  Forgive yourself and others.  Learn some new skill sets.  Practice your skill sets.

Be willing to try again and again before success is achieved.  Persistence, adaptability, and Flowing with Love are some other attributes that will assist you during this time of Re-evaluation and Re-testing.

The Course of Miracles has a line that speaks to this.  “All lessons will be repeated until all lessons are learned.”  There is no judgement… just simply demonstrating mastery.

Everyone has their own time table of readiness.  Cooperate with your neighbors and friends, strangers and loved ones to create the beauty and Love that resides within your HEART.

Let Light flow to your Light.  Let your Light be Expanded.  Let all that is Light be filled with Love.

I Bless All with Love.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  –Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth


prayer handsNote:  There are numerous Astrological Reports about Mercury Retrograde that began on Jun 26 2013.  Simply search for them and find one that resonates with your life path.  I bless you with Love. —Elizabeth


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