Freedom in July


I bless All on this Day, July 4th

“…No one is truly free who is still attached to material things, or to places or to people.  Material things must be put into their proper place.  They are there for use.  It’s all right to use them, that’s what they’re there for.  But when they’ve outlived their usefulness, be ready to relinquish them and perhaps pass them on to someone who needs them.  Anything that you can not relinquish when it has outlived its usefulness possesses you, and in this materialistic age a great many of us are possessed by our possessions.  We are not free.

I considered myself liberated long before it became the fashion.  First I liberated myself from debilitating habits, and went on to free myself of combative, aggressive thoughts.  I cast aside any unnecessary possessions.  This, I feel is true liberation.

There is another kind of possessiveness.  You do not possess any other human being, no matter how closely related that other may be.  No husband owns a wife; no wife own her husband; no parents own their children.  When we think we possess people there is a tendency to run their lives for them, and out of this develop extremely inharmonious situations.  Only when we realize that we do not possess them, that they must live in accordance with their own inner motivations, do we stop trying to run their lives for them, and then we discover that we are able to live in harmony with them.  Anything you strive to hold captive will hold you captive—and if you desire freedom you must give freedom. ”  –Peace Pilgrim, Peace Pilgrim. pg 19


Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people.”   John Adams, 2nd President of the USA

Elizabeth-Fairy Farm Girl 2Liberty is an aspect of Freedom.  Freedom is an aspect of Love.  There can be no true freedom until all are free.  This is a statement of Love.  Love is All.  It surrounds and is throughout All that Is.  With Love, there is no bounds to what can be created through inter-connection, cooperation, and mutual aid.

Today I focus on Liberty and Freedom through invocations about and for the Freedom and Liberty of All People.    Freedom is for All People everywhere.

Freedom has meaning for all people in many different ways.  Some strive for religious freedom, others for financial freedom, others for freedom of choice– and yet others for freedom from oppression and tyranny.  Then, there is the big push for Freedom, a catalyst for many to begin the process of Loving themSelves Free — Freedom from control of our food, human, plant and animal biology,  health, movement, and energy sources.  It is time for Free Energy and a return to cooperative c0-creation in harmony and respect with the Earth-Gaia and all her systems.  This is the main path to freedom.

This is Freedom, and yet it is more than this.  It is more than just being free to do one thing… it is a state of being that is within the HEART.

There can be no lasting Peace without the freedom through understanding, truth and reconciliation.  This entails sharing– sharing ideas and resources.  This is the basis for co-existence.  Freedom requires co-existence, Liberty requires creating the common ground to co-exist.  Love is the glue for all that is Freedom and Liberty with a healthy dose of compassion and fair distribution of good, services and wealth as well as a return to the commons for all people.   Commons are Human Expression, Water, Air, Food, Land, Shelter, Health-Wellness Care, Education, Clothing, Household Goods, Trees, Forests, wild woods and meadows, unhindered rivers and lakes, Clean Oceans and Fresh Waters, and the movement across lands by people and animals, wild and domesticated, movement across and within our oceans for all life in the oceans, movement across, through, within all rivers, lakes, and bodies of water.  This freedom is the  adhering to Natural and Universal Laws of working with Nature and following the Golden Rule.  This is What Freedom is about.  And much more.

the miracle is this  Freedom is an idea whose time has come for the Whole World– All of Humankind throughout Earth.  People everywhere are waking up, and freeing themselves.  Some are Loving each other Free, and others are coming together and demanding their freedom.  The Path to Freedom is best achieved through peaceful means… through first Loving yourSelf free and then radiating that Freedom outward.  Love More and Expect Miracles.

When Freedom is achieved through violence, the freedom is short-lived.  There is a saying that speaks to this quite well:  “The oppressed become the oppressors.”

This is a hollow freedom… not really freedom but a thin veneer of change that has no substance because the freed have not also had the necessary evolution of mind and heart to free themselves.  They repeat the history of the Oppressors by oppressing others– those deemed “unworthy of freedom.”

There is only Freedom when All are Free.  This statement encompasses all– the Woman, Child, Man.  All people, everywhere.  This encompasses All People– from the street kids of every nation and town and city to enslaved women and children to the working poor, the very poor, the meek and middle class, to every woman and child and man to the Elite and all the in between.  All must be Free for true Freedom to be here on Earth.

Freedom is here now.  The Energy is here now creating the potentials of Freedom, Liberty, Love for all people.  Those who can not shift will no longer be here.  Frequency matches to itself.  Water always seeks its own level.  And this process and path toward Freedom takes time…  Expansion of Awareness and a necessary shift in consciousness.  Humankind must Emancipate ourselves and simultaneously mutually cooperate with solidarity.  This will eventually lead to Unity Consciousness.

I bless all People everywhere with Freedom and Liberty and Love.  Love is Just above all else.  Justice is a sacred notion that has been tarnished by human folly.  True Justice creates co-existence and restores all to a Place of Love.  This is true Justice.

Let us Love each other Free.  Let freedom rain nourishing the HEARTs of All people.

I bless you with Love.  –Elizabeth

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